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Sautéed Calamari With Italian Herbs

This quick calamari recipe is a great Mediterranean-style appetizer. Butter gives the calamari a tender and flavorful base, while garlic brings piquancy and depth of flavor. A blend of Italian spices, including oregano and thyme, enrich the dish with herbal notes, and chili flakes add spice, making the flavor more vibrant and expressive. The calamari …

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Spinach and Sunflower seed pesto

Sunflower Seed & Spinach Pesto is the rich flavor of sunflower seeds, the freshness of spinach, and a hint of garlic. This sauce will be the perfect addition to your pasta or other dishes, like chicken wrap with pesto! The nutty flavor of sunflower seeds combined with fresh spinach leaves creates a unique flavor profile …

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Classic Authentic Pesto Genovese or Pesto Verde

Delicate and t the same time rich, simple but with multi-layered flavors – this is Pesto Genovese. A juicy green sauce from the heart of Italy, a timeless classic that knows no bounds. To begin with, I suggest to understand the definitions. Pesto, translated from Italian, means “to grind” or “crush”, such a name was …

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Cucumber salad with sour cream, onion and dill (Mizeria twist)

Cucumbers and sour cream are a win-win combination: a refreshing, crisp and juicy salad perfect not only for hot summer days, but also for any other time of year when you want a light vegetable snack. So let’s make Cucumber and sour cream salad! It’s very simple: the cucumbers are thinly sliced and then dressed …

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15 minute chicken breasts with rosemary and spinach in the foil easy to make step-by-step recipe

15 Minute Chicken Breasts with Rosemary and Spinach in the Foil

Today we have one of the basic French recipes – chicken breasts, steamed in the foil. It’s considered basic because we’re cooking using a minimum of ingredients. And in this case, we are focusing more on the method of cooking rather than preparation of some unique, tricky dish. Anyway, the ‘basicness’ of this recipe absolutely …

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