Soy Sauce Pork — Chinese-style pork braised in soy sauce

Known for its rich, savory and slightly sweet flavor, this pork is a classic dish that brings warmth and heartiness to any table. Pork shoulder marinated in hoisin sauce and braised in soy sauce creates an alluring, luxurious flavor. The addition of the 5 spice blend gives the dish a wonderful complex nuance that complements …

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Pork Paprikash: Pork in Hungarian Paprika Sour Cream Gravy

Paprikash is a Hungarian dish in which pieces of meat (and sometimes vegetables) are stewed in sour cream (sometimes cream) with lots of sweet paprika and onions. Wikipedia says, that paprikash made from light meat such as chicken, veal and lamb is considered classic (yes, young meat is also considered white or light meat), but …

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Pork With A Sweet Pepper easy to make step-by-step recipe

Pork With A Sweet Pepper

This dish is very easy to prepare, however, it’s independent and extraordinary as well. Juicy and mild piece of pork loin, baked with garlic and thyme and served with stewed sweet peppers and onions. This is a punch line in this easy to prepare meat, and it’s a perfect match which adds a sour-sweet flavor. …

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