Bananas. Cooking 35 Simple and Appetizing Dishes

Bananas are one of the oldest tropical crops. It is so popular that it is exported all over the world.

I hasten to please you, banana dishes are not only fruit salads. They are also desserts, pastries, quick breakfasts, smoothies and cocktails.

I think everybody at least once faced the question: what can be made of bananas? There is nothing surprising, because sooner or later eating yellow sunny fruit in its fresh form gets terribly boring. Especially for such a situation, a selection of the most popular and simple dishes from bananas is collected.

Pastries and Desserts with Bananas

1. Hummingbird cake

#1 Hummingbird cake
Source: Taste

Enjoy a lighter and more delicate version of the legendary hummingbird cake. This wholesome dessert is made with whole wheat flour, oat flakes and bananas covered in a rich cream cheese frosting. Coconut shavings and whipped cream are good as toppings.

2. Banana bars

#2 Banana bars
Source: Wellplated

Your true friends and indispensable helpers in losing weight quickly and easily! At the same time, the bars are not only healthy, they are also incredibly appetizing. Consume the bars as a meal for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner instead of your main meal. Decorate with dark chocolate, nuts or candied fruits.

3. Southern-style banana pudding parfait

This creamy treat consists of layers of homemade vanilla pudding, sliced bananas and crunchy oatmeal with a dash of vanilla. Such a variety of flavors and their combination will drive you crazy! Serve the parfait on holidays, so you’ll accentuate the solemnity and uniqueness of the moment.

4. Banana cream pie
Silky vanilla cream combined with rounds of ripe bananas make for a memorable and noble cream pie taste. Preparing the dessert is not difficult at all, it is important to take care of the whipped cream beforehand by making it at home.

5. Chocolate covered bananas

#5 Chocolate covered bananas
Source: Acouplecooks

Milk or black – a matter of taste, the main thing is to take the most ripe and juicy bananas. It is best to consume such a dessert in the hot season, because practically an icy banana from the fridge in a chocolate coating, will cool you down in a moment.

6. Banana muffin

You will forever be won over by these wonderful muffins with the addition of a little cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. They are moderately fluffy and hearty. Eating two of these muffins will instantly make you forget about hunger and pressing problems.

7. Elvis pudding cake

What a load of nonsense, your first thought would be. However, the king of rock and roll wasn’t just good at singing romantic ballads. He also knew how to cook original and completely outlandish dishes. For example, pudding pie. What is it made of, and what is it eaten with? You won’t believe it, but the combination of peanut butter, banana and bacon is incredibly delicious!

8. Bananas in caramel sauce

#8 Bananas in caramel sauce
Source: Allrecipes

If desired, serve with coconut ice cream, it’s much more nutritious and interesting. To make the sauce, you just need to melt the butter in a pan, add sugar and heavy cream to it. Sprinkle the bananas with nut chips, or cinnamon.

9. Healthy oatmeal and banana cookies

#9 Healthy oatmeal and banana cookies
Source: Tipbuzz

These banana-oatmeal cookies are delicious! And as always, they consist of just a few ingredients. Perfect for a quick snack, or even a full, unhurried breakfast. Try these along with homemade milk – they’re incredible!

10. Old-fashioned vegan banana cake with cashew cream frosting

#10 Old-fashioned vegan banana cake with cashew cream frosting
Source: Purewow

I hope you had enough patience and read the name of the dish to the end. As for the content – it deserves separate attention. Such a great and unusual mix of all sorts of components of the dish will definitely be remembered forever. Especially for vegans and vegetarians.

11. Banana cheesecake

This simple banana cheesecake has a magical vanilla waffle crust that is pleasantly crunchy and melts in your mouth. Don’t be lazy to spend just an hour and a half making this stunning and unforgettable European dessert.

12. Banana coconut cream cake

#12 Banana coconut cream cake
Source: Simplyrecipes

When it comes to large-scale holiday meals, the best thing that can come to mind is to make banana-coconut cream pie. The dessert simply has an ineffable aroma and flavor, and if you include a little imagination, the recipe can be perfected just by adding some salted caramel and coconut milk to the filling.

13. Tiramisu with banana

#13 Tiramisu with banana
Source: Lasunka

A perfect recipe for those sweet tooths who like the consistency of tiramisu, but taste a bit too much coffee. In that case, take a banana (preferably a dwarf), and add it to the cake. But be careful not to overdo it, because tiramisu is a coffee dessert after all.

14. Banoffee pie

#14 Banoffee pie
Source: Russianfood

Banoffee Pie is not a dessert, it’s a heavenly delight! Just imagine: fresh and flavorful bananas on an airy pillow of condensed milk and a blanket of whipped cream. It’s really hard to imagine anything more appetizing. You’ll have to put all your willpower in your fist not to eat the whole cake at once.

15. American banana bread with pecans

#15  American banana bread with pecans
Source: Grandkulinar

Make a double batch at once. This banana bread from celebrity chef Tyler Florence is something to behold. It’s the pecans that give the banana bread its special tart note. What’s amazing, and something you shouldn’t forget, is that the bananas in this dessert must be exceptionally overripe.

16. Blazing bananas

#16 Blazing bananas
Source: Gastronom

If you are in an active search for unusual recipes with bananas, I advise you to pay attention to this particular option. Blazing bananas is an original and rare dessert, so if you want to make the most vivid and memorable impression on your guests, look at this recipe soon.

17. Banana-phinic pasta

#17 Banana-phinic pasta
Source: Povar

A good option for a late breakfast on a day off. The pasta turns out very hearty and even sweet, despite the fact that it is made without added sugar or butter. Spread the date and banana pasta on a fresh baguette, or eat with pancakes and pancakes.

