Potato Salad Guide

History of the Appearance of Potato Salad

Potato salad is a popular dish of European cuisine – Czech, German and Austrian. It is a salad of boiled potatoes with the addition of onions, fried bacon, pickles or other ingredients. Mayonnaise or vinaigrette dressing is used as a dressing, sometimes yogurt.

In 1597, English botanist John Gerrard made one of the first complete descriptions of the vegetable-potato. And he described the use of the potato as an ingredient in making salads. This testimony is one of the first written references to the use of potatoes in salads.

The scientific description of the potato in Carl Clusius’s History of Rare Plants, states that it is eaten cooked with oil, vinegar, and salt. During Elizabeth’s reign in England, potatoes were baked in ash and eaten with oil, vinegar, and pepper.

As the role of the potato as an important food product increased, potato salad spread throughout Europe. Mostly in German-speaking countries and regions with German culture, and later around the world. It was called the “German salad.”

The famous American potato salad comes from recipes that were brought to the United States by German and European settlers in the 19th century. This was also the time when recipes for the salad were described in American cookbooks.

Alexandre Dumas (his father) mentions a recipe for potato salad in his 1873 publication The Great Dictionary of Cookery.
In Germany, the classic American-style potato salad is considered a masterpiece of national cuisine. Germans serve it with sauerkraut, fried sausages. They fry slices of bacon, pass onions and garlic in this fat and add this dressing to the potatoes. In the States, the American classic potato salad is not harmful to the body and this dish is considered one of the healthiest.

There are many recipes for potato salad. They use varieties of potatoes that do not boil – the potato pieces do not lose their shape when mixed together. It is possible to boil potatoes for potato salad in advance, a day – they will get extra hardness. In some recipes potatoes are cut immediately after boiling hot – so they absorb the marinade better. For the preparation of potato salad are suitable as peeled potatoes, and peeled after boiling potatoes in the jacket. Young and regular potatoes are also suitable.

Potato salad is a popular side dish for many dishes. It is served with sausages or chops, as well as fried fish. This salad is a classic side dish for Vienna schnitzel. Potato salad is a popular dish in “Nordic cuisine”. In addition to the main ingredient, potatoes, it includes lightly salted and fatty fish such as mackerel or salmon. This salad is dressed with a mixture of mustard and sour cream. It is served not just as a side dish, but as a separate dish.

Salads with potatoes are hearty dishes that can serve as a full lunch or dinner.

Source: Pixabay

The Classic American-style Potato Salad Patented in the United States

Patent history

The command of the U.S. Army, in order to raise the patriotic spirit of soldiers in any hot spots on the planet, announced a competition to create a frozen version of a popular dish in the United States. And the three inventors succeeded! Their salad received quite high praise from the committee. And it went on the menu of the U.S. army. The creators received a patent in 1979 for their recipe. It is now recognized as the most classic version.

Ingredients needed:

  • Potatoes – 9 pcs.
  • Onion – 1 pc
  • Eggs – 3 – 4 pcs.
  • Celery – 1 pc
  • Pickled cucumbers – 1 to 3 pcs.
  • Pickled red Pimiento peppers – 1 pc (or 100g)
  • Sweet pepper (sweet pepper) – 1 pc or half to taste
  • Unflavored apple cider vinegar – 1-2 tablespoons
  • Mayonnaise – about 1 cup
  • American mustard (sweet) – 1 tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

If you can’t find any ingredient, it’s better to refuse it. You can’t replace Pimiento with anything else. You can replace the celery stalks with seeds or parsley.


  1. Rinse the uncooked variety of potatoes well with a brush;
  2. Boil them in their cores;
  3. Spray potatoes with vinegar and cut into cubes;
  4. Boil hard-boiled eggs and chop;
  5. Chop the onions;
  6. Chop the celery stalks, all the peppers and cucumbers;
  7. Season with salt and pepper, if desired;
  8. Season with mayonnaise and mustard;
  9. Stir everything together. Done!

