What to Make with Chicken Liver? 33 Inspirational Ideas for Every Day

Its taste qualities often remain underestimated, and for good reason. Recipes for cooking liver are very, very diverse. They are excellent for both everyday and festive menus. However, the most popular is fried liver.

Fried liver with onions, in sour cream with mushrooms, with potatoes – there are a lot of variations, the main thing is to learn how to cook it properly.

Chicken liver is very useful for the body. For example, it greatly speeds up the metabolism, removes toxins, reduces stress levels, and this is not all its merits.

Yes, not everyone likes liver because of its flavor when frying and specific taste. Which begs the question: do you cook it properly?

So you don’t have to beat around the bush, check out the selection of recipes below.

Chicken Liver Salads and Appetizers

1. Warm chicken liver salad with balsamic vinegar

#1 Warm chicken liver salad with balsamic vinegar
Source: Yummly

Not everyone will be able to appreciate this salad on its own merits. And the thing is the specific combination of fried chicken liver, Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar. In no case do not let the meat cool down, only warm liver will be able to fill the salad with a magnificent and original flavor.

2. Salad with chicken liver and string beans

#2 Salad with chicken liver and string beans
Source: Bbcgoodfood

Also applies to warm salads. Mix fried chicken liver, onions, lettuce, beans, fresh rosemary, and chicory. Dress liberally with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve together with a crusty baguette. It tastes just magical!

3. Chicken liver and bacon salad

Meat lovers will be delighted! This elegant and appetizing salad will be ready within 30 minutes. Not too long to taste a true masterpiece. The combination of tender chicken liver and juicy bacon will forever be in your memory. Serve it for holidays, or other special occasions.

4. Chicken liver salad with homemade mayonnaise

#4 Chicken liver salad with homemade mayonnaise
Source: Scmp

Most likely, when you hear the word “salad”, you immediately associate it with something light and weightless, but this is the dish that breaks all stereotypes! You will be satiated with it much faster and more productively than with any other main course. It’s due to the combination of fried chicken liver, boiled duck eggs, baby potatoes, juicy pancetta, and thick homemade mayonnaise.

5. Spinach and chicken liver salad

#5 Spinach and chicken liver salad
Source: App.ckbk

Who knew that chicken liver is good friends with spinach? To make the dish less calorie-dense, you can boil the liver instead of frying it. Choose big spinach leaves, there should be really many of them. Dress the dish with balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Enjoy!

6. Chicken liver rumaki with bacon

#6 Chicken liver rumaki with bacon
Source: Thespruceeats

Rumaki is a traditional Asian appetizer made with pieces of meat or seafood wrapped in a ribbon of bacon. In this recipe, we wrap well-seasoned liver with onions and ginger. Eat it together with a thick soy sauce. The appetizer is good on its own or paired with a main course.

7. Crostini with chicken liver

#7 Crostini with chicken liver
Source: Foodandwine

In the classic version, instead of liver, you put sun-dried tomatoes with pesto, all sorts of salmon cheeses, jamon and cherry and more on crostini. The version of this recipe is good in its own way, because the mix of bacon, liver, onions, golden apples, butter and Provencal herbs has an incredible, slightly sweet taste and an intriguing, memorable smell.

8. Chicken liver roll with cheese

#8 Chicken liver roll with cheese
Source: Russianfood

This incredibly hearty chicken liver pâté made as a cheese-filled roll is the perfect appetizer for any holiday. The roll looks very appetizing and festive, and you just want to eat it before the event.

9. Chicken liver pate with spicy jam

#9 Chicken liver pate with spicy jam
Source: Gastronom

The combination of liver pate with spicy-sweet jam is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Cook the jam from strawberries, sea buckthorn, plums, red currants or gooseberries. Add all the necessary spices, in the name of perfect compatibility with chicken liver. The perfect holiday appetizer is ready.

