What to Make with Spinach? 43 Recipes from Every Corner of the Globe

Spinach is a versatile green. Its fresh leaves make excellent salads.

This green vegetable perfectly combines with cucumbers, tomatoes, all kinds of greens, potatoes, and with other products: meat and fish, nuts, mushrooms, eggs, cheeses.

Spinach makes a delicious filling for pies, rolls and muffins, and even invigorating smoothies and juices. They make soups and sauces. The list is endless. It’s much more productive to make it.

Spinach Salads and Snacks

1. Spinach chips

A simple, and the main healthy snack is ready in no time. Spinach is full of health benefits and minerals, so this dish will be a good alternative to potato chips. It tastes just as good, and even the opposite. Prepare spinach chips and invite friends to watch your favorite show, they will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Spinach balls

#2 Spinach balls
Source: Momables

These appetizing balls made of spinach and parmesan can be packed in a lunchbox and taken with you to work, as a quick and healthy snack, or you can not wait for lunch and eat them for breakfast. In both cases, you will be full and satisfied.

3. Italian spinach chips baked with herbs

#3 Italian spinach chips baked with herbs
Source: Divascancook

Have time to eat the snack within a few hours. The author of the recipe claims that as time passes, the chips are no longer crunchy. They bake quickly and fill the entire kitchen with their unique flavor.

4. Spinach and almond salad

#4 Spinach and almond salad
Source: Delish

You can always substitute almonds for another nut, a matter of taste. But don’t exclude fresh spinach leaves and creamy feta from the ingredients! This salad is considered to be low-calorie and fits into a dietary menu.

5. Melon, spinach, and bacon salad

#5 Melon, spinach, and bacon salad
Source: Food52

Make sure that all the ingredients in the salad are fresh. We take a honey melon, clean it from the seeds, cut it into medium cubes and add to the dish. It is the melon that will exquisitely accentuate and complement the spinach. You are free to decide the dressing; almost any dressing will be appropriate.

6. A salad with spinach, champignons and bacon

#6 A salad with spinach, champignons and bacon
Source: Foodnetwork

Fry the bacon until crispy. Do the same with the mushrooms. Do not touch the spinach leaves, just add them to the dish. To dress such a salad can be anything. But olive oil or aged apple cider vinegar will work best.

7. Spinach and strawberry salad

#7 Spinach and strawberry salad
Source: Wellplated

If you are in search of the perfect salad that you can not only eat with great gusto, but also admire – you found what you were looking for. This salad is extraordinarily photogenic, but best of all, it tastes delicious!

8. Spinach salad with apples, feta and walnuts

#8 Spinach salad with apples, feta and walnuts
Source: Thekitchn

Fruits and walnuts help to make this salad unusual and memorable. This is a salad that you want to treat your guests no matter what time of year it is. It will be incredibly relevant both in summer and winter. Let me tell you a little secret: crumble the walnuts very finely so that the consistency of the dish will be richer.

9. Spinach and chicken salad with strawberries and champagne dressing

#9 Spinach and chicken salad with strawberries and champagne dressing
Source: Thespruceeats

Combination of seemingly incongruous ingredients. Ideal for a date or a relationship anniversary. It has a peculiar, sweet and spicy taste. The champagne vinegar makes this dish perfect and unique. Be sure to make it for your other half!

10. Spinach and corn salad

#10  Spinach and corn salad
Source: Lifehacker

It’s simple. Mix spinach and corn, add half a pinch of zira, dress with Greek yogurt or mayonnaise, let stand for a while. A good salad that you can make in 5 minutes.

11. Vegetable salad with spinach

#11 Vegetable salad with spinach
Source: Webspoon

Its second name is “unloading.” And this is not just for fun. After all, the dish includes: fresh spinach, sweet bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, celery stalk and parsley. Dressed with soy sauce along with dark balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

12. Spinach, pear and walnut salad

#12 Spinach, pear and walnut salad
Source: Eda

The whole point of this salad is the combination of honey, soy sauce, mustard, nutmeg, ginger and black pepper. It is these magical ingredients that make a delicious salad dressing. Allow to stand for about half an hour before serving.