A light version of American-style potato salad

A simple version of this dish is found most often in home kitchens in the United States. Serve it as a separate dish.


  • Potatoes
  • Medium onion
  • Eggs
  • Petiole celery
  • Mayonnaise
  • American mustard (sweet)

You can substitute celery petioles for the seeds.


  1. Boil the potato tubers in their middles and the eggs in their hard-boiled eggs;
  2. Peel everything and cut into 0.5-0.6 cm cubes;
  3. Chop the onion and celery;
  4. Stir with the addition of mayonnaise, mustard and salt.

The Main Ingredients of Potato Salad:

  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Onions
  • Celery
  • Mayonnaise.

Peculiarities of Preparing Potato Salad

  1. A real American potato salad should not look like a homogeneous mass.
  2. It is better to boil the ingredients in the evening, cool and put them in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Use boiled peeled or jacket potatoes.
  4. Chilled potatoes are easy to slice, there is no stickiness in them, so the salad will have beautiful pieces in the form of cubes.
  5. If you slice the potatoes immediately after boiling and cooling – surely the pieces will stick together. The potatoes will look like mashed potatoes.
  6. But in the classic version, potatoes should be freshly boiled and even warm. It is believed that in this form it absorbs vinegar and salt better.
  7. You can use young potatoes. Then it is not necessary to remove the skin. But last year’s would be better suited – it is firmer, firmer and not as boiled.
  8. All the ingredients of the salad cut into cubes.
  9. You can start to eat immediately after cooking or after 40 minutes. During this time, the salad will be well soaked in sauce. Such a salad is also delicious the next day.
  10. Store potato salad in the refrigerator under a lid for up to 2 days.

Substitution of ingredients in the potato salad

  1. You can use less mayonnaise. Or dress the salad with natural yogurt or sour cream. A dietary low-calorie option is a dressing of mustard, vinegar and olive oil.
  2. If you don’t have celery stalks, you can chop the stalks of the plant or add the seeds.
  3. If you do not like white onions you can substitute red onions or young green onions.
  4. Choose sweet mustard for the salad. If it is not available – spicy will do, but in a smaller amount. French dressing adds a special spicy flavor.
  5. Instead of apple cider vinegar you can use white wine vinegar or pickle marinade.
  6. If you don’t have pickled Pimiento peppers – just don’t put them in. It’s best not to substitute other hot peppers for it.

Additional ingredients for potato salad

There are countless variations of potato salad. It all depends on your imagination and your ability to combine the ingredients.

You put in it:

  • canned tuna,
  • garlic,
  • seafood,
  • boiled beef,
  • pork and chicken fillet,
  • mushrooms,
  • bacon,
  • fresh vegetables,
  • parsley, dill or other herbs to taste,
  • tomatoes,
  • asparagus,
  • cheese,
  • green peas and corn.

The dressing can be:

  • honey,
  • olive oil,
  • soy sauce,
  • berry vinegars.

Types of Classic Potato Salads

Potato dishes are very popular in the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. It is in these countries that potato salad recipes occupy a separate niche in cooking. Despite the differences in the preparation, the dishes have common features: the main ingredient is potatoes, and the addition is a delicious and spicy dressing.

1. German classic potato salad.

The main ingredients of the classic potato salad recipe in German cuisine are potatoes and bacon. You can replace the bacon with smoked ham or sausage.

For real German potato salad, the sauce always uses a combination of vinegar and vegetable oil in the ratio of 1:3.

In Germany, small potatoes are used for the salad – they are quicker to cook. Potatoes are always boiled in their peel – so they retain more vitamins and do not boil. Most recipes call for the potatoes to be peeled later on, but sometimes they are put together with the peel – it has more nutritional value.

In a German potato salad, the minimum number of ingredients is always potatoes, cucumbers and onions plus dressing or a meat ingredient is added. The dressing can be mayonnaise or vinegar plus oil. Salt and pepper to taste.