10. Chicken liver nuggets

#10 Chicken liver nuggets
Source: Edibletimes

Chicken liver is an insanely nutritious and hearty product that makes great nuggets. We choose the sauce responsibly. Try the dish along with cranberry, creamy with green peppers, chimichurri, teriyaki, or red wine sauce. The more sauce options, the more interesting and memorable the appetizer will be.

11. Liver with pickles

#11 Liver with pickles
Source: Edimdoma

Ideal snack for strong alcohol, which is not inferior to sauerkraut or herring with onions. The recipe is so fast that you won’t even be surprised. Add canned cucumbers to the liver, which is stewed in sour cream and onions, wait a couple of minutes and serve.

Chicken Liver Pie

12. French chicken liver pie

#12 French chicken liver pie
Source: Cooked

This French chicken liver pie is very easy to make. It turns out incredibly appetizing, nourishing and healthy. You bet! So much vitamin B in one dish. To make the pie a little spicy, add the following herbs and spices: fresh parsley stalk, garlic, rosemary, black pepper.

13. Pie with tomatoes and chicken liver

#13 Pie with tomatoes and chicken liver
Source: Eatsmarter

Why not please yourself and your family with a delicious and lush chicken liver pie? A great pastry that will be relevant for both dinner and breakfast. Before you put the pie in the oven, mix the chicken liver with dried garlic, black pepper and sun-dried tomatoes. Also, don’t skimp on the cheese and add ripe tomatoes. Done!

14. Chicken liver muffins with chickpea flour

#14 Chicken liver muffins with chickpea flour
Source: 4-cooc.com

To increase the amount of protein in the dish, simply replace the wheat flour with chickpea flour. That way your muscles will get twice as many vitamins for growth. You can take muffins with you to work, and even to the gym!

15. Tender liver cake

#15 Tender liver cake
Source: Yabpoela

A truly dressy and festive dish that you wouldn’t be ashamed to put on the holiday table. Extraordinarily beautiful in the cut and just mind-blowing taste of the cake consists of: chicken liver, carrots and onions, chicken eggs, homemade mayonnaise, parsley and greens. Cooking time is only one hour.

16. Chicken liver and potato pie

#16 Chicken liver and potato pie
Source: Daily-menu

If you missed potatoes in previous recipes, please, here they are! Adding potatoes to the bake will give you an even deeper and richer flavor. You can treat yourself to such a wonderful pie, whether at home, in the office, or even outdoors, on a picnic.

Soups with Chicken Liver

17. Soup with chicken liver and cabbage

#17 Soup with chicken liver and cabbage
Source: Grouprecipes

An interesting interpretation of the classic vegetable soup. Replacing the usual chicken with liver, you get an unusual and very original meat soup. We put the standard vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, as well as some tomatoes, canned peas and homemade egg noodles.

18. Soup with tomatoes and chicken liver

A recipe born in Turkey. It comes out bright and tasty for taste and color. I suggest you soon check it out for yourself. And how could it be otherwise with the combination of juicy tomatoes, tender chicken liver, butter, onions and thyme?

19. Chinese chicken liver soup

To make this Asian masterpiece, you must think about the ingredients in advance and purchase rice shaoxing wine and sprouted peas. This is not a very popular dish and you are unlikely to come across it in the first Chinese restaurant you see. But it’s worth it! Cook it on your day off and surprise your loved ones.

Garnishes and Main Courses with Chicken Liver

20. Fried chicken liver in breadcrumbs

The process of cooking chicken liver is pretty simple: soak meat in milk or buttermilk for about 10 minutes, roll it in breadcrumbs and herbs – and immediately on the griddle, and even better in a deep fryer! The result is a delightful side dish that can be eaten as a meal and as a stand-alone dish.

21. Sautéed chicken liver with vegetables

#21  Sautéed chicken liver with vegetables
Source: Nyamkin

The main difference between sauté and roast is that in the first case, the products are fried a short amount of time and are not mixed together. In this recipe, both liver and vegetables are fried until barely noticeable crust, which gives them a more delicate texture.

