Succades — Сandied citrus peel. Candied Citrus Peel step by step recipe with photo

Succades — Сandied citrus peel

Interestingly, today we understand succade as candied fruits, vegetables, or other foods to be candied and dried. Although originally the word succade comes from the Old English word “sucket,” which means “moist”. So how did it come to be? Well, because succades used to be served and stored in the same syrup in which it …

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Chocolate Cracknell - Step by step recipe with directions.

Chocolate Cracknell

No, this is not the crack recipe from Breaking Bad. Chocolate Cracknell (I have no idea how to translate and adapt the word from English) is a popular dessert that was served in British schools in the 70s. To explain in simple terms, it is caramelized cornflakes with added cocoa powder, which gives the dessert …

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Brazilian Brigadeiro Easy Recipe

Brazilian Brigadeiro

Do you love chocolate? How about truffles? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you’re going to love this brigadeiro recipe! Brigadeiros are a Brazilian chocolate truffle that is made with condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. They are usually served at birthday parties or special occasions. In this blog post, I …

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Caramel Ice Cream with Crushed Caramel (Ice Cream Machine Not Required) | Bayev's Kitchen

Caramel Ice Cream with Crushed Caramel (Ice Cream Machine Not Required)

Caramel with caramel is just like chocolate with chocolate. When you hear something like this, you immediately imagine something very sweet, delicious and super creamy. After making this recipe, I can still see and taste it in my mind’s eye! Imagine the taste of cold, milky caramel ice cream, something similar to store bought crème …

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Cacao Powder Brownies Recipe | Bayev's Kitchen

Cocoa Powder Brownies (No-Chocolate)

This is a kind of economy variant of the world-famous brownie dessert. The savings are achieved by using cocoa powder instead of chocolate. However, it is not only about savings. The brownies in this recipe are less sweet than the original ones. If you do not like it, try adding more sugar, but do not …

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Chocolate Crepes with Oat Flakes Recipe | BayevsKitchen.com

Chocolate Crepes with Oat Flakes (Without Eggs)

Today we have some unusual pancakes. They are unusual because they are chocolate flavored and also because they are made without eggs. There is also very little sugar in them so you can pair them perfectly with all kinds of jams, syrups and other sweet toppings. If the toppings aren’t to your taste or you …

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Jamie Olivers Ginger Brownie

I wonder if there’s anyone who has not tried a brownie before? If that’s you, then today is your lucky day! There’s no way you can turn the page before trying this recipe for one of the most popular desserts in the world. It’s really easy, especially if you have a food processor. All you …

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Carrot Pie with Mascarpone and Lime Icing easy to make step-by-step recipe

Carrot Pie with Mascarpone and Lime Icing

Carrot pie. Personally I, if heard something like that, would be very skeptical about a dessert with such name. I don’t know what made me cook it, but thanks to that I’ve completely changed my mind once and for all. Here we have gentle, porous and wet pie, beautiful carrot color with spice flavor, and …

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Pancakes with a Strawberry Sauce + Dry Mixture Recipe easy to make step-by-step recipe

Pancakes with a Strawberry Sauce + Dry Mixture Recipe

Puffy pancakes are perfect for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. You can replace a strawberry sauce with your favorite jam, honey, or syrup. First of all, let’s cook a dry mixture. This a basic recipe for pancakes. You can cook it beforehand and use it when needed. This amount of ingredients is …

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The Best Shortcake According To Jamie Oliver easy to make step-by-step recipe

The Best Shortcake According To Jamie Oliver

What is the easiest that you can bake you can imagine? I’ve already posted a recipe of a chocolate cake in 3 steps, but today we have the basis of all. The thing that almost everyone is cooking when they try their hand in baking. This simple homemade sweet, that you always have ingredients for. …

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