Mascarpone cheesecake

Mascarpone cheesecake is characterized by its delicate, creamy texture and subtle, mild flavor. The mascarpone gives the dish a special richness and softness, as well as a slight sweetness that pairs perfectly with the crunchy shortbread or cookie base. The slight sourness from lemon juice or vanilla, if used in the recipe, adds freshness and …

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Biscotti are traditional Italian cookies that are baked twice, giving them a crisp texture and long-lasting freshness. The perfect companion for morning coffee or evening tea. The use of various additives such as nuts, dried fruit or chocolate makes each piece of biscotti unique in flavor, offering an endless field for culinary experimentation. ⏱ Cooking …

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Pasta Crazy Alfredo

An amazing recipe for “Crazy Alfredo” combines classic Italian flavors with unexpected accents. This dish exquisitely combines the tenderness of cream sauce with the piquancy of red peppers, the flavor of shiitake mushrooms and the saltiness of bacon or pancetta. The use of gorgonzola and parmesan cheese adds a deep cheesy note, while the core …

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Jamie Oliver’s Rigatoni Pasta with Sicilian Pesto Sauce (Pesto alla Trapanese)

Welcome to a culinary journey through Italy with a recipe from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver! Today we will cook something special – Rigatoni pasta with Sicilian pesto sauce. This dish is a true embodiment of Italian cuisine, where each ingredient plays its unique role, creating a harmony of flavors and aromas. Enjoy the combination of …

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Purple Pesto in a Mortar

Pesto is native to the Italian region of Liguria. The very name “pesto” comes from the Italian verb “pestare”, which means “to crush” – a reference to the traditional method of preparation with a mortar and pestle. The main difference in this pesto, of course, is its base – purple basil. Compared to green basil, …

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Classic Authentic Pesto Genovese or Pesto Verde

Delicate and t the same time rich, simple but with multi-layered flavors – this is Pesto Genovese. A juicy green sauce from the heart of Italy, a timeless classic that knows no bounds. To begin with, I suggest to understand the definitions. Pesto, translated from Italian, means “to grind” or “crush”, such a name was …

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Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pesto

Roasted pepper pesto is a sophisticated and creative interpretation of the traditional Italian pesto sauce. While classic pesto is a chopped mix of basil, olive oil, parmesan cheese, garlic and pine nuts, in this recipe we go a completely different route. I use a mixture of parsley and basil here, but the parsley plays the …

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Italian Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken tortellini soup is a hearty and nutritious dish perfect for any day of the week. It’s a delicious combination of tender chicken, cheese tortellini (or any of your other favorites), and a flavorful, rich broth infused with herbs and spices. If you have broth already prepared, this soup couldn’t be easier to make. Both …

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No knead focaccia bread recipe. Step by step directions and instructions

4-Hour (or Overnight) No-Knead Focaccia Bread

This focaccia recipe has two key features. First of all, it uses a lot of liquid in the dough. This makes the crust super crispy when baked, but this dough is hard to work with by hand – it’s very sticky to everything it touches, not like a pan pita recipe. And it’s a good …

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