Smoothies. The Best 58 Recipes for Your Health

The first information about smoothies dates back to the seventies of the last century. It was in the U.S., in California, that the first “healthy cafe” opened, serving smoothies made of grinded fruits and berries.

In our time, the popularity of smoothies began to grow rapidly. Which, in principle, is not surprising. Smoothies are not only insanely nutritious and healthy, but also incredibly delicious. Absolutely all adherents of healthy eating have long ago included this smoothie in their daily diet.

What is a smoothie? It is a thick and homogeneous drink prepared on the basis of berries, fruits and vegetables, with or without the addition of milk, oatmeal, yogurt, syrup, nuts or candied fruits. In general, it all depends on how rich your imagination is.

Talk about the beneficial properties of the drink can be hours. Among them: normalization of the digestive system, cleansing the body of toxins, improving the skin, strengthening the immune system, muscle recovery after a hard workout and so on.

Also, smoothies are very popular with children. If it is impossible to force your child to consume vitamin products, just make him a beautiful smoothie, decorating it originally with pieces of fruit, coconut shavings and a bright straw.

1. Tangerine smoothie

A great way to start the day. Mix tangerines, bananas, milk, vanilla extract and yogurt. It’s a good idea to take the drink with you to work, or school.

2. Tropical pineapple smoothie

#2 Тропический ананасовый смузи
Source: Foodnetwork

Filled with an incredible amount of fiber, thanks to the pineapple, banana, mango, coconut milk and oatmeal in its composition. If you want to be transported at least for a moment to a tropical climate and enjoy an exotic and refreshing smoothie, feel free to make a pineapple smoothie.

3. Smoothie with peanut butter

#3 Смузи с арахисовым маслом
Source: Bbcgoodfood

To call such a smoothie dietary is difficult. Therefore, if you carefully watch your weight, it is better to prepare something lighter. However it may be, the taste is simply unforgettable!

4. Green smoothie

#4 Зеленый смузи
Source: Delish

Kale + fresh spinach = dream team. Complement the drink with a spoonful of lime honey, almond milk, banana and chia seeds. It’s a real vitamin bomb!

5. Banana-berry smoothie

A little fresh ginger and tart pineapple juice, add spice to this sweet, healthy blend of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and banana.

6. Smoothie with peanut butter and mocha

#6 Смузи с арахисовым маслом и мокко
Source: Wholefully

A spoonful of instant coffee is added to this smoothie for a bright mocha flavor, along with canned pears in their own juice and almond milk.

7. Avocado smoothie

#7 Авокадный смузи
Source: Allrecipes

The trick to this drink is that you can make it either sweet or neutral. The smoothie turns out very thick and creamy.

8. Yoga smoothie

Starting your day with a yoga class? Then don’t forget a healthy and easy smoothie consisting of blueberries, bananas, avocado, fresh ginger, cinnamon, cacao and turmeric.

9. Chocolate blueberry smoothie

#9  Шоколадно-черничный смузи
Source: Acouplecooks

This chocolate blueberry smoothie is so delicious! Try replacing the usual, calorie-laden bar of chocolate with a healthy and flavorful drink.

10. Peach and blueberry smoothie

#10 Персиково-черничный смузи
Source: Prevention

Mix in a blender 1 cup of chilled almond or vanilla milk, a couple of slices of fresh or frozen peaches, some blueberries, and whisk until smooth. Enjoy a fresh and healthy smoothie.

11. Fruit & yogurt smoothie

#11  Фруктово-йогуртовый смузи
Source: Eatingwell

This easy yogurt fruit smoothie consists of just three ingredients – natural yogurt, fruit juice and frozen fruit that you most likely have in your fridge. For example, an apple, pear, orange, or banana.

12. Protein smoothie

It is best to consume protein in combination with berries and fruits. Prepare this simple drink, and don’t forget to take it with you to the gym!

13. Caramel-apple smoothie

This kind of smoothie is best enjoyed by kids and those who can’t imagine their life without sweets. Try brewing your own caramel, and then the caramel-apple smoothie will become your favorite dessert drink!

14. Smoothie with Greek yogurt

#14 Смузи с греческим йогуртом
Source: Wellplated

This healthy smoothie made with strawberries, banana, and protein-rich ingredients like Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and oatmeal will keep you satiated for longer than a few hours. The cocktail is very thick and creamy and has a rich and delicious flavor.

15. Strawberry and green tea smoothie

#15 Смузи с клубникой и зеленым чаем
Source: Foodnetwork

The combination of sweet strawberries, sour lime, fresh mint and green tea makes this smoothie balanced and refreshing. It’s 100% full of vitamin C and antioxidants, and if you happen to keep green tea ice cubes in the freezer, you can make a smoothie in no time!

16. Wild blueberry and coconut chocolate smoothie

#16 Шоколадный смузи из дикой черники и кокоса
Source: Modernhoney

Can’t get your child to eat right and healthy food? Then you can cheat a little and serve a chocolate smoothie of wild blueberries and coconut for breakfast. This smoothie is guaranteed to please not only your child, but the whole family as well.

