Fish and seafood

Sautéed Calamari With Italian Herbs

This quick calamari recipe is a great Mediterranean-style appetizer. Butter gives the calamari a tender and flavorful base, while garlic brings piquancy and depth of flavor. A blend of Italian spices, including oregano and thyme, enrich the dish with herbal notes, and chili flakes add spice, making the flavor more vibrant and expressive. The calamari …

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Indian Salmon Curry

The Indian salmon curry has a long history, dating back to the Great Mughal Empire, and is one of the staple dishes of Indian cuisine. The origin story of Indian curry is not entirely clear, but it is believed that this dish originated in South India. Legend has it that the emperor of the Great …

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Roasted Crispy Prawns with Garlic in Chinese Style

There are many ways to prepare prawns, but this particular version deserves special attention. Compared to other recipes, it has a certain “Chinese charm” that makes the dish unique. Garlic plays a central role here. It gives depth and aroma to the prawns, emphasizing their sweet tenderness. To enhance the impact of garlic and make …

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Shrimps and garlic Pasta

This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks — The Food Lab. I’ve adapted it a bit and so far it’s the best shrimp pasta recipe. I’ve ever tried. This recipe will require you to invest a fair amount of time in it, but will reward you with a very rich and balanced flavor. …

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Shrimp and corn soup step by step recipe

Shrimp and Corn Soup

Easy soup with shrimp and corn based on chicken broth. Chicken broth, if you want you can replace it with fish broth or even use a bouillon cube, but broth, fresh or frozen is certainly preferable. The soup is made quickly enough, the most tedious thing is to peel the shrimp and remove the black …

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Squid in Tomato Sauce with Chili easy to make step-by-step recipe

Squid in Tomato Sauce with Chili

When you’ll get tired of usual chicken, pork, potatoes and pasta and you’re out of ideas what to cook for dinner – try this dish. It’s very easy to prepare and almost doesn’t need any preparation beforehand. The main thing is to unfreeze the squid in time if you’re buying it frozen. And more then …

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