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orecchiette substitutes

Orecchiette On Your Mind? Best Substitutes for This Italian Pasta

Orecchiette, a traditional Italian pasta, is known for its distinctive ear-like shape, hence the name “orecchiette,” which translates to “little ears.” It originates from the Puglia region of Southern Italy, and it’s particularly loved for its ability to hold onto chunky sauces and ingredients. But what if you can’t find it in your local store …

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Fusilli vs Rotini Pasta

Rotini vs Fusilli: Spiralled but Different

Pasta – the comfort food extraordinaire, the base of countless dishes across various cuisines, and a food item with surprising complexity. Among the myriad types of pasta available, two stand out when we’re considering pasta with a twist – quite literally. Fusilli and Rotini, both spiral-shaped pastas, are commonly used in a variety of dishes. …

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capellini pasta vs spaghetti

Capellini vs Spaghetti: Main Differences & Comparison in 25 Facts

Pasta, a beloved and versatile staple of Italian cuisine, comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Among the wide range of pasta types, capellini and spaghetti hold a special place in the hearts of pasta lovers. To the untrained eye, they may seem similar, but these two styles of pasta have distinct attributes that …

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buckwheat vs barley

Buckwheat vs Barley: A Nutritious Grains Showdown

Buckwheat and barley are both hearty, nutrient-packed grains that have been cultivated for centuries. Each has its own unique set of characteristics and benefits, making them both worthy contenders in your kitchen and diet. Below, we delve into 15 facts comparing these two grains, their nutritional profiles, culinary uses, and flavor profiles. 1. The Basics …

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Couscous – what it is, its varieties and how to cook it

What do you know about couscous? That it’s a trendy new cereal that has migrated from restaurants to our kitchens? Actually, couscous has a very rich history. According to one version, couscous was known as far back as the 3rd century B.C. This is evidenced by archaeological finds in modern Algeria. In the tombs of …

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