Korean milk bread – ultra soft and fluffy buns

Korean milk bread has an amazing softness and a subtle sweet flavor. Very tender, melt-in-your-mouth and so easy to prepare. This bread can be eaten on its own, but it is a perfect complement to both sweet and savory dishes. Serve it over a hearty stew, simply spread it with butter and/or jam, or make …

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Turkish simit or Turkish Bagel

A simit is a round bagel with a golden crispy crust studded with toasted sesame seeds. Simits are especially popular in Turkey. In Istanbul, you can find them on sale at almost every turn. They are often sold from street carts, and some vendors carry a tray/basket with simitas on their heads. Street vendors usually …

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Ramazan pidesi — No-Knead Turkish Pide Bread

Ramadan pita is a traditional Turkish sourdough bread. Despite the name, it does not have the usual pita air pocket for the filling, as in a yeast-free pita or bazlama, but you can easily put the filling here, simply by making an incision with a knife. This bread is very easy and relatively quick to …

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Базлама — Мягкие турецкие лепешки с "карманом" на сковороде пошаговый рецепт с фото

Bazlama — Turkish Pita style Flatbread (Pan Roasted)

These scones have a “pocket” of filling inside as they are baked, just like pan-cooked pita bread, but the dough here is more bready and airy, due to the use of yeast. After baking, the tortillas, still hot, are brushed with butter. This is an optional step, but in my opinion, it makes them much …

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No knead focaccia bread recipe. Step by step directions and instructions

4-Hour (or Overnight) No-Knead Focaccia Bread

This focaccia recipe has two key features. First of all, it uses a lot of liquid in the dough. This makes the crust super crispy when baked, but this dough is hard to work with by hand – it’s very sticky to everything it touches, not like a pan pita recipe. And it’s a good …

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Pita bread without yeast in a pan: a recipe with step-by-step photos

No-Yeast Pita Bread Roasted in a Pan

A pita is a Middle Eastern flatbread with a “pocket. When baked, water vapor forms inside, which inflates the dough, thereby creating a cavity inside. Afterwards, the pita is deflated, but the pocket remains. To “open” the pita, you need to cut the edge with a knife. Usually, inside the pita is smeared with sauce …

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Italian Breadsticks Grissini easy to make step-by-step recipe

Italian Breadsticks Grissini

Crispy breadsticks could become your favorites among the snacks. They are easy to cook and every time when you add something new to the recipe you can get a new taste variation. You can add cheese to the dough, some sesame, herbs, thyme, chili pepper, rosemary, oregano, paprika on top, or whatever else. You can …

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Perfect Hamburger Rolls easy to make step-by-step recipe

Perfect Hamburger Buns

We all like hamburgers. If you don’t agree, just don’t argue, most likely you just had bad luck with what you’ve tasted.What is the main component of a fine burger? Right – a delicious burger patty. But the second, most important, in my opinion, is bun. The majority of self-respecting places, that cooks burgers, bake …

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