Spinach Bakes

13. Spinach muffins with cheddar cheese

A yummy and hearty lunchtime option. The muffins turn out very fluffy, yet light at the same time. You can replace the cheddar with any other cheese you like. The quality of the dish will not suffer from this.

14. Vegetable quiche with leeks and spinach

#14 Vegetable quiche with leeks and spinach
Source: Vsyasol

If you imagine that during the New Year vacations and Christmas holidays you get very tired of the abundance of meat, greasy dishes, vegetable quiche with spinach will come to the rescue. The recipe for this French pie is easy and quick.

15. Australian spinach pie

The whole highlight of this pastry is the addition of a small pinch of red pepper. It’s what makes the pie play up a whole different flavor profile. Adjust the spiciness as you see fit, but don’t make it too spicy so as not to clog the flavor of the spinach and cheese.

16. Greek spinach pie

#16 Greek spinach pie.
Source: Allrecipes

Authentic puff pastry pie. Important: Prepare the filling ahead of time, let it stand for a little while, let it soak. Mix spinach, onion, cheese and herbs. Top with your favorite spices. A hearty pie for the whole family is ready!

17. Spinach & cheese pie

Consists of only five ingredients that you are likely to have in your refrigerator. The cottage cheese should be fattier, preferably homemade. Spinach, choose Matador. Serve the pie both hot and cold.

Spinach Desserts

18. Spinach muffins with double chocolate

Your kids won’t even know there’s spinach in the baked goods! They will come to love so much milk chocolate. Serve muffins on special occasions, like birthdays.

19. Muffins with spinach and bananas

If you’re not on a strict diet and just crazy about baking, catch this recipe. Add plenty of banana and chocolate (I recommend white or milk chocolate). A sprinkling of crumbled almonds or coconut shavings on the dessert is also a good idea.

20. Emerald cream cake with spinach

#20 Emerald cream cake with spinach
Source: Iamcook

This appearance of the dessert and the combination of flavors will surprise not only your guests, but also you yourself. The cake has a rich creamy flavor with hints of orange. It’s hard to imagine a more magical dessert for the holiday.

21. Mint spinach cake

#21  Mint spinach cake
Source: Cookpad

Almost all of us love desserts, especially if they don’t contain many calories. Mint spinach cake is just that case. Add some banana and cream and it’s the perfect dessert for tea or champagne.

22. Creamy strawberry spinach cake

#22 Creamy strawberry spinach cake
Source: Gotovim-doma

This cake is simply adorable! Both in its unforgettable flavor and bright appearance, and even in its ease of preparation. Garnish liberally with cream and strawberries before serving.

23. Spinach bisquick

Spinach bisque has a nice, juicy consistency, a fantastic appearance, and a bright, creamy spinach flavor. Garnish with strawberries and blue berries before serving.

Spinach Soups

24. Spinach cream soup

#24  Spinach cream soup
Source: Bbcgoodfood

The whole secret to bright green spinach soup is to add more caramelized onions and butter. The dish turns out very nutritious and hearty, just perfect for the winter season.

25. Spinach soup with coconut milk

#25 Spinach soup with coconut milk
Source: Nigella

If you are a fan of spicy dishes, be prepared to add a scoop of Thai paste and green curry. But even without those two ingredients, you won’t soon forget this soup!

26. Spicy spinach soup

#26  Spicy spinach soup
Source: Savoryspin

Spinach soup is a great way to get the right amount of vitamins for the day. The dish is supposed to be more than just spicy, so don’t spare the curry, jalapeño peppers and red pepper flakes.

27. Vegetarian spinach soup

This soup is great because it combines a wide variety of vegetables: potatoes, spinach, celery, onions, garlic, and salad peppers. It is made with vegetable broth and coconut oil. Vegetarians will definitely like it.

28. Spinach egg soup

If you don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking, then you will definitely like this recipe. Boil the eggs for exactly 5 minutes, immediately peel and add to the dish.
Incredibly easy and fast soup, it can be eaten not only for lunch, but also for breakfast.

29. Spinach soup with zucchini and lentils

Few people are used to making soups with lentils, and for good reason. It is lentils that combine wonderfully with spinach. The soup should be cooked for about two hours, so that all the vegetables have boiled well and give juice, and the lentils are soft.

