Impress your guests with this delicious and creative appetizer recipes.

From bite-sized finger foods to savory dips and spreads, my collection includes classic favorites and innovative options.

Easy to follow instructions make our appetizers perfect for any level of cooking experience.

Sautéed Calamari With Italian Herbs

This quick calamari recipe is a great Mediterranean-style appetizer. Butter gives the calamari a tender and flavorful base, while garlic brings piquancy and depth of flavor. A blend of Italian spices, including oregano and thyme, enrich the dish with herbal notes, and chili flakes add spice, making the flavor more vibrant and expressive. The calamari …

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Onion Confit with Port Wine and Rosemary

Onion confit is the sweetness of caramelized onions enriched with the deep, slightly tart taste of port wine and aromatic notes of rosemary. This confit is a bridge between traditional French cuisine, where such slow cooking techniques are often used, and modern gastronomic experimentation. In terms of flavor, this confit is a true symphony. The …

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Unbeaten cucumbers or Pickled Chinese Style Cucumbers with soy sauce, garlic and chili

Unbeaten cucumbers are the same as beaten cucumbers, only without the childhood psychotraumas. All right, in fact, this recipe is very similar in flavor to beaten / smashed cucumbers, but here we cook a lot of them at once and not just pour the sauce over them, but marinate the cucumbers in it. The simplicity …

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Lebanese moussaka (Maghmour)

Lebanese moussaka, also known as maghmour, is a delicious and hearty dish that is a unique twist to traditional moussaka. This vegetarian treat is rich in flavor, combining the earthy tones of eggplant with the robustness of chickpeas. Each ingredient in Magmura plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.The …

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Сhinese Oyster Sauce Eggplants Recipe

Chinese-style eggplant in oyster sauce is a sweet and salty dish with tender eggplant, spicy aroma and subtle combined taste of sauces. A great choice for an exotic dinner and more! Lightly dipping the eggplant in cornstarch and frying it gives it a golden, crispy crust complemented by a savory blend of soy and oyster …

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Chicken Pesto Wrap

Welcome to the world of culinary discoveries! Today I present to you a recipe that is perfect for both casual dining and special occasions – it’s chicken with pesto wrapped in a tortilla. This dish combines the tenderness of chicken meat with flavorful pesto, and the addition of crisp lettuce or spinach leaves and rich …

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Fermented Pineapple Kimchi

Fermented pineapple kimchi is an exotic gastronomic journey with the invigorating notes of the tropics and the spiciness of Korean cuisine. This recipe combines the sweetness of fresh pineapple with the zest of ginger and a subtle note of gochugaru. Garlic and green onions are woven into the recipe, adding layers of flavor, and the …

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Turkish eggplant and yogurt dip

Simultaneously simple and ingenious, this dish adds yogurt to the already wonderful combination of eggplant and garlic, bringing creaminess and lightness. Paired with warm, fluffy pita, crispy appetizers or grilled meats, this dip is a versatile companion that can transform any meal or appetizer into a vibrant Turkish feast. For a stronger flavor and smoky …

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Purple Pesto in a Mortar

Pesto is native to the Italian region of Liguria. The very name “pesto” comes from the Italian verb “pestare”, which means “to crush” – a reference to the traditional method of preparation with a mortar and pestle. The main difference in this pesto, of course, is its base – purple basil. Compared to green basil, …

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