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Jamie Oliver's Potato Salad with a Bacon easy to make step-by-step recipe

Jamie Oliver’s Potato Salad with a Bacon

When it’s a new potato season you can’t pass by it, and not to cook something, especially when it’s all over shops and markets. Accidentally, I ran into Jamie Oliver’s video where he cooks a potato salad. I got interested in an ingredient combination and decided to follow him without hesitation. Anyway, simply put, potato …

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Classy Caprese Salad easy to make step-by-step recipe

Classy Caprese Salad

Caprese is an Italian classic. Its popularity is partly owed to its own color block, which reminds the colors of the Italian flag. I don’t know what the author build his recipe on, the flag or taste combinations, but the result is really great. That’s so easy, cook so fast and combined traditional Italian ingredients: …

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