Almond Flour Banana Cookies (GF, Low Carb, No Sugar)

Banana Almond Flour Cookies are a delicious combination of the familiar flavor of banana bread and cookies with a soft, chewy texture. This recipe is an alternative for those who avoid refined flour products, gluten and sugar. Unlike many other cookies that use refined sugar, this recipe utilizes the natural sweetness of honey and bananas. …

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Espresso (or filter coffee) Brownies

This brownie version has the perfect balance between the coffee bitterness of espresso and the sweetness of dark chocolate. Each bite envelops the palate with a velvety texture and leaves behind a long, rich coffee-chocolate aftertaste. It also has a hint of earthiness from the cocoa and a slight caramel undertone from the sugar, a …

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Matcha Brownies

I’ve had chocolate-free brownies, blondies and even ginger brownies on my blog before. But this time I wanted to go even further away from the classic and familiar flavors and make matcha brownies. As you can easily guess these brownies contain matcha powder. It’s a green tea powder originally from China, although today it’s more …

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Blondie with Pecan Nuts

Blondies are a popular dessert that resembles a beige-colored cake or pie. In simple terms, blondies are brownies made from white chocolate. Some even call them “white brownies,” but in reality, they are separate desserts with their own unique texture and taste. The history of blondies dates back to 20th-century America. They are believed to …

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mango mousse

Tender mango mousse with condensed milk and cream. Without gelatin

Mango mousse is a sweet, creamy dessert made with whipped heavy cream and mango puree. Sometimes gelatin is added to stabilize it and give it a thicker texture, but today’s recipe will not include it (but I’ll add an instruction below in case you want to add it). The consistency of mango mousse is light …

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