Cabbage Guide

Cabbage is one of the top 10 healthiest foods. It occupies a significant place in the national cuisines of many European countries, available and popular. And it also allows you to prepare a variety of dishes – from a light salad to an unusual dessert. Today I will tell you all about cabbage – about …

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sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes Guide

The yam is a special kind of potato with a sweet taste. It is distantly related to the familiar potato, but not inferior to it in popularity in the kitchen. The yam contains fewer carbohydrates than the regular potato. Its bright orange flesh looks beautiful in many dishes. It has a slightly sweet taste reminiscent …

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string beans

String Beans Guide

The string bean is an unripe, edible, common bean. The modern word bean comes from the Greek phasolion (bean). The leguminous bean, a high-protein legume, is valued for its nutritional and gustatory qualities and is a dietary staple. With its diversity and use in culinary recipes in the modern world, it is difficult to imagine …

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Spinach Guide

The History of the Appearance and Spread of Spinach Spinach appeared in the Middle Ages. The place of its origin is considered to be ancient Persia. Over time, many Arab countries also learned about its existence. The Arabs considered spinach the king of vegetables. They used it for a long time as a delicacy in …

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Potato Guide

History of the Appearance and Distribution of the Potato The potato appeared on earth more than 12,000 years ago. Some scientists dispute its 14,000-year existence. The first wild potato grew in the highlands of South America. For Native Americans, the potato was a very valuable food item. It was eaten, exchanged for important and valuable …

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Onion Guide

History of the Appearance and Spread of the Onion The emergence of the onion occurred about 4,000 years ago in Asia. Afghanistan and Iran are now in this area. Onions were grown as a vegetable crop in ancient Egypt, Greece and India. Mentions of onions were found in the ancient papyri. And its image is …

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Garlic Guide

Garlic is one of the most popular products in European and Asian cuisine. It does not act as a key ingredient, but gives aroma, spicy and spicy taste to soups, salads, main dishes of meat, fish and vegetables. It is added to sauces, aromatic oils and vinegar. I suggest getting acquainted with this vegetable, a …

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Eggplants Guide

History of the Eggplant Eggplant first appeared in eastern India. Then through Afghanistan and Iran they were brought to Southern Europe. And later by Persian traders to Africa. The ancient Greeks and Romans called eggplants “rabies apples”. It was believed that eating them frequently led to insanity.Eggplant has long been used as a medicine. If …

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Cauliflower Guide

Cauliflower is considered one of the best members of the vegetable family. It contains more protein and vitamin C than white cabbage. During processing, cauliflower retains more useful substances than broccoli. Cauliflower is a staple in dietary and children’s diets. Cauliflower consists of a large, dense inflorescence formed by small, closely spaced inflorescences (spikes). Each …

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