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Chickpeas Tagine

Chickpea tagine is a sumptuous, hearty dish rooted in the culinary traditions of North Africa, particularly Morocco. The term “tagine” refers to both the conical clay pot in which the dish is traditionally cooked and to the stew that fills it. This version centers on chickpeas – a protein-rich legume. While meat versions of tagine …

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15-Minute Bag Pickled Cucumbers with garlic, chili and cilantro (or dill)

These pickles will be your favorite of the summer season. Cooked quickly, they are super crispy and flavorful. I’m going to show you an unusual spiral slicing of cucumbers, which I think brings out the flavors faster and stronger. But you can experiment with other types of slicing, using whichever you prefer. A few more …

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Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings Chinese Style

Salt and pepper chicken wings, or “yang su ji” as they are called in Mandarin, is a popular dish in Chinese cuisine. This simple but flavorful dish is a staple in many Chinese restaurants around the world. It features a delicate balance between the soft and juicy inside of the chicken and the perfectly crispy …

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Eggplant Hummus With Roasted Garlic

Eggplant hummus is a rich and flavorful dip native to the Middle East. A variation of traditional hummus, this dish combines the creamy taste of chickpeas with the smoky, slightly sweet and unique flavor of roasted eggplant. This recipe is something in between traditional hummus and baba ghanoush (an appetizer of mashed eggplant mixed with …

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Lentil tabbouleh. A Mediterranean salad with cooked lentils, parsley, tomatoes, lemon, olive oil.

Lentil Tabbouleh is a wonderfully bright and refreshing dish that comes to us from the rich traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly the Lebanese culinary repertoire. Traditionally, tabbouleh is a salad consisting mainly of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, onions, bulgur and dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. However, in today’s recipe, …

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Baked Chicken Schnitzel

Baked Chicken Schnitzel is a harmonious combination of German culinary traditions, modernly transformed and adapted for healthy eating. The classic version of schnitzel is usually made from breaded pork, but in various corners of the world, other types of meat, including chicken, veal, and turkey, are also widely used. The origins of the schnitzel date …

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chicken manchurian

Manchurian chicken

Manchurian chicken is a classic Chinese dish that has long held a place of honor in the hearts of lovers of original and aromatic food. Typically, for the preparation of this dish, juicy chicken is used, which is cut into pieces, fried in a deep fryer to a golden crust, and then stir-fried with vegetables …

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15 minute chicken breasts with rosemary and spinach in the foil easy to make step-by-step recipe

15 Minute Chicken Breasts with Rosemary and Spinach in the Foil

Today we have one of the basic French recipes – chicken breasts, steamed in the foil. It’s considered basic because we’re cooking using a minimum of ingredients. And in this case, we are focusing more on the method of cooking rather than preparation of some unique, tricky dish. Anyway, the ‘basicness’ of this recipe absolutely …

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Chicken with Vegetables in Sour-sweet Sauce easy to make step-by-step recipe

Chicken with Vegetables in Sour-sweet Sauce

Personally, I’m very fond of Asian cuisine. Mostly, because of their ability to cook rich flavored dishes with minimum ingredients. And this chicken in a sour-sweet sauce, not an exception. Here we have some battered chicken, fast fried vegetables, and as you see, sour-sweet sauce. Thanks to fast high-heat processing, vegetables remain all the vitamins, …

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