Lemon Pie with Frosting easy to make step-by-step recipe

Lemon Pie with Frosting

In winter, when the cold begins, you often want to return into the warm summer. And if in reality, you need to wait for some time, then on an associative level you can be there right now. The subject of our today’s recipe is lemon pie. It is gentle and mild inside. When you’re holding …

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Easy to make Cherry Crumble in 5 Minutes Step-by-step Recipe

Cherry Crumble in 5 Minutes

Do you remember McDonald’s cherry pie? Crunchy crust and gentle, sour-sweet cherry filling. This crumble has an exact taste and texture as McDonald’s cherry pie. And who doesn’t like food from McDonald’s? Do you see where I’m going? Yeah, this dessert is damn good. But this is only one of two of its aces. The …

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