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Chicken Pesto Wrap

Welcome to the world of culinary discoveries! Today I present to you a recipe that is perfect for both casual dining and special occasions – it’s chicken with pesto wrapped in a tortilla. This dish combines the tenderness of chicken meat with flavorful pesto, and the addition of crisp lettuce or spinach leaves and rich …

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Coffee French Toast

Treat yourself to a sumptuous combination of breakfast and dessert with this delicious coffee French toast! In this dish, the rich and deep notes of coffee are harmoniously intertwined with the rich sweetness of condensed milk. ⏱ Cooking time — 15 minutes overall. Includes 15 minutes of preparation and cooking + 0 minutes unattended. 🔪 …

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Chicken Tocino: Caramelized Chicken with Pineapple Juice

In the Philippines, this dish is traditionally made with pork, most often pork belly, resulting in a fatty, rich and very flavorful dish. The chicken version offers a lighter alternative, with little or no sacrifice to the distinctive flavor. Toquino is a sweet and savory dish that belongs to Filipino cuisine and is especially popular …

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Moroccan Shakshuka

Shakshuka originally appeared in North African cuisine, then started to win hearts thanks to its taste and simplicity of preparation. In simple terms, shakshuka is eggs, stewed in a sauce of tomatoes, vegetables, and spices. Shakshuka can vary: Tunisian, Israeli, Moroccan. There are even European versions that differ in composition and combination of ingredients. Today …

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Omelette with Spinach and Feta

This is a delightful, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare dish, perfect for breakfast or a light lunch. This recipe has gained popularity thanks to the influence of Greek cuisine, where the combination of spinach and feta, is a classic. Interestingly, in ancient cultures, eggs were considered magical attributes, and making an omelette from them was a kind …

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Turkish simit or Turkish Bagel

A simit is a round bagel with a golden crispy crust studded with toasted sesame seeds. Simits are especially popular in Turkey. In Istanbul, you can find them on sale at almost every turn. They are often sold from street carts, and some vendors carry a tray/basket with simitas on their heads. Street vendors usually …

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Corn Pancakes from Gordon Ramsay with yogurt sauce

Gordon Ramsay’s Corn Pancakes with yogurt sauce

Today I’m sharing a recipe from Gordon Ramsay’s book “Home Cooking“. They have very little dough and a lot of filling, which is sure to please those who are watching their figure. And what a filling they are. It’s a mixture of corn, chili, cilantro and green onions. It has an East Asian flavor to …

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Chocolate Crepes with Oat Flakes Recipe |

Chocolate Crepes with Oat Flakes (Without Eggs)

Today we have some unusual pancakes. They are unusual because they are chocolate flavored and also because they are made without eggs. There is also very little sugar in them so you can pair them perfectly with all kinds of jams, syrups and other sweet toppings. If the toppings aren’t to your taste or you …

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