White Onion Soup

White onion soup should not be confused with the classic and well-known French onion soup. It is a different dish. White onion soup comes from England and is much easier to make, creamy, or if you prefer, puree soup. But here, unlike other puree soups, the thickening is based on Roux and Béchamel sauce. Due …

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Cabbage Salad Coleslaw from Jamie Oliver easy to make step-by-step recipe

Cabbage Salad Coleslaw from Jamie Oliver

COLESLAW — that’s how a classic cabbage salad from childhood is called. Finely chopped cabbage and carrot (or even without it) dressed with oil, vinaigrette sauce or mayonnaise. The Netherlands is considered to be its homeland, but now it’s spread almost all over the world. For example, in Germany, it usually cooked with pickled cabbage, …

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