36 Tomatoes Dishes. What to Make, with What to Serve

In almost every cuisine of the world you will definitely find recipes that involve tomato. Italy is especially rich in this ingredient.

It is difficult to imagine modern cooking without this bright and juicy vegetable. What to cook with tomatoes? The first thing that comes to mind are all kinds of salads and appetizers. For example, from fresh or dried tomatoes.

There are also canned, which is more peculiar to the Russian traditional cuisine: low-salted, salted, in their own juice, sour, pickled …Tomatoes are fried, baked, stewed, stuffed. They are used to make juices and drinks. Think of the classic tomato juice or “Bloody Mary” cocktail.

In addition, they are extremely useful, especially in the fight against obesity and digestive disorders.

The tomato is a versatile and self-sufficient vegetable. You certainly will not die of hunger, if you eat a kilo of tomatoes… However, it is better not to do so, and take and prepare a dish to your mood according to one of the favorite recipes from my selection.

Tomato Salads and Appetizers

1. Fan baked eggplant with tomatoes and feta cheese

#1 Fan baked eggplant with tomatoes and feta cheese
Source: Bayevskitchen

An appetizer that doesn’t require much time or effort. In about 10-15 minutes you can delight your taste buds. The appearance of baked eggplant neatly hints that it’s time to eat them immediately.

2. Caprese salad

#2 Caprese salad
Source: Bayevskitchen

As there is no smoke without fire, so no Italian feast passes without Caprese. This salad is a global symbol of Mediterranean cuisine. Just three simple ingredients and it tastes simply unsurpassed! Prepare Caprese for a holiday, instead of the hackneyed “coat”, conquer your guests with a marvelous combination of flavors!

3. Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan

#3 Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan
Source: Bayevskitchen

This simple and easy salad makes a great appetizer before the main meal. It also pairs perfectly with pasta, pizza, chicken, fish, and importantly, white wine.

4. Bruschetta with tomatoes

#4  Bruschetta with tomatoes
Source: Loveandlemons

Generously grill the bread (not the oven). This makes it really crunchy and appetizing. Lightly drizzle with olive oil, add chopped garlic. As for the toppings, don’t overthink it too much. Slices of ripe tomatoes with capers and basil – will effectively appease hunger before the main meal.

5. Greek salad

#5 Greek salad
Source: Delish

This traditional Greek salad, also known as Choriotiki, is made with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, thinly sliced red onions and feta cheese. The light salad dressing is a mixture of red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice and virgin olive oil. It tastes fresh and delicious!

6. Fresh tomato salad

The name speaks for itself. Tomato salad is exactly the kind of dish you can enjoy all year round, and it’s perfect! Fresh tomatoes go perfectly with red onions, basil, oregano and balsamic vinegar. This salad would be the perfect accompaniment to main dishes.

7. Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella

#7  Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella
Source: Littlebroken

A recipe that is particularly popular in all regions of Italy. It’s hard to imagine a noisy feast, or a modest, cozy dinner in the circle of relatives without a salad with tomatoes and mozzarella. So take a note for yourself and hurry up to please your loved ones!

8. Beef and tomato salad

#8 Beef and tomato salad
Source: Foodandwine

Warm tomato and beef salad promises to become your culinary calling card, if you manage to prepare it correctly. Your task is to follow the recipe meticulously and include a little imagination. The dish consists of cherry tomatoes, finely chopped red onions, Dijon mustard, avocado, tarragon, and tender chilled beef. Add a pinch of granulated garlic and black pepper for full flavor.

9. Chickpea salad, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese

#9 Chickpea salad, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
Source: Marthastewart

Prepare this simple salad in minutes, and take it with you to work. Believe me, you have never had such a delicious lunch! It’s all about a simple combination of cherry tomatoes, canned chickpeas, feta, lemon juice and olive oil.

10. Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are good for all occasions. Not a single holiday winter table in Russia can do without this snack. And not only winter holidays, but almost any meal. You can canned tomatoes with garlic, carrots and parsley, which makes them much more tasty and spicy!

11. Sun-dried tomatoes

#11 Sun-dried tomatoes
Source: Grekoliva

This is a special, sunny note in Mediterranean cooking. Sun-dried tomatoes go great with all kinds of salads, appetizers, pizza, meat and fish dishes, and even on their own they are fabulously good. Cooking tomatoes is not difficult, the main thing in this business is to be patient and not to eat the entire tray before serving.

