Pasta Crazy Alfredo

An amazing recipe for “Crazy Alfredo” combines classic Italian flavors with unexpected accents. This dish exquisitely combines the tenderness of cream sauce with the piquancy of red peppers, the flavor of shiitake mushrooms and the saltiness of bacon or pancetta. The use of gorgonzola and parmesan cheese adds a deep cheesy note, while the core …

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Jamie Oliver’s Rigatoni Pasta with Sicilian Pesto Sauce (Pesto alla Trapanese)

Welcome to a culinary journey through Italy with a recipe from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver! Today we will cook something special – Rigatoni pasta with Sicilian pesto sauce. This dish is a true embodiment of Italian cuisine, where each ingredient plays its unique role, creating a harmony of flavors and aromas. Enjoy the combination of …

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Mexican Spaghetti Pasta

Mexican Pasta is a delicious and filling dish that combines the best of Italian and Mexican cuisines. Its versatility and numerous variations allow it to be adapted to various preferences. The history of this dish is a fascinating blend of culinary influences. Pasta was introduced in Mexico during the Spanish colonization, and the use of …

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Shrimps and garlic Pasta

This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks — The Food Lab. I’ve adapted it a bit and so far it’s the best shrimp pasta recipe. I’ve ever tried. This recipe will require you to invest a fair amount of time in it, but will reward you with a very rich and balanced flavor. …

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Fast and Easy Pasta with Garlic and Chili easy to make step-by-step recipe

Fast and Easy Pasta with Garlic and Chili

Pasta on this recipe is cooking really fast and easy. I’d even say instantly. All you need to do is to boil pasta, slice the garlic and cheese and fry them. It’s so easy and clear that there’s even no need for step by step instructions. But the main feature of this pasta, except for …

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American Chop Suey easy to make step-by-step recipe

American Chop Suey, Macaroni with a Tomato Sauce, Minced Meat, and Cheese

Today we have Chop Suey, and no, that’s not a song of System of the Down.Chop Suey is an American-Chinese dish, consisting of meat, eggs, and vegetables. Translation means “Chinese ragu”. Despite the fact it’s already an American- Chinese dish, it has another, even more, American variation, it’s called American Chop Suey that is American …

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Chinese Fried Noodles with Bacon easy to make step-by-step recipe

Chinese Fried Noodles with Bacon 

Today we have Chinese Carbonara variation. Except for the bacon, we’ll also add a bit of vegetables, stir-fry the noodles and instead of yolks, we’ll make a Chinese sour-sweet sauce based on soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and sugar. Actually, what we’ll have, as a result, reminds the Carbonara only because of bacon. But that’s …

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