Minced/Ground Meat

Beef cutlets with zucchini and cheese

Beef and minced zucchini cutlets with cheese is a great way to combine vegetables and meat in one dish, making it not only tasty, but also healthy. The addition of cheese gives the cutlets a special piquancy and juiciness, making the flavor more rich and expressive. Cutlets of zucchini and minced meat with cheese are …

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American Chop Suey easy to make step-by-step recipe

American Chop Suey, Macaroni with a Tomato Sauce, Minced Meat, and Cheese

Today we have Chop Suey, and no, that’s not a song of System of the Down.Chop Suey is an American-Chinese dish, consisting of meat, eggs, and vegetables. Translation means “Chinese ragu”. Despite the fact it’s already an American- Chinese dish, it has another, even more, American variation, it’s called American Chop Suey that is American …

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Classic Cheeseburger With Caramelized Onion easy to make step-by-step recipe

Classic Cheeseburger With Caramelized Onion

Classic cheeseburger is a soft bun, lettuce, some tomato, pickled cucumbers, onion, juicy cutlet, cheese, and your favorite sauces. We won’t go far away from the classic, just will make one small change: we’ll replace fresh or pickled onion with caramelized one.  I don’t know how about you, but personally, I love adding caramelized onion …

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