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Gordon Ramsay's mustard-honey bean dressing - easy recipe with step-by-step photos from BayevsKitchen

Green beans salad with mustard-honey dressing by Gordon Ramsay

Green bean salad is a versatile addition to any main dish, whether it’s meat, poultry, fish, or even other vegetables. Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the taste of the salad is bright, sour, sweet, with a slight spice from the acid component. This recipe is a godsend for a large group of unexpected guests. …

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Gordon Ramsay Soy Glazed Pork Ribs recipe

Gordon Ramsay Soy Glazed Pork Ribs

Another recipe from Gordon Ramsay’s “Home Cooking” book. The ribs come out soft and full of spicy flavors. Spicy, but in moderation, and you can adjust the spiciness with the amount of chili flakes. The Sichuan pepper infuses the ribs with a bright lemon flavor, the honey gives a sweetness and a sticky, glossy sauce …

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