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Transcarpathian Mushroom Soup (Yushka) with dried porcini mushrooms

Transcarpathian mushroom yushka from dried porcini mushrooms is a rich and flavorful dish that warms and satiates.Transcarpathian Mushrooms have always played an important role in the diet of the local population, in particular porcini mushrooms, which are valued for their unsurpassed taste and aroma. Drying mushrooms allowed them to be stored for long periods of …

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Mascarpone cheesecake

Mascarpone cheesecake is characterized by its delicate, creamy texture and subtle, mild flavor. The mascarpone gives the dish a special richness and softness, as well as a slight sweetness that pairs perfectly with the crunchy shortbread or cookie base. The slight sourness from lemon juice or vanilla, if used in the recipe, adds freshness and …

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Biscotti are traditional Italian cookies that are baked twice, giving them a crisp texture and long-lasting freshness. The perfect companion for morning coffee or evening tea. The use of various additives such as nuts, dried fruit or chocolate makes each piece of biscotti unique in flavor, offering an endless field for culinary experimentation. ⏱ Cooking …

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Beef cutlets with zucchini and cheese

Beef and minced zucchini cutlets with cheese is a great way to combine vegetables and meat in one dish, making it not only tasty, but also healthy. The addition of cheese gives the cutlets a special piquancy and juiciness, making the flavor more rich and expressive. Cutlets of zucchini and minced meat with cheese are …

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Sautéed Calamari With Italian Herbs

This quick calamari recipe is a great Mediterranean-style appetizer. Butter gives the calamari a tender and flavorful base, while garlic brings piquancy and depth of flavor. A blend of Italian spices, including oregano and thyme, enrich the dish with herbal notes, and chili flakes add spice, making the flavor more vibrant and expressive. The calamari …

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Halva chocolate Chunk cookies with Brown Butter

Chocolate, halva, and brown butter cookies are a non-basic treat that combines sweetness and rich flavors. The brown butter adds a rich, nutty flavor that blends beautifully with the depth and complexity of both milk and dark chocolate, providing a balance between sweetness and bitterness. The halva contributes notes of caramel and a slightly stretchy …

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Miso Blondies

Miso Blondies is something incredible. A recipe that suggests using seemingly incompatible ingredients and rewards courage with mind-blowing flavor. I’m not lying when I say that this is my favorite recipe out of all the blondie and brownie recipes I’ve ever made. And, it’s also definitely in the top-3 of my favorite desserts at the …

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Pasta Crazy Alfredo

An amazing recipe for “Crazy Alfredo” combines classic Italian flavors with unexpected accents. This dish exquisitely combines the tenderness of cream sauce with the piquancy of red peppers, the flavor of shiitake mushrooms and the saltiness of bacon or pancetta. The use of gorgonzola and parmesan cheese adds a deep cheesy note, while the core …

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Onion Confit with Port Wine and Rosemary

Onion confit is the sweetness of caramelized onions enriched with the deep, slightly tart taste of port wine and aromatic notes of rosemary. This confit is a bridge between traditional French cuisine, where such slow cooking techniques are often used, and modern gastronomic experimentation. In terms of flavor, this confit is a true symphony. The …

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