Cooking Patissons. 30 Best Recipes for Weekdays and Holidays

For some reason, many people still confuse zucchinis with doughnuts. But there really is a difference between them.

First of all, they have different shapes. “Patisson” in French translates as “pie”, zucchini is elongated and oblong in shape. In terms of its structure, the patisson is more porous and tastes dry, the zucchini, on the contrary, is watery and delicate.
The two vegetables taste almost the same. Except that the patisson must be cooked before eating, zucchini can be eaten raw or even drunk as a juice.

The patissons can be pickled, stewed, boiled and fried, but this will require a little more time than in the case of zucchini.

The main thing is to strictly follow the recipe and, at the same time, introduce your own special features in new dishes.

Salads and Appetizers with Patissons

1. Salad with casseroles and potatoes

#1 Salad with casseroles and potatoes
Source: Eda

An excellent winter salad, very hearty and appetizing. It contains ingredients such as: canned green peas, boiled potatoes, pattissons, chicken eggs, green onions, homemade mayonnaise and parsley. It’s an easy substitute for a full main course, so you can take it to work with you or give it to your kids at school for lunch.

2. A classic patisson salad

#2 A classic patisson salad
Source: Povar

It feels exactly like a potato salad in terms of satiety. But the composition is significantly different: pattissons, Korean-style carrots, bell peppers, garlic, onions, black pepper, and herbs. You can serve immediately, or half an hour later. The salad gets pretty darn good when it’s infused.

3. Canned patisson salad

#3 Canned patisson salad
Source: Lechovbanke

Its second name is “winter salad.” The beauty of this salad is that it goes perfectly with fried potatoes, boiled hard pasta, all kinds of porridges and even dumplings! Add black pepper, sweet paprika, horseradish, chili, or jalapeño peppers for extra spice. Be careful not to overdo it!

4. Fish salad with pickled patissons

#4 Fish salad with pickled patissons
Source: Cookpad

We are going to talk about canned fish. My choices are salmon, mackerel or sardine. Mix boiled potatoes, pickled casseroles, fish, onions and garlic. Fill generously with mayonnaise (if you’re on a diet, I advise you to replace the mayonnaise with low-fat sour cream), sprinkle with dill and green onions and serve. No worse than the main fish dish.

5. Patissons caviar

#5  Patissons caviar
Source: Salatyday

Use this type of canning as an independent dish, or as an addition to the main: roasts, buckwheat, stewed vegetables, meat. Remotely reminiscent of canned salad of casseroles, but it has a completely different consistency. The caviar can and should be spread on bread, or used as a filling for pita bread.

6. Cheese snack made of patissons

#6. Cheese snack made of patissons
Source: Alimero

The level of difficulty of cooking the dish: very, very easy. Cooking time is about 10-15 minutes. Patissons are fried in egg breading, or in sesame batter, exclusively on low heat. This way the sunny vegetable will not get stale and burn. At the end, sprinkle generously with your favorite cheese. Parmesan, gouda or gruyere would be ideal. It tastes great in words!

7. Vegetable salad with vegetable patissons

#7 Vegetable salad with vegetable patissons
Source: Loveandlemons

This bright and fresh salad is traditionally served for All Saints’ Day in the United States. Although Americans aren’t particularly fond of the sunny vegetable, it’s the one that’s stuck on their festive, fall menu. Stir in the patisson, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, small balls of mozzarella, toasted pine nuts and basil leaves. Dress with olive oil. It tastes pretty good!

8. Salad with patissons and tomatoes

#8 Salad with patissons and tomatoes
Source: Food

A good idea for a snack at the office. Plus it’s low in calories. You will definitely like the combination of young pattissons, yellow tomatoes, fresh basil, tarragon, cold-pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This salad will come in handy not only on weekdays, but also on holidays.

Pastries with Patissons

9. Patisson bun

#9 Patisson bun
Source: Passion

An original recipe for an autumn bake. The most important thing: to stew well the casseroles, so that they acquire a soft and tender texture, otherwise – the dish will be spoiled. Choose the filling according to your taste. The most common ones are: pattissons with egg and pattissons with fresh herbs and liver.