Tomato Soups

12. Tomato soup with three ingredients

#12 Tomato soup with three ingredients
Source: Inspiredtaste

Incredibly simple and nutritious tomato soup consists of only three ingredients: tomatoes, onions and butter. If you want, you can greatly diversify the dish by adding canned peas and boiled potatoes. Do not forget to sprinkle black pepper and dried basil.

13. Tomato soup with seafood

#13 Tomato soup with seafood
Source: Taste

It doesn’t matter what kind of seafood to put in the soup. Put what you like. I would suggest choosing a mix of shrimp, mussels, octopus, and squid. Make sure they are fully thawed, then add them to the rest of the ingredients: tomato juice, garlic, onions, sweet peppers. As spices work well as saffron, basil and provincial herbs.

14. Tomato soup with grilled cheese

You can slightly twist the recipe and replace the grilled cheese with suluguni cheese. It will be just as tangy and interesting. Ripe, seasonal tomatoes are the best choice, but canned, whole tomatoes will also be delicious. Don’t skimp on the olive oil and olives. They are the ones that will give the dish that inexpressible flavor.

15. Vegetarian tomato soup

To give the dish a delicate, creamy texture and a slight sweetness, prepare a soup based on coconut milk. Take tomatoes exclusively fresh, canned will not do. Vegetarian tomato soup will be appreciated not only by vegans but also by those who are not used to denying themselves a hearty and tasty lunch.

16. Tomato soup with rice

Relevant for both lunch and dinner. And all because of its density and the components of the dish: brown rice, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, onions and garlic. It is not superfluous to complement the soup with olive oil, dried oregano and basil. The aroma of this dish will just drive you crazy!

17. Noodle and tomato soup

#17 Noodle and tomato soup
Source: Patee

Serve this soup unusually warming when it’s cold. Fresh tomatoes fill the dish with a noticeable sourness and freshness, which combine well with homemade egg noodles and tender chicken meat. Top the soup with a pinch of black pepper and dried Provencal herbs, if desired.

Pastries with Tomatoes

18. Cheese and tomato muffins

#18 Cheese and tomato muffins
Source: Bbc

If anyone is bored with the standard sweet muffins, replace them with cheese and tomato muffins right away. A good solution for brunch, especially paired with scrambled eggs and bacon or eggs benedict. Your stomach will say “thank you very much!”

19. Tomato parmesan pie

#19 Tomato parmesan pie
Source: Newyorker

There aren’t many reasons to turn on the duh in the summer heat, and one of them is tomato and parmesan pie. An exquisite and very photogenic dish that will please even the pickiest guest. Prepare this pie for special occasions, so it becomes synonymous with a real feast.

20. Pizza Margarita

#20 Pizza Margarita
Source: Womansday

A casual yet simple Italian classic. If you’re really hungry, and you want pizza, Margarita is the best way out. Don’t skimp on the tomatoes and mozzarella, as they are the ones that play first fiddle in the recipe. If desired, garnish with a sprig of fresh basil.

21. Tomato and spinach pizza

#21 Tomato and spinach pizza
Source: Ontysplate

Tomato spinach pizza is a delightful dish of tomato and spinach, topped with a mixture of savory and sweet Italian cheeses, on a thin, golden dough. Bake this pizza for holidays and celebrations, garnish with fresh herbs and ground black pepper.

22. Chicken and tomato pie

#22  Chicken and tomato pie
Source: Sidechef

A versatile pie that is equally good both hot and cold. It is very simple to make: in a homemade puff pastry, prepared in advance, add the chicken fillet, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, canned tomatoes in their own juice, garlic, a small onion, paprika, cayenne pepper – finished. Bon appetit!

Drinks with Tomatoes

23. Homemade tomato juice

#23 Homemade tomato juice
Source: Alphafoodie

Regardless of whether you grow your own tomatoes, or used to buy them at the market – the taste of the juice is not particularly affected. Although, undoubtedly, homemade tomatoes remain a priority. To make such a wonderful drink you will need only tomatoes, salt and sugar. And if you like spicy – it’s not superfluous to sprinkle the juice with black pepper.

