Chicken thighs

Chicken Pesto Wrap

Welcome to the world of culinary discoveries! Today I present to you a recipe that is perfect for both casual dining and special occasions – it’s chicken with pesto wrapped in a tortilla. This dish combines the tenderness of chicken meat with flavorful pesto, and the addition of crisp lettuce or spinach leaves and rich …

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Chicken Tocino: Caramelized Chicken with Pineapple Juice

In the Philippines, this dish is traditionally made with pork, most often pork belly, resulting in a fatty, rich and very flavorful dish. The chicken version offers a lighter alternative, with little or no sacrifice to the distinctive flavor. Toquino is a sweet and savory dish that belongs to Filipino cuisine and is especially popular …

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chicken manchurian

Manchurian chicken

Manchurian chicken is a classic Chinese dish that has long held a place of honor in the hearts of lovers of original and aromatic food. Typically, for the preparation of this dish, juicy chicken is used, which is cut into pieces, fried in a deep fryer to a golden crust, and then stir-fried with vegetables …

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Afghani chicken

Afghan cuisine is known for its bold flavors and spicy aromas of spices. Afghan-style chicken is one of the most popular dishes. It is a flavorful chicken curry often served with rice, roti, or naan bread. The chicken is fried first, for a delicious crust, and then stewed in of cream and yogurt sauce with …

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Chicken with Vegetables in Sour-sweet Sauce easy to make step-by-step recipe

Chicken with Vegetables in Sour-sweet Sauce

Personally, I’m very fond of Asian cuisine. Mostly, because of their ability to cook rich flavored dishes with minimum ingredients. And this chicken in a sour-sweet sauce, not an exception. Here we have some battered chicken, fast fried vegetables, and as you see, sour-sweet sauce. Thanks to fast high-heat processing, vegetables remain all the vitamins, …

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