10. Pancakes made of patissons with greens

#10  Pancakes made of patissons with greens
Source: Tveda

In a blender, whip all the ingredients until a homogeneous mass. Pour accurately, with a tablespoon, on a well heated frying pan. It is a worthy alternative to sweet and unleavened pancakes. Combines well with cheese. Garnish with black sesame seeds and fresh herbs. Eat it in a snack with sour cream or homemade yogurt.

11. Vegetable patissons cake

#11  Vegetable patissons cake
Source: Edimdoma

The output is a voluminous, flaky cake. Incredibly appetizing and juicy. Even though the cake contains no meat at all, it will be able to subdue your appetite, even if you have not eaten anything since the morning. The main thing is to add a lot of cream cheese and pâtissons dipped in spices.

Desserts with Patissons

12. Honey stuffed patissons

#12 Honey stuffed patissons
Source: Amamam

Who would have thought that casseroles make great desserts. But they are. What you need to make this treat: round rice, May honey, sour cream and hard cheese. Try making it and surprise everyone.

13. Patisson brownies

#13 Patisson brownies
Source: Hangryfork

No one will even guess your secret ingredient, because it tastes absolutely indistinguishable from the original! Patissons are added for one purpose only: to make the dish more tender and soft. When making the dessert, do not spare the milk chocolate. For the sake of testing, you can replace the milk chocolate with white chocolate.

Soups with Patisson

14. Potato soup with patissons

#14 Potato soup with patissons
Source: Maggi

A light and flavorful potato soup will appeal to anyone who is tired of traditional soup recipes, as well as to vegetarians, since no meat broth was found as part of this dish. You can make it at any time, because you will definitely find such simple ingredients in your fridge: cabbage, potatoes, yellow casseroles, onions and carrots.

15. Mashed potato pateyote soup with olives

#15 Mashed potato pateyote soup with olives
Source: Webspoon

A nice, low-calorie dish. If you decorate it with white sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, you can serve it at the festive table. Preparing and preparing all the components of the dish will not take you much time. The only thing you need to think about in advance is to marinate the pattissons.

16. Soup with beans and casseroles

#16  Soup with beans and casseroles
Source: Alimero

A really easy autumn soup. Prepared exclusively from roasted vegetables, or grilled vegetables. It is much more delicious than raw, boring lean vegetables. Cooking time is half an hour, in case the vegetables are prepared in advance. We put a lot of beans and bell peppers. Let’s eat!

17. Guatemalan soup

#17 Guatemalan soup
Source: Koolinar

Although the soup contains beef, you can enjoy it to the full, even if you are on a strict diet. The beef should be lean and boneless, and all unnecessary veins should be removed. You should cook it till the meat is completely detached from the bone. Chop carrots, potatoes and pattissons coarsely, chop coriander finely. Let it rest for a couple of minutes. Enjoy!

Main Dishes with Patissons

18. Buckwheat soba noodles with pattiss-potatoes and vegetables

#18 Buckwheat soba noodles with pattiss-potatoes and vegetables

An interesting interpretation of Asian noodles. In the classic version, cooks limit themselves to vegetables and pork tenderloin. Patissons in this dish give their own, unique flavor. Also, green beans, broccoli and eggplant are good for stuffing. It is garnished with white sesame seeds and grated ginger.

19. Stuffed patissons

#19 Stuffed  patissons
Source: Naskoruyuruku

These look very spectacular and festive. They look very nice at the festive table. To make this dish more appealing you should choose yellowish, even orangeish ones. Put a lot of meat. Usually they stuff pork or beef; for those who like mutton, you should use it. After cooking – leave it to infuse, so that the taste of the pots opens up to the full. Done!

20. Chicken breast with patissons in the multicooker

#20 Chicken breast with pâtissons in the multicooker
Source: Iamcook

Will not take a lot of time. Chicken breast with pattissons is a dietary dish, however, for the best flavor add cream 10%. They will greatly diversify the dish. If you still do not watch out for the diet – pre-fry the chicken with onions and herbs.