22. Chicken liver with peri peri sauce

Chicken peri peri liver will especially appeal to those who like spicy food. Peri peri is a sauce that is made with bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil and freshly ground black pepper. The sauce will perfectly accentuate the creamy, milky flavor of the chicken liver.

23. Fried chicken liver with caramelized onions

Pay attention, the onions should be caramelized, not boiled! This is the only way it will give the liver the desired sweetness and texture. If you happen to have fresh herbs on hand – add them to the dish. They will gently open the flavor of fried chicken liver. Serve together with boiled potatoes or rice porridge. Dinner is served!

24. Pasta with chicken liver sauce

#24 Pasta with chicken liver sauce
Source: Food52

The sauce consists of just three ingredients: ground beef, salted prosciutto, and chicken liver. Tomato paste and white dry vermouth give juiciness and a faint sourness to the Italian dish. According to the classics, we sprinkle grated parmesan and lightly drizzle with olive oil. For the sake of beauty and photogenicity we garnish with finely chopped parsley or arugula.

25. Risotto with mushrooms and chicken liver
An original interpretation of the classic mushroom risotto. If you’re lucky enough to find cremini mushrooms, you’re in luck. However, many chefs claim they are absolutely no different from mushrooms. Be that as it may, we put more mushrooms and chicken liver in the risotto. You will never forget this fabulous flavor!

26. Dirty rice

We owe this magical recipe (which, by the way, is perfectly sanitary) to the people of Louisiana. Dirty rice was a favorite dish of all the working people. Why dirty? Because of chicken liver, which generously stained the grits a grayish brown color. In addition to liver, vegetables and ground pork were also added to the dish.

27. Chicken liver paté with cognac and pomegranate jelly

#27 Chicken liver pâté with cognac and pomegranate jelly
Source: Povar

Sounds original. It tastes the same! A slight sourness of pomegranate jelly effectively emphasizes the taste of the tender chicken liver pate. This dish is perfect for a holiday table, but you will have to cook it for about a minute. But it’s worth it, just try it!

28. Beef Stroganoff with beef liver

#28  Beef Stroganoff with beef liver
Source: 1000.menu

Very delicious and healthy dish for the whole family. Any sour cream will do, but the fattier the better. We cut the liver into medium slices, onion rings, stew for a short time, until the meat acquires a light earthy color. At the end sprinkle with fresh herbs and finely chopped garlic.

29. Chicken liver cutlets with semolina

#29 Chicken liver cutlets with semolina
Source: Iamcook

The dish will please even those who are not very fond of liver. Thanks to semolina, the cutlets according to this recipe turn out airy and tender with a rich liver flavor. The perfect side dish for them is a vegetable salad, buckwheat porridge or fried potatoes.

30. Liver under the coat

#30  Liver under the coat
Source: Recepty

All the ingredients are handled separately. First we fry the liver, then the onion. Grate carrots on a fine grater, mix with garlic. We put them in layers, cover them with a “coat” of cheese and put in the oven. Despite the small volume of the pot, the dish is very filling!

31. Liver waffles with vegetables and buckwheat flour

#31 Liver waffles with vegetables and buckwheat flour
Source: Gotovim

Cooking liver waffles does not take much time, you have time to make them even in the morning before work! There is one little trick, thanks to which the waffles will be crispy and hold their shape – it is the addition of buckwheat flour to the dough. The highlight of this dish is the rich buckwheat flavor of the liver waffles.

32. Varenyky with chicken liver

#32 Varenyky with chicken liver
Source: Eda

It is Ukrainian national cuisine that we owe to this magical dish. Varenyky with liver come out especially appetizing, and all because of the rich and flavorful mix of chicken liver, onion, dill and parsley. Eat the dish exclusively with sour cream.

33. Liver sausages with rice

#33  Liver sausages with rice
Source: Moirebenok

Turn out quite interesting due to the presence of white rice. That is, by cooking one dish, you automatically get the second dish at once. Liver sausages are perfectly combined with adjika, homemade mayonnaise, Dijon mustard or garlic sauce.

33 chicken liver recipes ideas