Jamie Oliver’s Rigatoni Pasta with Sicilian Pesto Sauce (Pesto alla Trapanese)


- 500 g (1 lb) rigatoni (can be replaced by another hollow pasta like penne) - 2 garlic cloves - 1-2 fresh red chilies - 40 g (1 ⅖ oz) Parmesan cheese - 100 g (3 ½ oz) blanched almonds - 4 anchovy filets in oil - 40 g (1 ⅖ oz) fresh basil - 450 g (15 ⅞ oz) cherry tomatoes

Boil salted water and boil the rigatoni according to the instructions on the package. In a blender, combine the grated Parmesan cheese, chili pepper, blanched almonds, garlic and anchovy filets. Shred.

Step 1.

Add ⅔ of all the cherry tomatoes and most of the fresh basil leaves to the blender, pour in the olive oil, and season with salt. Grind to a sauteed consistency. Save some of the water in which the pasta was cooked, drain the rest.

Step 2.

Mix cooked pasta with sauce in a saucepan, add water from cooking for consistency if desired. Garnish the dish with the remaining tomatoes and basil before serving.

Step 3.


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