German potato salad combines with meat ingredients. And it is not necessarily an appetizer if it is cooked in the German way – it can be a separate dish. Such a salad is ideal for a quick snack. In a German-style dish, the ingredients are not chopped very finely – this is an advantage of this cuisine.

Variants of German potato salad:

1. Recipe from Anybenyraba – Boiled potatoes, fresh cucumber, some green onions and a simple dressing with vinegar, oil and mustard.

Варианты немецкого картофельного салата: Рецепт от Anybenyraba
Source: Anybenyraba

2. Recipe from foodnetwork – This recipe adds bacon and garlic to the traditional salad ingredients.

3. Recipe from recetasdiarias – This version of the potato salad uses sausage. And for the dressing is used – mayonnaise and mustard.

Classic American Potato Salad

Americans don’t have a classic potato salad – because there are many variations on this dish. Potato salad in American cuisine has eggs, herbs, capers and a dressing based on mayonnaise or its mixture with other sauces.

Often potato salad is prepared with meat or fish. Boiled beef or pork and chicken fillet are used as a meat ingredient. Fish can be boiled, salted or canned, but preferably red. In the U.S., potato salad with tuna is common.

A traditional American potato salad recipe contains diced potatoes, mayonnaise (or sour cream), mustard, pepper, pickles, green onions and onions. You can also add hard-boiled eggs, celery and peppers.

In the United States, potato salad is often made for barbecues and picnics and is the perfect accompaniment to roast pork, fried chicken, sandwiches and hot dogs. Potato salad is also a very common dish at buffets, restaurants, family events or corporate dinners.

Variations of American potato salad:

1.Recipe by thekitchn – Mayonnaise and mustard are used to combine the tender potato pieces, while celery and scallions add a bit of crunch. Fresh herbs or diced green onions give the salad a fresh flavor.

Варианты американского картофельного салата: Рецепт от thekitchn
Source: Thekitchn

2. Recipe by williams-sonoma. In this version of potato salad, avocado is added. Use the innermost part of it. And pale yellow celery leaves – they have a pure celery flavor – they are more tender and less fibrous than the outer stalks. Dress the salad while the potatoes are warm – so they absorb a lot of the flavorful dressing.

3. Recipe by jessicagavin – Classic ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, yellow mustard (or Dijon mustard), pickle seasoning, chopped red onion and celery. Vinegar is added for the dressing – it gives a slight sourness to the potatoes.

Варианты американского картофельного салата: Рецепт от jessicagavin
Source: Jessicagavin

Classic Russian-style potato salad

Potato salad or simply Russian salad with potatoes.

In Russia, this traditional salad is better known as one of the varieties of Olivier. It is prepared with mayonnaise mixed with chopped tubers of potatoes, carrots, peas, eggs, and, if desired, with the addition of meat.

The salad is served both as an appetizer and as a side dish to meat, both hot and cold.

Recipe options:

1. Recipe from petersfoodadventures – This recipe for Russian salad is not just a regular potato salad, but much tastier! It’s a tasty mix of small sliced pieces. The ingredients are simple and accessible eggs, green peas, pickles, cucumbers, meat and plenty of mayonnaise.

2. Recipe from melangery – This version of the potato salad adds chicken. The dish comes out nutritious. It can be served as a standalone and as an accompaniment to side dishes.

Классический картофельный салат по-русски: Рецепт от melangery
Source: Melangery

3. Recipe from mydailymoment – A variation of the salad with the addition of turkey and lots of greens. Eggs rubbed on a grater, but it is better to cut into cubes – so do not lose the shape and then the consistency of the salad.

4. Irish potato salad

In Ireland, potatoes are considered an aphrodisiac. Dishes with it, including salads, are a must for romantic dinners. Potato salads are very popular, especially warm ones.

Low calories and originality of taste are distinctive qualities of Irish food.