21. Couscous with roasted vegetables

#21  Couscous with roasted vegetables
Source: Edimdoma

Julia Vysotskaya’s recipe. The author strongly advises adding more fresh thyme and rosemary, but if you do not have spices on hand, replace it with dried Italian herbs. The food is best eaten with freshly baked wheat bread or Georgian pita bread.

22. Vegetable stew of patissons

#22 Vegetable stew of patissons
Source: Povarenok

A crowning summer dish. But even though summer is over, make a vegetable stew as a warm memory of it. If you are an avid meat-eater, I hasten to make you happy: vegetable stew is the perfect side dish to any meat. Try it paired with tapaca chicken, bacon, or chicken wings. You’re sure to be satisfied!

23. Wild rice with vegetables and patissons

#23 Wild rice with vegetables and patissons
Source: Countryliving

This vegetarian wild rice recipe is great because it can be supplemented with any ingredients, naturally without leaving out the yellow pâtissons. Wild rice is famous for its health benefits (it contains much more protein and fiber than white rice), and its pleasant, unforgettable flavor. And it also just tastes inimitable with the pâtissons!

24. Zucchini stuffed with pâtissoni and chorizo slices

#24 Zucchini stuffed with pâtissoni and chorizo slices
Source: Allrecipes

Spicy and tangy chorizo is a great addition to a vegetable stuffing for eggplant. Bake the vegetables for half an hour, boil the patisson beforehand. It is important to wait until the chorizo gives its juices to the pâtissoni, carrots and onions. Use your imagination when decorating the dish. Incredibly delicious and aesthetically pleasing will be in combination with capers and sun-dried tomatoes.

Garnishes with Patissons

25. Orzotto with patissons and beans

#25 Orzotto with patissons and beans
Source: Russianfood

And don’t let the name puzzle you. Orzotto is a grits with paprika and black beans. This original name was given to the dish in Russia, the composition and structure is reminiscent of the Italian risotto. It is made of pearl porridge, paprika, red bell peppers, green peas, black beans, onions and turmeric. It tastes just as good as risotto!

26. Roasted patisson and tomatoes

#26  Roasted patisson and tomatoes
Source: Koolinar

The perfect side dish for a quick meal after a hard day at work. Firstly, it will not take up your precious time, and secondly, the dish will delight you with its flavors and rich vegetable flavor. A suitable side dish for fish and meat dishes. If you are a vegetarian, eat roasted pattissons separately.

27. Puréed patissons

For those who dream of losing weight quickly and effectively, the good news: make mashed dolomites in the evenings. The dish has a special, interesting aftertaste. The texture is almost the same as we are accustomed to, potato, but it has many times fewer calories. If you add a little spice – oregano, turmeric, dried basil, the puree will be even tastier and more fragrant!

28. Patissons in sour cream and tomato sauce

#28 Patissons in sour cream and tomato sauce
Source: Patee

The result will surpass all expectations, especially if you complement the dish with dried tomatoes, cumin, coriander, granulated garlic and hot peppers. On its own the pâtisson does not have any pronounced taste, so the combination with sour cream and spices is an excellent way out of the situation. A perfect dish for the coldest weather.

29. Glazed vegetables in cream sauce

#29 Glazed vegetables in cream sauce
Source: Gastronom

One of the most beautiful and delicious side dishes to meat. However, remember, the magic will not happen if the vegetables turn out to be standard sized. In the dish go exclusively mini versions, such as: baby corn, similarly sized patissons, carrots, onions, potatoes, zucchini. Add a few drops of tabasco, and…watch out don’t gobble up the whole plate in one go!

30. Patissons with mushrooms and cheese in the oven

#30  Patissons with mushrooms and cheese in the oven
Source: Ipravilno

If you happen to have an unnecessary piece of cheese, here’s a good idea how to dispose of it quickly and efficiently. Grate it on a coarse grater along with carrots and onions. It is desirable to take white mushrooms, but you can replace them with chanterelles. Cut off the top of the pattisson, take out the inside of the vegetable, fill it with a delicious filling. Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy a warm autumn dinner!

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