30. Spinach and mushroom soup

#30 Spinach and mushroom soup
Source: 2eda.ru

This is a great option for Lent. Spinach and mushroom soup smells wonderful and whets the appetite. Even children will like it. The main thing is to add more mushrooms and greens.

31. Soup with beef, sorrel and spinach

#31 Soup with beef, sorrel and spinach
Source: Gastronom

This soup is relevant all year round, especially if you have fresh vegetables on hand. Grate boiled eggs on a fine grater, simmer the beef well and leave it to cook with the other ingredients of the soup. The flavor is indescribable!

Spinach Main Courses and Side Dishes

32. Spinach and bacon frittata

#32 Spinach and bacon frittata
Source: Gypsyplate

A cheese and vegetable frittata is the perfect dish for a late, lazy weekend breakfast. Serve straight to bed, pre-garnished with arugula and black sesame seeds.

33. Ramen with miso pesto and spinach sauce

#33 Ramen with miso pesto and spinach sauce
Source: Bonappetit

A popular dish in western Japan. Japanese people usually don’t bother to serve it, and eat it out of one huge bowl. Tastes very peculiar, but that’s no reason to ignore it.

34. Spinach and artichokes

#34 Spinach and artichokes.
Source: Epicurious

Light and appetizing side dish. Wonderful with fish and seafood, game, stewed vegetables, cheeses. You can also eat it separately, for example, with drinks: white wine or fruit smoothies.

35. Chicken stuffed with mushrooms and spinach sauce

#35 Chicken stuffed with mushrooms and spinach sauce
Source: Saveur

From time to time, Americans for Thanksgiving change the boring, classic baked turkey recipe to stuffed chicken. Make sure the spinach leaves are finely chopped, pre-spiced with rosemary, thyme and black pepper.

36. Crab risotto with spinach and peas

#36 Crab risotto with spinach and peas
Source: Olivemagazine

A true delicacy that is prepared strictly according to the recipe. Marinate the crab fillets beforehand and refrigerate them so that they get all the right flavors. Stir in the spinach and peas. Surprisingly, no special culinary skills are needed for this dish, even a novice can cope with all the nuances.

37. Spinach tortilla

#37  Spinach tortilla
Source: Acouplecooks

Before you know it, the appetizer is ready. In Mexico, tortillas are in high demand, but spinach tortillas, for the locals, are a novelty. Try a little twist on the classic recipe and you’ll be satisfied!

38. Spinach carbonara

#38 Spinach carbonara
Source: Marthastewart

There are so many options for making carbonara that there are literally enough for every day of the year. Cooking spinach carbonara will definitely wow your loved ones.

39. Spinach and tomatoes

#39 Spinach and tomatoes.
Source: Russianfood

A very healthy and simple vegetable snack. It stews quickly and is a lot of fun. Try it together with meat dishes (chicken chops, baked pork or beef). This snack is a great replacement for the boring, standard side dishes.

40. Red fish steak with spinach

You can please your guests at any holiday with this wonderful dish. It is easy and simple to prepare, literally within half an hour. Choose fattier fish, spinach, roll in sea salt, paprika and black pepper. A win-win combination!

41. Georgian style spinach pkhali

#41 Georgian style spinach pkhali
Source: 1000.menu

It has a bright and pronounced taste, especially when combined with a ripe pomegranate. An interesting and simple snack for connoisseurs of Georgian cuisine. It has a festive and celebratory appearance.

42. Bacon-filled chicken thighs stuffed with spinach and cheese

#42 Bacon-filled chicken thighs stuffed with spinach and cheese
Source: Webspoon

Returning home from work, we all dream of a quick and delicious hot dinner. If there is no desire to fry potatoes or boil buckwheat – I suggest a recipe for chicken thighs, which will brighten up your gray weekdays and placate your appetite.

43. Gnocchi with cottage cheese and spinach

#43 Gnocchi with cottage cheese and spinach
Source: Smak.ua

An unusually photogenic dish. It has magical flavors and lots of vitamins. It is garnished with parmesan and sour cream. A good option for Sunday dinner.

43 Spinach Recipe Ideas