44 Turnip Dishes. What to Make, with what to Serve

Not many people know how to cook turnips properly. But because of the rapidly growing interest in this vegetable, we have to make out, gain knowledge and practical skills in order to make dishes tasty and nutritious.

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. Turnip dishes have always held a prominent place in traditional Russian cuisine. You only need to go back to the roots, and adapt the classic recipes to modern moods.

Turnip Salads and Appetizers

1. Raw turnip salad

This salad recipe is a good example of how turnips are combined with other vegetables. Grate it, add carrots, parsley, pumpkin seeds, and dress it with olive or unrefined oil. Enjoy!

2. Turnip and pineapple salad

#2 Turnip and pineapple salad
Source: Allrecipes

Can and should be served on special, solemn occasions. The composition of the salad is very simple, however, pineapple gives the dish that very festive and bright taste. In addition to turnips and pineapple, the salad contains green onions, vegetable oil and black pepper.

3. Salad with turnips, apple and ham

#3 Salad with turnips, apple and ham
Source: Delishably

Raw turnip should be peeled from the skin, grate on a coarse grater, put on a plate. On top put boiled carrots, green apple, red onion, and ham. You can also put some bacon or cured pork chop. Drizzle with homemade apple cider vinegar. We wait ten minutes till the salad is well saturated. Enjoy our dish.

4. Salad with white turnips and herbs

#4 Salad with white turnips and herbs
Source: Foodnetwork

All you need is to cut the turnip into large slices, garnish with herbs (cilantro, parsley, arugula dill – that’s it). Dress with apple or wine vinegar. The appetizing and vitamin-rich salad is ready.

5. Salad with turnips and bacon

An interesting mix of products that was invented in the United States. This kind of salad is served at Christmas and other winter holidays. Who would have thought that turnips are perfectly combined with fried bacon, celery and Greek yogurt? But, it’s true. If you still don’t believe it, I suggest you check empirically.

6. Turnip and quinoa salad

#6 Turnip and quinoa salad
Source: Naturallyella

The perfect salad for a warm, winter evening with the family. The flavors of the dish combined with turnips, quinoa, sesame seeds, honey, and olive oil are unforgettable! See for yourself.

7. A salad with turnips and pistachios

#7 A salad with turnips and pistachios
Source: Yummly

You do not need much time to prepare this dish. You just have to mix everything together: turnips, slices, shallots, pistachios, feta cheese and black pepper. Dress with lemon juice. It is very tasty and nutritious.

8. Turnip and egg salad

Replace potatoes with turnips and you’ll discover completely different, previously unexplored gastronomic combinations. For example, such as this salad of turnips, boiled eggs, onions and fragrant greens dressed with mayonnaise.

9. Asian turnip salad

#9 Asian turnip salad
Source: Waitrose

An interesting interpretation of the classic turnip salad. This kind of Asian mix of ingredients will definitely please your taste buds. It’s simple: mix red pepper, onion, fresh ginger root, turnip, finely chopped garlic with lime slices.

10. Salad with turnips, walnuts and beets

#10 Salad with turnips, walnuts and beets
Source: Lifehacker

There are two variants of this salad: with raw turnips and boiled. If you are short on time, don’t bother, but just mix all the ingredients: beets, nuts (cashews, almonds or walnuts), garlic, lettuce and a generous splash of balsamic vinegar.

11. Fried turnip with onion and greens

#11 Fried turnip with onion and greens
Source: Edimdoma

A quick dish. Roast turnips in sunflower oil with parsley and onions. Eat along with meat and fish dishes, roasted vegetables, or alone.

12. Vegetable snack with turnips and cottage cheese

#12 Vegetable snack with turnips and cottage cheese
Source: Eda

A spicy, slightly sweet snack, which goes perfectly with white wine, champagne, or grog. Your evening promises to be unforgettable if you follow the recipe precisely.

13. Pickled turnips

#13 Pickled turnips
Source: Povar

If you are a real fan of homemade snacks, I suggest you try this simple recipe. Rich taste, bright, beautiful color, fragrant marinade. An A-plus appetizer at all kinds of feasts and parties.