A traditional appetizing salad with an unusually pleasant taste of freshness. It consists of apples, potatoes and herbs. For dressing we use mayonnaise. Apples are not heard at all – they soften the taste of potatoes.

The amount of mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar for the dressing is up to you. You can put equal parts olive oil and mayonnaise. This makes the salad more tender. Instead of leeks, celery stalks will work fine.

Recipe options:

1.Recipe from irishcentral – In this variant of potato salad there is one main ingredient – potatoes. And to it added spices and a dressing of oil and mayonnaise. A simple plain recipe.

Классический картофельный салат по-русски: Рецепт от irishcentra
Source: Irishcentral

2. Recipe from cookpad – Potatoes, carrots, beans, eggs, green peas and all dressed with mayonnaise, oil and spices. A light and tasty version of the salad.

Классический картофельный салат по-русски: Рецепт от cookpad
Source: Cookpad

3. Recipe from hungryharps – Bacon, cabbage, celery, onions, pickles and cheese are added to this potato salad. The base ingredients are potatoes, herbs and mayonnaise. The herbs add a fresh flavor to this salad.

Классический картофельный салат по-русски: Рецепт от hungryharp
Source: Hungryharps

5. Romanian potato salad

Very similar to the American Romanian potato salad. It is made with fewer ingredients and without mayonnaise, which is healthier and easier.

I use vinegar and vegetable oil to dress this salad.

Recipe options:

1. Recipe from bonapeti – A hearty salad, can be used as a second course or as an appetizer. Cucumbers and eggs give it new flavors.

Картофельный салат по-румынски: Рецепт от bonapet
Source: Bonapeti

2. Recipe from cookpad – This salad recipe uses chicken fillet and canned beans. The dressing is rich, which adds flavor to the salad.

Картофельный салат по-румынски: Рецепт от cookpad
Source: Cookpad

6. Marrocan-style potato salad

A large number of ingredients and condiments are used in the Marrocan-style potato salad. It is common to add olives to the ingredients.

For dressing use – olive oil, lemon juice and lemon zest, peppers and aromatic spices, as well as some hot pepper.

If you add canned red beans, fennel, capers, tarragon and an egg to the recipe, you get a Mediterranean potato salad.

Recipe options:

1.Recipe from justapinch – Two types of potatoes, raisins, and onions are used in making this salad. The variety of spicy herbs in the dressing creates a unique flavor in this salad.

Картофельный салат по-маррокански. Рецепт от justapinch
Source: Justapinch

2. Recipe by Cookclassy – This Marrocan salad has a natural sweetness from the potatoes combined with a bright, tangy citrus dressing. The dressing has a mix of spices and is enhanced with lots of fresh herbs for even stronger flavor.

Картофельный салат по-маррокански. Рецепт от cookingclassy
Source: Cookingclassy

3. Recipe by janeunchained – An exotic, flavorful dish. This recipe has a huge amount of ingredients, both basic and for making the dressing. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to make at all. Easy, tasty and dietary salad.

Картофельный салат по-маррокански. Рецепт от janeunchaine
Source: Janeunchained

Potato Salad Cooking Technique

  1. Wash the potatoes well and boil them in their skins until tender.
  2. Vegetables completely cool and peel.
  3. Cut the tubers into large pieces.
  4. Boil hard boiled chicken eggs, cool them and peel them.
  5. Cut the hard-boiled eggs into thin slices.
  6. Red onion peel off the husk, cut into quarter rings.
  7. Dice the bell peppers (use different colored peppers).
  8. Combine all salad ingredients: cooked potatoes, eggs, red onions and bell peppers.
  9. Season with salt and ground black pepper to taste.
  10. Prepare the salad dressing:
  11. In a separate bowl, combine the finely chopped celery stalks and pickled gherkins as much as possible.
  12. Add low-fat mayonnaise (you can replace it with sour cream) and mustard with grains.
  13. Stir the dressing until smooth.
  14. Combine the dressing with the potatoes, eggs and vegetables, mixing all ingredients gently.
  15. Place the salad in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours to infuse.
  16. Take the potato salad out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before serving. The longer the salad infuses in the refrigerator, the tastier it becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is potato salad useful?
  • Salads based on boiled potatoes have beneficial effects on the digestive system.Potato salads are rich in potassium. It nourishes the heart and skeletal muscles. Potatoes are good for people with heart problems. Such dishes are also useful as a diuretic.

