Condensed Milk

Coffee French Toast

Treat yourself to a sumptuous combination of breakfast and dessert with this delicious coffee French toast! In this dish, the rich and deep notes of coffee are harmoniously intertwined with the rich sweetness of condensed milk. ⏱ Cooking time — 15 minutes overall. Includes 15 minutes of preparation and cooking + 0 minutes unattended. 🔪 …

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mango mousse

Tender mango mousse with condensed milk and cream. Without gelatin

Mango mousse is a sweet, creamy dessert made with whipped heavy cream and mango puree. Sometimes gelatin is added to stabilize it and give it a thicker texture, but today’s recipe will not include it (but I’ll add an instruction below in case you want to add it). The consistency of mango mousse is light …

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