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Hi there!

Glad to see you on the pages of my blog. I’m Alex Bayev full-time food bloger since 2022.

I started this blog in 2014, under the name foooding.net, but after re-considering my time constraints I abandoned it around 2015, switching to other projects. During this time I was developing my product business in the b2b segment, creating content projects, as well as sites for the Amazon affiliate program.

In 2020, when the COVID epidemic started, sitting at home on quarantine, I decided to return to this project. At that time, I slightly revised the concept, style and presentation of the content, shot a couple of recipes (ginger brownies for example), but around May-June, the quarantine restrictions began to subside, I returned to the office and time for blogging became scarce again.

In 2021, I move to Kiev and plan to open a branch of our business there, but the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 makes its own adjustments and instead of developing offline business, I decide to return to the development of the project to which more lies my soul.

In May 2022 I again revise the concept and format of publications, moving to the format of detailed step-by-step photos, but soon I realize that it is not as convenient as video. I was inspired by bonappetit.com, which offers a similar format but with a paid subscription. Remembering my first steps in cooking, when you’re constantly in doubt about whether you’ve made the right step, this format seems perfect to me.

2023, we’re here now. Since about August, I have been adding voiceovers in Ukrainian to my videos, with a description of the process. At the moment I try to shoot and publish 3-4 recipes a week, I have a content manager in my team, Lilia, who is in charge of publishing content to the website and social media.

For 2022-2023 the traffic of the project, not as fast as I would like, but it grows. Until the next update of Google algorithms at the end of August 2023, after that the site loses more than 50% of traffic, rolling me back almost to the level of the beginning of 2022.

It certainly can’t be frustrating, sometimes you want to give up and give up everything, but I decided that the third “restart” will be the final one and I will make it a success, no matter how much effort and time it takes, so let’s continue :).

This page about me, which I never got around to – I decided to finally do it, by the way, to raise the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines, EEAT, and stuff like that, you know?

Content using

I believe that content on the internet should be distributed for free for non-commercial purposes, so if you like my photos or recipes – you are free to use them on your sites, as long as there is an active do-follow link to the page where the content was taken from.

Food Content Creation

Since 2023 I’ve been providing food content creation services for bloggers and brands.

My services:

  • recipe development;
  • cooking and photography/video production for your recipes or recipes development by me, with or without integration of your brand’s products;
  • creating content for your social medias;
  • editing and/or retouching your food photos.

Contact me:

For any questions, or commercial offers write to alex[at]bayevskitchen.com.

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