  • Can potato salad be frozen?
  • Yes. Potato salad can be frozen, but it can lose its consistency after defrosting. It can become soggy and soft when defrosted. If the salad is cooked with oil or vinegar, the oil may look cloudy. But it will become clear after stirring and when it has stood at room temperature. If the salad has eggs, tartar sauce and mayonnaise, there is a chance of bacterial growth if it is kept at room temperature. It is best to consume the salad after it has been cut.

  • Why is potato salad runny?
  • The reason for this consistency can be due to the cheesecake dressing in the salad. If the technique of defrosting the dish is not properly followed, after freezing. When using some ingredients for varieties of salad that release a lot of juice.

  • Can I reheat potato salad?
  • The salad is best served cold. You can reheat it, but it will change its taste, and not for the better.

    Can I make potato salad with instant mashed potatoes?

    No, mashed potatoes are not suitable for making potato salad. Only boiled and jacket potatoes are used in making this salad. All the ingredients must be cut into pieces, which gives the special features of this dish.

    Can I use potato salad during pregnancy?

    Of course you can, even it is necessary. After all, how many useful trace elements and vitamins potatoes contain in their composition. And in addition with other ingredients – this norm increases. The salad is nutritious and tasty.

    How many calories in potato salad?

    The caloric value of the dish depends on the ingredients. One boiled potato contains about 140 kcal. The caloric value of potatoes depends on how they are cooked. Boiled in the jacket is less caloric than fried or mashed. Young potatoes are considered dietary, and those that have lingered until spring are very nutritious.

    How can I tell if a potato salad is spoiled?

    If potato salad has an unpleasant smell, taste or appearance or appears moldy, it should be thrown away. A salad will go bad if it is left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

    What is a Spanish-style potato salad?

    In the version of the Spanish potato salad – potatoes are cut into 1 cm thick circles. And the dressing is prepared on the basis of honey, vinegar and saffron. After boiling these ingredients, add garlic and mayonnaise to the mixture. Tomatoes are used in the salad.

    What kind of potato salad is sweet?

    The sweet flavor of the salad comes from the sweet variety of potatoes. Also, the sweet and delicate flavor can come from the use of yogurt as part of the dressing.

    What’s a gluten-free potato salad?

    To get a gluten-free potato salad, use calamari, chicken fillets, capers, mushrooms, etc. Use foods that are gluten-free.

    Is potato salad harmful?

    Potatoes that are green or rotten can be harmful to humans. Excessive consumption of potato salad can lead to an increase in a person’s body weight.

    Why is potato salad cold?

    After cutting the potato salad should be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that it is better soaked and acquired an incredible taste. Serve such a salad, preferably in cold form. It should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

    Potato salad without mayonnaise is possible?

    Yes. As a dressing you can use mustard, vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, yogurt, sour cream. But the classic version of the recipe uses mayonnaise.

    Can I fry potatoes for potato salad?

    No. In potato salad recipes and variations, use boiled jacket potatoes or just boiled peeled potatoes.

    Ideas for Some More Variations of Potato Salad Recipes

    1.Jamie Oliver’s bacon potato salad

    #1 Jamie Oliver's bacon potato salad
    Source: Bayevskitchen

    Not a classic recipe for making potato salad. But, an equally delicious and easy-to-make kind of this salad. The young potatoes with the dressing turn out very tender and juicy. You can replace the yogurt in the dressing with sour cream or mayonnaise.