17. Pumpkin-banana smoothie

#17 Тыквенно-банановый смузи
Source: Womansday

A lovely, refreshing, fall drink. If you’re not too fond of pumpkin, add more banana as well as non-fat vanilla yogurt, almond milk, a tablespoon of maple syrup, and ground cinnamon.

18. Chocolate cherry smoothie

A real treat! Great as a breakfast or as a complete dessert for dinner. Garnish with cocktail cherries and a sprig of mint, and you can feel free to treat your guests at the party.

19. Apple and celery smoothie

A refreshing apple and celery smoothie recipe rich in fiber, vitamin C, and phytonutrients that are good for your appearance and health.

20. Coconut pie smoothie

#20 Смузи “Кокосовый пирог”
Source: Momables

Thick and full of coconut flavor, this smoothie tastes like a real dessert. However, you can rest easy and enjoy it without guilt, as the drink is low in fat and calories.

21. Strawberry smoothie with quinoa

#21 Клубничный смузи с киноа
Source: Kidspot

A smoothie is a great way to make a nutritious and healthy breakfast quickly and easily. Make the drink even healthier by generously adding quinoa to it.

22. Watermelon smoothie

#22 Арбузный смузи
Source: Thespruceeats

Extending your favorite summer season just got easier with a watermelon smoothie. Don’t miss the moment, and make a breakfast drink soon. In addition to watermelon, the smoothie includes the following ingredients: almond milk, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup and mint.

23. A simple smoothie with frozen fruit

#23. Простой смузи с замороженными фруктами
Source: Momspark

What’s great about this recipe is that you can get frozen fruits and berries out of the freezer at any time, and create a healthy and delicious smoothie. For example, with frozen cherries, strawberries, blackberries or cranberries.

24. Strawberry and blueberry smoothie

Mixing delicious and healthy berries is a great idea. Especially for breakfast. Try this simple strawberry, blueberry, almond milk and Greek yogurt smoothie and you’re sure to love it.

25. Frozen fruit smoothie

This frozen fruit smoothie is an icy blend of apple juice, frozen blueberries, cherries, raspberries and mangoes. Perfect for a hot summer day.

26. Light strawberry-chocolate smoothie

#27 Легкий клубнично-шоколадный смузи
Source: Eatthis

It tastes like you’re eating the most delicious chocolate candy with strawberry filling. And the best part is that this smoothie is incredibly healthy and very nutritious.

27. Banana smoothie

#27 Банановый смузи
Source: Inspiredtaste

This simple banana smoothie will take you no more than five minutes to prepare. Consume this drink on its own, or use it as a base for other smoothies.

28. Fruit and yogurt smoothie with cashews

#28 Фруктово-йогуртовый смузи с кешью
Source: Averiecooks

This frozen fruit smoothie is filled with berries, strawberry yogurt, and cashew crumbles. Frozen fruit smoothie recipes are indispensable because they are very easy to make as well as store.

29. Berry yogurt smoothie

#29 Ягодно-йогуртовый смузи
Source: Chefsavvy

Add your favorite berries to this refreshing smoothie. Blackberries, cherries, cherries, and blueberries would work best.

30. Smoothie with almond milk

#30 Смузи с миндальным молоком
Source: Yummly

If you prefer almond milk to cow’s milk, catch the recipe. It’s also not unreasonable to complement the smoothie with cocoa powder, banana, and almond butter.

31. Raspberry smoothie

You’ll love the flavor of a raspberry smoothie! Especially if you add more raspberries. This terrific, health-promoting drink will brighten up your breakfast, and set you up for a pleasant and productive day.

32. Spinach smoothie

#32 Шпинатный смузи
Source: Jessicagavin

To maximize your energy for the day, simply make a spinach smoothie for breakfast. This drink is a nutrient-rich combination of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in every sip.

33. Blueberry smoothie with spinach

Don’t tell your kids that the smoothie contains spinach! They won’t even guess… But they will enjoy the great and bright taste of the healthy fruit smoothie.

34. Cherry smoothie

#34 Вишневый смузи
Source: Meaningfuleats

For a quick and easy smoothie preparation, you can use fresh or frozen cherries. Complement the drink with spinach leaves, buckwheat honey, lemon juice, and cashews as well.

35. Green smoothie with mango

#35 Зеленый смузи с манго
Source: Delicrunch

Feel invigorated and refreshed with this delicious and healthy green mango smoothie! The drink has no sugar at all, so if it’s a sweet smoothie you’re dreaming of enjoying, add some ripe mango.

36. Strawberry smoothie without yogurt

A light strawberry smoothie without sugar will help you quickly and efficiently tone up your body. Instead of fruit yogurt, add regular, cow’s milk.

37. Banana smoothie

#37 Банановый смузи
Source: Foodviva

There is nothing superfluous in this drink! Everything is very strict and in content: banana, cow’s milk, and lime honey. Even though there are only 3 ingredients in the smoothie, it has an incredibly rich flavor.

38. Strawberry and banana yogurt

This simple strawberry-banana smoothie, consists of only a few ingredients and it takes no more than five minutes to prepare. This drink is gluten-free, and children also really like it.