24. Bloody Mary

#24 Bloody Mary
Source: Liquor

Who hasn’t heard of this drink? There are a thousand and one recipes for its preparation. The most popular is with vegetable broth. In the narrow-cut establishments you can also try it in oyster or meat broth. It is very specific and spicy.
The classic recipe calls for the following ingredients: vodka, lemon, celery, tomatoes, a couple of drops of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, paprika, ground black pepper, and a sprig of parsley.

25. Paloma cocktail

It is the tomato that adds the very distinction to the drink, which creates a balance between sweetness and spice, softening the taste of tequila. The cocktail also includes grapefruit juice, lime juice, baking soda, shishito peppers and a sprig of mint for decoration (optional).

26. Tomato juice with honey

#26 Tomato juice with honey
Source: Ohsnapletseat

Tomato juice with honey is a professional thirst quencher. Serve it in summer with ice cubes, and you will forget for a moment what time of year it is. Honey gives the drink a unique sweet note, absolutely not cloying and original.

Garnishes with Tomatoes

27. Okra with tomatoes

#27 Okra with tomatoes
Source: Foodnetwork

Okra is a vegetable pod fruit, mainly growing in the expanses of Western Europe. Okra can not be called a common dish, however, it is worth trying to cook it. For example, paired with tomatoes and garlic. The result is a nice and easy side dish to spicy meat dishes.

28. Stuffed tomatoes

#28 Stuffed tomatoes
Source: Allrecipes

Stuff tomatoes with anything you like. From canned tuna with boiled egg yolks to ground beef under a cheese cap. This dish is quick, delicious, what else do you need to be happy?

29. Tomato and zucchini gratin

#29  Tomato and zucchini gratin
Source: Thekitchn

When you run out of ideas of what would be so delicious and unusual to make from tomatoes or zucchini – ask for help with this recipe. The dish will disappear from your guests’ plates incredibly quickly, especially if you season it with grated Parmesan and fresh herbs.

30. Bulgur with eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms

#30 Bulgur with eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms
Source: Russianfood

A great option for a tasty and hearty side dish without meat. Lightly roasted bulgur with mushrooms and vegetables, brightly and harmoniously combined in one big, incredible gastronomic pleasure. Bake in pots, serve hot.

31. Buckwheat with zucchini, tomatoes and cauliflower

#31 Buckwheat with zucchini, tomatoes and cauliflower
Source: Russianfood

Combine well-cooked, crumbly porridge with lightly roasted vegetables. The tomato should be just cooked enough to let the juice run off a little. Add a little more butter to the buckwheat. Turmeric, dried basil and granulated garlic are also good. It tastes incredible!

Tomato Main Dishes

32. Rainbow trout with herbs and tomatoes in an envelope

#32 Rainbow trout with herbs and tomatoes in an envelope
Source: Bayevskitchen

This is just the case when you can, with almost no effort, make a fancy dinner on the go. Baked trout with tomatoes and rosemary, promises to be the perfect accompaniment to rice or baked potatoes.

33. Pasta with roasted ratatouille

#33 Pasta with roasted ratatouille
Source: Epicurious

In other words, a vegetable pasta where the tomato plays a very important role. It is the one that adds the necessary sweet sourness to the dish. Finely chop fried tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, mix with herbs and mozzarella. Instant and hearty dinner is ready. Sprinkle with young Parmesan.

34. Salmon baked in foil

Another stellar representative of Mediterranean cuisine. Salmon cooks very quickly, and you’re guaranteed to be impressed by the juicy flavors of fresh thyme and basil and the tender, creamy fish. To add an interesting twist to the dish, top with sun-dried tomatoes or fresh tomatoes.

35. Dorado on a bed of tomatoes and potatoes

#35 Dorado on a bed of tomatoes and potatoes
Source: Eda

A good option for those who are tired of the abundance of different meats on the table and in the stomach. The fish is cooked simply and quickly. The main feature of this dish is a delicious and juicy pillow of baked tomatoes and potatoes. If you like rosemary – be sure to add a couple of sprigs for beauty and flavor.

36. Chicken in tomato sauce

#36 Chicken in tomato sauce
Source: Rutxt

Instead of tomatoes in their own juice, it is better to use fresh tomatoes, only so the chicken will soak up all the necessary, sweet flavors. The texture of the dish comes out a little watery, but this should by no means stop you. The meat is very soft, just melts in your mouth! Serve chicken in tomato sauce on special occasions, and your guests will visit you much more often.

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