    2. American potato salad

    A traditional American potato salad. Quick, light and filling. You can serve it as a separate dish or as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

    3. Potato salad with beans

    #3  Potato salad with beans
    Source: Kulray

    Original recipe for potato salad with green beans, potatoes, eggs and bacon. You can add lemon juice or soy sauce to the dressing. The flavors of the salad will be even brighter.

    4. Potato salad with seafood

    #4 Potato salad with seafood
    Source: Gotovim

    An instant salad to make. You can use your favorite seafood as part of the mix. For dressing add a few drops of balsamic vinegar – will perfectly complement the taste of seafood. The salad is suitable for a dietary menu.

    5. Purple potato salad

    #5 Purple potato salad
    Source: Vkusninka

    This salad recipe combines two types of potatoes: young and purple. Beautiful appearance and harmonious combination of all the ingredients. You can not add mint to the salad, but its freshness will give a special flavor to this dish.

    6. Camargue potato salad

    #6 Camargue potato salad
    Source: Marmiton

    Potato salad with canned tuna. Light, dietary and very nutritious. Put the salad in the refrigerator for an hour or overnight for more flavor. Serve chilled.

    7. German potato and radish salad

    #7 German potato and radish salad
    Source: Silverina1

    Minimum time to prepare this salad and maximum flavor. Unusual spicy dressing in this dish, will please the most sophisticated culinary expert. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, yogurt, pepper, sugar and cucumber brine and enjoy a variety of flavors.

    8. Potato salad with garlic

    #8 Potato salad with garlic
    Source: Wowfood

    Basically – this salad consists of almost two ingredients: potatoes and garlic. To embellish the appearance and taste of this salad – use wine vinegar, herbs and spices. You can apply soy sauce instead of wine vinegar.

    9. Beaumont ranch potato salad

    #9 Beaumont ranch potato salad
    Source: Allrecipes

    A version of the classic French garlic and potato salad. Suitable for a picnic outdoors or at the cottage. Quick, tasty and nutritious. You can serve this salad with grilled or barbecued meat.

    10. Asparagus potato salad

    #10 Asparagus potato salad
    Source: Zveruska

    Asparagus salad with sour cream sauce. The vivid and colorful, unusual look of this salad is given by the purple variety of potatoes. Lemon zest blends seamlessly into this dish, adding notes of freshness.

    11. Simple potato salad with carrot, egg and cucumber

    #11 Simple potato salad with carrot, egg and cucumber
    Source: Foodtempel

    This Korean potato salad goes great with mashed potatoes. The egg yolk makes the finished dish look light and very appetizing. The potato salad goes well with roast meat.

    12. Warm potato and tuna salad with pesto sauce

    #12 Warm potato and tuna salad with pesto sauce
    Source: Bbcgoodfood

    A quick, easy salad. Canned tuna will add juiciness to this salad. And the pesto sauce will add to the flavor extravaganza. Your guests will love this dish.

    13. Salmon, fennel and potato salad with sour cream dressing

    #13 Salmon, fennel and potato salad with sour cream dressing
    Source: Myrecipes

    Mix sour cream with mayonnaise, fennel leaves, garlic and lemon juice for a tangy dressing for this hearty salmon salad. Delicious and flavorful salad. Garnish your holiday table and diversify your everyday menu.

    14. Avocado and potato salad

    #14 Avocado and potato salad
    Source: Taste

    Give an interesting twist to potato salad with fresh avocado, lime and dill. The flavor of the dill and the sourness of the lime perfectly infuses the flavors of the potatoes. This kind of salad is great for a diet menu.

    15. Steak and potato salad

    #15 Steak and potato salad
    Source: Foodnetwork

    The perfect combination of potatoes and meat. Nutritious, filling and incredibly delicious. You can make the steak from pork, veal or your favorite kind of meat. A terrific family dinner.