18. Homemade banana bread

#18 Homemade banana bread
Source: Bestrecipes

Can be eaten alone, or better yet, used as a hearty and puffy cake crust. Either way, it tastes delicious. Banana bread itself does not have a pronounced taste, so it will be more correct if you add a little sour cream or condensed milk, so the dish will play a completely different gastronomic colors.

19. Homemade banana muffins with cinnamon

If you are not a fan of cinnamon – safely skip this dessert, as the content of the spicy spice in the dish is simply off the charts. Dark brown, soft, overripe bananas are good for homemade banana muffins.

20. Banana colada cheesecake

If you’ve ever tried pina colada, then you definitely have an idea of what this mysterious and unusual recipe is all about. A coconut dessert base garnished with a creamy banana filling and rum caramel. It tastes magical!

Breakfasts with Bananas

21. Banana oatmeal pancakes

#21 Banana oatmeal pancakes
Source: Thelazydish

These pancakes are the real stars of any healthy breakfast. Firstly, they are unrealistically healthy, secondly, they cook very quickly, well, and thirdly, they taste simply stunning. For a sweeter and brighter flavor, feel free to sprinkle cinnamon, vanilla, or milk chocolate chips.

22. Homemade banana chips

#22 Homemade banana chips
Source: Momables

These turn out incredibly crunchy. If you have nowhere to put your long overripe and soft bananas, my recipe will give them a second life. This yummy sweet and savory snack of dried bananas is perfect when combined with a quick breakfast, such as oatmeal or cornmeal. Also simply eaten as a snack is an idea in a million.

23. French toast with banana and maple syrup

#23 French toast with banana and maple syrup
Source: Bbcgoodfood

The dessert’s homeland is Paris. French toast with banana is a true work of art that will delight not only the eye but also the taste buds. This is exactly the kind of dish you want to share and surprise your loved ones with. Such a magical gastronomic combination you will remember even years later!

24. Banana rolls

#24 Banana rolls
Source: Delish

A dish that is sure to make your morning brighter and happier. With these simple banana rolls, you will spend little time and effort, and you will have a lot of fun with the process and the result.

25. Bananas with apples and honey

#25 Bananas with apples and honey
Source: Edinstvennaya

Bored of eating oatmeal for breakfast? In that case, try bananas with apples and honey. This recipe is as easy as it gets. You just need the three ingredients listed above, as well as a couple of minutes of free time. This healthy and delicious breakfast is ready.

Drinks and Smoothies with Bananas

26. Yellow submarine

#26 Yellow submarine
Source: Thespruceeats

It’s not hard to guess which country this wonderful drink belongs to. The Submarine Yellow is a wonderful tropical cocktail that calls for just three ingredients: banana liqueur, white rum, and vodka. It is the vodka that makes up the base of the cocktail, while the rum and liqueur make up the flavor and aftertaste.

27. Dirty banana

#27 Dirty banana
Source: Diffordsguide

Sounds harsh, but at the same time quite curious. Why is the cocktail called dirty? What ingredients are in it? It is explained by the high content of Kahlua and baileys, which gives a dirty color to the drink. It tastes like every sweet tooth’s heaven! Try making a cocktail like this for a holiday, and your guests will be sure to ask you for the recipe.

28. Banana Margarita

To say “thank you” for the creation of such a beautiful and unique kind of margarita, we must Mexicans. The drink is extremely simple to make. Mix all the ingredients of the cocktail together with the crushed ice. Garnish with a lime slice, serve chilled.

29. Banana snowman

#29 Banana snowman
Source: Themanual

Vodka + banana liqueur + velvet fried caramel + heavy cream + ripe banana = unforgettable treat. Make Snowman for special occasions. Good for a nice evening out with your significant other, or a spontaneous romantic date.

30. Banana daiquiri

#30 Banana daiquiri
Source: Liquor

Drink the cocktail not only while on vacation, lying on a picturesque, sunny beach, but also at noisy Christmas parties. This unusual daiquiri, with its rich banana accent, will appeal to all those who are nostalgic for freedom, summer and the fresh sea breeze.

31. Banana Malibu

This tropical, sassy cocktail will prepare you for an unforgettable night of dancing with friends. To make this drink yourself, you do not need a lot of experience and skill. All you need is to mix malibu, fresh lime juice, banana syrup and fresh banana.

32. Banana smoothie with kefir and honey

#32  Banana smoothie with kefir and honey
Source: Eda

A great and productive start to your morning is assured with a banana smoothie. Mixing kefir, bananas, honey and cookies, you get an incredibly healthy, nourishing and delicious drink. By adding some oatmeal to it, you’ll enhance the health benefits of the smoothie.

33. Milkshake with banana and honey

This smoothie is easy to make and does not require a lot of time or effort. In addition, you can always find all the ingredients in stock: milk, ripe banana, honey and cinnamon.

34. Banana cocktail with cognac

#34 Banana cocktail with cognac
Source: Alkogol

At first glance, it may seem that the combination is so-so, however, there is no need to be prejudiced and strict, especially without having ever tried the cocktail. We mix all the ingredients in a blender: creamy ice cream, aged cognac, milk and banana. It tastes strong, but creamy.

35. Milkshake with banana and cottage cheese

#35 Milkshake with banana and cottage cheese
Source: Calorizator

Dedicated to all those who lead a healthy lifestyle, or just watch their weight and diet. This drink is indispensable in the morning, on an empty stomach. Or as another option: for dinner, after a long workout at the gym.

35 Bananas Recipes Ideas