Carrot Guide

History of the emergence and spread of carrots. Carrot is the most ancient plant. People began to grow it more than 4 thousand years ago in Southwest Asia. First as a medicinal plant, and then as a food and fodder plant. The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans called carrots “daucis” and “carota.” These nicknames became …

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Beets Guide

Beets are a root vegetable. It has been known since the second millennium BC. Ancient Romans used beet leaves for food and root vegetables for medicinal purposes. Ancient Greeks offered beets as gifts to the god Apollo. Beets are widely used in dishes of Russian cuisine. But it is also a popular vegetable in the …

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dandelion greens substitutes

Navigating the Greens: Discover the Best Dandelion Greens Substitutes

Commonly known as blowball, dandelion greens are a staple in many kitchens worldwide. The reasons for seeking dandelion greens substitutes can be diverse, from dietary restrictions, flavor preferences, to ingredient availability. If you’re not a fan of their somewhat bitter taste or if dandelion greens are simply not in season, fear not! Two excellent substitutes …

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frisee substitutes

GThe Best Substitutes for Frisee Lettuce in Your Kitchen

Also known as curly endive, chicory, or simply “frisee”, this unique green has a reputation for its frilly leaves and pleasantly bitter flavor. But what if you can’t find frisee in your local store, or you have dietary restrictions or flavor preferences that make you look for an alternative? The good news is, there are …

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red cabbage substitutes

Red Cabbage Substitutes and Versatile Alternatives

Also known as purple cabbage, blaukraut, or red kraut, red cabbage is a vibrant and nutritious vegetable that adds a unique crunch and color to a variety of dishes. While its earthy and slightly peppery flavor is appreciated in many cuisines, certain scenarios might require an alternative. You may be seeking substitutes due to dietary …

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radish: what is, taste like & more

What Does Radish Taste Like?

There’s an underrated star in the world of vegetables that brings a kick of flavor and a satisfying crunch to every bite – the radish. Its unique taste and texture make it a versatile addition to any dish, ready to surprise your palate with its bold character. What is Radish? The radish, a root vegetable …

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savoy cabbage substitutes

Savoy Cabbage Substitutes and Their Uses

Savoy cabbage, also known as curly cabbage, is a green vegetable that boasts crinkled, dark-green leaves and is known for its mildly sweet, earthy flavor. Despite being a staple in many kitchens, there are times when you may need a substitute. Reasons can range from dietary restrictions, personal flavor preferences, or simply availability. In such …

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cipollini onions

Perfect Cipollini Onions Substitute

In the vast world of culinary delights, cipollini onions, also known as little onions in Italian, hold a special place. These small, slightly sweet, and flavorful onions bring a unique touch to a variety of dishes. But what if you can’t find them in your local market, have dietary restrictions, or just want to experiment …

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chayote squash substitutes

Best Substitutes for Chayote Squash

Also known as vegetable pear, choko, mirliton, or christophene, chayote squash is a green, wrinkled vegetable that is part of the gourd family. Its mild flavor and crisp texture make it a versatile ingredient in a variety of dishes. However, there might be instances where you don’t have access to this squash, or you might …

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Sweet onions substitutes

Sweet Onion Alternatives

Sweet onions, also known as Walla Walla, Vidalia, or Maui onions, are a kitchen staple and a must-have for anyone who enjoys a milder onion flavor. You might be seeking substitutes for sweet onions due to dietary restrictions, personal taste preferences, or simply because you’ve run out. If you are in such a dilemma, White …

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