Turnip Soups

14. Turnip cream soup

#14 Turnip cream soup
Source: Eatingwell

In this magical recipe, humble turnips are transformed into a real work of gastronomic art. The delicate texture of the greens and the creamy flavor of turnips will give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience.

15. Turnip soup with curry and carrots

#15 Turnip soup with curry and carrots
Source: Thespruceeats

A good choice in chilly, cold weather. This soup will instantly warm you up and satisfy your hunger. If you’re partial to spicy foods, add red pepper flakes in addition to curry paste.

16. Turnip bacon soup
Season the turnip slices with your favorite spices in advance. Cut the bacon into slices and deep fry. Cook soup over low heat and serve hot. A great way to warm up in the winter weather.

17. Spring turnip and chickpea soup with croutons

#17 Spring turnip and chickpea soup with croutons
Source: Yummly

Chickpeas are preserved, turnips are crumbled into small cubes. If desired, add leeks and olive oil. The soup is lean and light, it is an ideal option for a spring lunch.

18. Mushroom soup with turnips

#18 Mushroom soup with turnips
Source: Resepty

The best substitute for the caloric potatoes is turnips. We make a regular, vegetable broth, add porcini mushrooms. Such soup can be served in Lent, or on normal days. Very flavorful and appetizing dish.

19. Soup with turnips and beef

#19 Soup with turnips and beef
Source: Ipravilno

It’s no secret that turnips are much healthier than potatoes, and in terms of taste after cooking is not inferior to it. Add juicy, young beef to the soup, and this vegetable will play with completely different colors.

Turnip Cakes

20. Meat pie Frey from Game of Thrones

Make your own Game of Thrones meat pie. The perfect winter combination of ingredients: turnip, parsnip, pork, bacon, onions, carrots, mushrooms or chanterelles. This mind-blowing pie will make your guests ecstatic!

21. Chinese turnip pie

#21 Chinese turnip pie
Source: Epicurious

This delightful and savory pie is served on Chinese New Year as a symbol of prosperity and increased wealth. The trick is to make the turnips as thin as possible. In this way, the dessert acquires a soft and pleasant texture.

22. Roasted turnip pie with vegetables

#22 Roasted turnip pie with vegetables
Source: Food.ndtv

A great baking option for those who are always in a hurry. You can make turnip pie even after work. The dish is hearty and dense due to the roasted vegetables.

Turnip Desserts

23. Turnip cake

#23 Turnip cake
Source: Food

An unusual but very tasty and memorable dessert. Your guests will never guess what the cake consists of. Sprinkle with walnuts or flaked almonds. Serve exclusively for the holidays.

24. Caramelized turnips

#24 Caramelized turnips
Source: Bettycrocker

Enjoy caramelized turnips cooked in a pan, adding them to all sorts of sweet dishes and desserts: as a topping for pancakes or cheesecakes, in a bite with black ginger tea, to decorate oatmeal cookies or apple pie.

25. Apple dessert with turnips

#25 Apple dessert with turnips
Source: Kissglutengoodbye

You may not find this dish appetizing at first glance, but it tastes…you only have to try it once to fall in love with this dessert forever! It’s a good option for long, cozy tea parties with your nearest and dearest.

26. Spicy turnip cake

#26 Spicy turnip cake
Source: Lucyhyland

Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are natural, sweet spices that turnip spice pie can’t do without. You can adjust the sweetness with honey. Serve hot, along with a cup of aromatic coffee.

27. Turnips baked with honey and orange juice

#27 Turnips baked with honey and orange juice
Source: Vashvkus

If you want something delicious and unusual, baked turnip with honey and orange juice will come to the rescue. On its own it doesn’t have a pronounced flavor, but that’s okay. Honey and orange will make the dessert sweet and unique.

28. Steamed turnips with apples and raisins

Really, what could be easier than a steamed turnip? It’s easy to make, very tasty and definitely healthy. Most importantly: add a lot of stuffing, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon.

Main Dishes of Turnip

29. Tender duck legs with young turnips

#29 Tender duck legs with young turnips
Source: Bbcgoodfood

An original mix of unique flavors: tender duck legs with sweet, young turnips. This dish is perfectly suitable for all kinds of holidays and celebrations.