    16. Potato salad with smoked herring

    #16 Potato salad with smoked herring
    Source: Recipescookin

    A traditional French salad with a unique flavor and very appetizing appearance. It’s quick, cheap and no fuss. Very tasty. The smoked herring should be moderately salty, but not too salty.

    17. Turkish potato salad

    A simple warm potato salad with eggs and red onions. The dressing is olive oil and lemon. The salad is great for a family dinner.

    18. Quick Mediterranean potato salad

    A quick salad. Won’t stay on the table long. Filled with incredible flavors – olives, capers, feta, red onions, olive oil and lots of herbs.

    19. Greek potato salad

    A warm, tangy and very satisfying Greek potato salad. Filled with lemon sweetness and very easy to make. A simple potato dish – best served warm or at room temperature, would make a great side dish or picnic dish. Lemon will accent the starchy potatoes beautifully with a delightful bright accent.

    20. Potato salad with sausage and swiss cheese

    #20  Potato salad with sausage and swiss cheese
    Source: Wowfood

    A hearty and nutritious version of potato salad. You can use it as a stand-alone dish. Sausages go well with potatoes and cheese. Add lots of herbs for even more flavor.

    21. Potato salad with pesto

    #21 Potato salad with pesto
    Source: Saveur

    A simple and bright potato salad. Serve warm or cold along with roast meat or seafood. Mint leaves and hazelnuts add flavor and extraordinary flavor.

    22. Potato salad with ranch dressing

    A creamy potato salad. It’s loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese and seasoning. You’ll be pleased with the unusual combination of flavors. A perfect snack for a picnic outdoors.

    23. Potato salad with quail eggs

    #23 Potato salad with quail eggs
    Source: Anke-anke

    A dietary, vegetarian dish. It looks like a green glade at first glance. Lots of greens, a nice and tasty combination of potatoes, greens and eggs. The healthful level of this salad is at a maximum.

    24. Potato salad with lemon and rosemary

    This potato salad with lemon and rosemary is quick to make. Perfect for picnics, parties and lunches. It’s also good the next day, dressed with an omelet, quesadilla or salad.

    25. Schwarzwald potato salad

    #25 Schwarzwald potato salad
    Source: 1000.menu

    An interesting combination of sauerkraut and smoked sausage. Spicy dressing with cabbage brine and spices. A slight sourness in flavor and freshness at the same time, will please you.

    26. Potato salad

    #26 Potato salad
    Source: Ideireceptov

    This potato salad with impeccable taste can be prepared in a few minutes and use only three ingredients. Pickled mushrooms perfectly complement the flavor palette of the potatoes. And the greens add vitamins to this dish.

    27. Arugula, potato and green bean salad with creamy walnut dressing

    #27 Arugula, potato and green bean salad with creamy walnut dressing
    Source: Marthastewart

    The pleasant crunch of the walnuts gives the salad an extra kick. The nuts have a natural resemblance to arugula, spinach. And the creamy walnut dressing perfectly accentuates the flavor of all the ingredients. You can use this dressing when making other salads.

    28. Potato salad with Korean carrots

    #28  Potato salad with Korean carrots
    Source: Recipescookin

    Extraordinarily tasty salad. For all its simplicity, will not leave you indifferent. Potato salad with Korean carrots is easy to prepare and can replace a full dinner. Affordable, hearty and very flavorful.

    29. Potato salad with stuffed potatoes and feta

    #29 Potato salad with stuffed potatoes and feta
    Source: Delish

    This is a Greek-style dish without mayonnaise. The salad is dietary and nutritious. Instead of a meat topping, minced meat fits perfectly in this salad. Nourishing and tasty. The feta adds a delicate flavor to this salad.

    30. Mediterranean style mustard potato salad

    This mustard potato salad takes on a Mediterranean look with a bright dressing and the addition of fresh herbs and capers. Rich in flavor, egg-free and less calorie-dense. A great option for a light dinner.