39. Berry Greek yogurt

#39 Ягодный греческий йогурт
Source: Damndelicious

A great idea for a breakfast that you can take with you anywhere. Complementing the drink with oatmeal, raspberries, and strawberries will give you a lot more micronutrients, as well as a wonderful feel-good treat.

40. Green smoothie with cinnamon

#40 Зеленый смузи с корицей
Source: Aggieskitchen

Stir in all the green fruits – golden apples, pears, lime juice, grapes, and basically anything green you can think of. You can top the smoothie with spinach and fresh cucumber.

41. Carrot smoothie with apple and orange

#41 Морковный смузи с яблоком и апельсином
Source: Russianfood

There are no sweeteners in this recipe, so I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with excess weight or just watching their diet to consume the drink as a breakfast.

42. Strawberry bisque smoothie

#42 Клубничный смузи с бисквитом
Source: Grandkulinar

Try making your own bisque, store-bought can be too greasy. Blend in a blender along with ripe strawberries and milk. Garnish with whipped cream.

43. Pineapple and turmeric smoothie

Chia seeds are also great in this smoothie. Stir in pineapple juice, coconut milk, ginger root, banana, turmeric, and cinnamon. A light and sweet morning drink is ready.

44. Smoothie with avocado, banana and syrup

#44 Смузи с авокадо, бананом и сиропом
Source: Calmandveggi

Beat in a blender 1 mango, natural yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Add ice at the end, and stir all the ingredients once again.

45. Smoothie with banana and kiwi

There is no better drink for weight loss than a banana-kiwi smoothie. Try the experiment: consume the smoothie in the morning for a month and you will see how quickly the numbers on the scales will decrease.

46. Vitamin smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, lime and cream

#46  Витаминный смузи с клубникой, черникой, лаймом и сливками
Source: Cookpad

A smoothie that will add energy and lift your spirits even in the cloudiest and gloomiest weather. Make it a habit to drink this drink daily.

47. Smoothie of cedar milk with cherries and chocolate

#47 Смузи из кедрового молока с вишней и шоколадом
Source: Pp-prozozh

We are all used to cow’s milk, however, there are also plenty of equally beneficial and delicious plant-based types. Try cedar milk combined with bitter chocolate and frozen cherries, you’re sure to love it!

48. Smoothie with oatmeal, banana and peach

#48 Смузи с овсянкой, бананом и персиком
Source: Wellnessy

Long dreamed of introducing ripe fruit into your daily diet? Prepare a fruit smoothie! A smoothie made from oatmeal, banana and peach is a good option when you want a tasty breakfast and are short on time.

49. Smoothie with cottage cheese, melon, and black currant

A real gastronomic delight, which is available to everyone who has a blender. This smoothie is very filling due to the presence of cottage cheese, so be careful not to overdo the portion.

50. Celery smoothie

#50 Смузи из сельдерея
Source: Povar

Also good as a basic product for weight loss. This hearty, yet light, smoothie will help you lose extra weight quickly and safely. Complement the drink with green apple, lemon and spinach.

51. Banana pear smoothie

#51 Бананово-грушевый смузи
Source: Eda

It has a bright and original taste. Consume such a vitamin smoothie not only for breakfast, but also for dinner instead of heavy and fatty main dishes.

52. Cucumber and kefir smoothie

#52 Смузи из огурца и кефира
Source: Iamcook

An indispensable aid in overcoming a hangover. Mix in a blender garlic, cucumber, kefir, dill, parsley, mint, salt and ground black pepper. You will be pleasantly surprised and even shocked at how quickly your body and mood will return to normal.

53. Cucumber, lime and mint smoothie

#53 Смузи из огурца, лайма и мяты
Source: Disertiki

If you don’t happen to have a lime, feel free to swap it out for a lemon. A cucumber, lime and mint smoothie is a healthy, vitamin-rich drink that can easily replace a full breakfast.

54. Beet smoothie

#54 Свекольный смузи
Source: Edimdoma

Why not experiment with beets and make not only borscht, but also a delicious and hearty winter smoothie? In addition to beets, the recipe also includes raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, vanilla, and water.

55. Watermelon and melon smoothie

#55 Арбузно-дынный смузи
Source: Webspoon

If you can’t decide which you like better: watermelon or melon, no problem. Put both berries into one bright and refreshing smoothie! Plus, drinking a smoothie like this every day will make it a lot easier for you to maintain your figure.

56. Smoothie with ice сream

#56. Смузи с мороженым
Source: Valio

The advantage of this recipe is that there is room for your imagination to run wild. If you take chocolate ice cream, add a banana and cacao to the smoothie, or dairy ice cream, wild berries, an orange and an apple will work well.

57. Kiwi smoothie

#57 Смузи из киви
Source: Gotovite

Live bright and tasty! The recipe for this smoothie, does not include milk, so you can replace it with creamy ice cream, or leave everything as it is.

58. Smoothie with celery and apples

#58 Смузи из сельдерея и яблок

This kind of drink is the perfect start to any day. A smoothie made with apples and celery is a real natural vitamin, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to make.