30. Turnip with bacon and pineapple

#30 Turnip  with bacon and pineapple
Source: Cookinglight

A dish that will change the way you think about turnips. A bright mix of pineapple, fried bacon, herbs, young turnips and string beans – a real feast for the eyes and stomach.

31. Beef stew with turnips

Young turnips have a delicate and sweet flavor. It pairs well with juicy beef. Add lots of flavorful spices: cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. You may think they are unnecessary but they are not. Just try it and see for yourself!

32. Chinese beef with turnip

#32 Chinese beef with turnip
Source: Thewoksoflife

Chinese Beef Stew is a traditional dish and it has everything you need: a good-sized chunk of beef, turnips and spicy spices. If, for some reason, you can’t find the right spices, just replace them with a sweet and sour sauce (you can use a store-bought one, you don’t have to bother with homemade ones at all).

33. Turnip cutlets

#33 Turnip cutlets
Source: Chefmarket

A recipe that is simply adored by cooks around the world. Do not use old turnips if you want your cutlets to be soft and fluffy; they can be bitter and hard to chew. Roll the turnip in breadcrumbs and fry in a well heated pan.

34. Fillet of turkey and turnip

#34 Fillet of turkey and turnip
Source: 1000.menu

A healthy dinner for the whole family with diet meats and turnips. Steamed vegetables baked with turkey filet can rightly be considered a low-calorie and healthy main dish. Not only adults, but even children will love it!

35. Potato casserole with wild mushrooms and turnips

#35 Potato casserole with wild mushrooms and turnips
Source: Mariokomi

This dish has a creamy taste. The casserole has plenty of components, so plan your purchases carefully in advance: mushrooms, turnips, dry wine, tarragon and parsley, potatoes, baby spinach and cream cheese.

36. Turnip drenniki

#36 Turnip drenniki
Source: Iamcook

Are just as popular as potato dumplings. On the inside they are soft and tender, while the outside is very crispy with a golden crust. They look very appetizing! To make the doughnuts even tastier, smear them with cream cheese.

37. Steamed chicken with turnips

#37 Steamed chicken with turnips
Source: Gotovim

When you don’t have any ideas for a festive and original menu, just cook chicken with turnips. The dish has a pronounced taste (you bet, because it includes lard and chicken). We choose turnips young, separately from all other vegetables, and fry them in butter. It turns out amazing!

38. Orecchiette with turnip tops

#38 Orecchiette with turnip tops
Source:  Gastronom

This is a restaurant dish that you can easily make in your kitchen without any special cooking skills. Peel the turnip tops and boil them. Roast together with garlic, herbs and chopped anchovy fillets. Leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes. Pretty specific, but very memorable and original in taste.

Turnip Garnishes

39. Radish and turnip in a honey glaze

Just a magical side dish for fatty and hearty meat dishes. It combines especially well with poultry. Radishes and turnips in a honey glaze, sprinkled with fresh mint and garlic will be a bright addition to the main dishes.

40. Turnip puree

#40 Turnip puree
Source: Allrecipes

Looking for a low-carb replacement for mashed potatoes? Then you should definitely try this side dish! Since turnips contain a fair amount of water, the dish may come out a little watery. To avoid this, add milk and butter. This will make the mashed potatoes even tastier.

41. Indian turnip curry

Don’t be intimidated by the name of the dish as it is not difficult to prepare. It goes well with basmati rice, yams, young potatoes, and lentils. When cooking turnip curry, do not spare the zira, turmeric and thyme.

42. Turnips with parmesan

Turnips with Parmesan crust – a gourmet side dish that will look advantageous and interesting on the holiday table. Everyone will be able to cope with its preparation.

43. Stewed turnip with greens

#43 Stewed turnip with greens
Source: Cookinglight

A nice, lean side dish, its recipe comes from the United States. Locals serve stewed turnips with herbs as a separate dish, however, there are exceptions. For example, as a spread on bread.

44. Roasted turnips with greens in oil

#44 Roasted turnips with greens in oil
Source: Goop

A universal side dish, in which the greens are happily replaced by fresh or stewed cabbage. It is best eaten hot, but can also be slightly chilled. Add plenty of butter and you will never stop making turnip dishes.

44 Turnip Recipes Ideas