Quinoa Dishes. 57 Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Every Day

In our modern world, recipes featuring quinoa are gaining in popularity. Let’s look at where and why this trend is coming from.

Quinoa looks a lot like fine and translucent couscous. Yet it is impossible to confuse the two. When raw, quinoa has a denser, lighter colour and is much larger in size than before cooking.

Historical evidence suggests that quinoa is a grain that came to us from South America. The ancient Incas called it nothing less than ‘the golden grain’ and regarded its benefits as sacred.

Quiona has now become the most popular food item in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. However, a large 50% of exports go to Europe and the USA. What can this be attributed to?

It is more likely to be a fashion for a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition among the young population. And, by the way, this fashion is not unreasonable.

Quinoa really is an incredibly healthy and versatile food. And remarkably, it can be used to make anything you like: cakes, puddings, desserts, snacks, side dishes, drinks, hot dishes and salads, to name but a few.

The plant protein content in quinoa is off the charts, including amino acids, vitamins A, B and C. Quinoa is also a lifesaver for weight loss, pancreatitis and gastritis.

The process of cooking this wonderful cereal is not too demanding and is no different to cooking other grains such as buckwheat, bulgur or rice.

Quinoa is fairly neutral in taste and distantly resembles a nut, which makes it great to combine with other ingredients and add to a variety of dishes.

Therefore, I recommend taking a closer look at this magical grain. Because it has a delicate and unspecific taste, there is a 99% chance that quinoa will win your heart, and your stomach as well.

Breakfasts with Quinoa

1. Apple caramelised granola with cinnamon and quinoa

Imagining a healthier diet is no easy task. Serve caramelised granola with cocoa or unsweetened green tea for breakfast.

2. Energy bars with quinoa

#2 Energy bars with quinoa
Source: Wellplated

Make your own energy bar and compare it with the ones you buy in the supermarket. I bet you’ll feel the difference. The great thing about homemade, homemade bars is that they can be made from almost anything. In this case, it’s quinoa, cereal, lime honey and fresh blueberries. Enjoy.

3. Crunch bars with nuts and quinoa

Let me tell you right away, don’t limit yourself in your choice of nuts. There can be as many as a dozen varieties. Add honey, nut paste, oats, quinoa, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. If you are not on any kind of diet, you can top the bar with liquid milk chocolate.

4. Pumpkin and quinoa bar

The perfect excuse not to miss out on your breakfast. The pumpkin and quinoa bar brings together all the most coveted and warm flavours of autumn, homeliness, and, of course, healthy eating.

5. Bowl of quinoa, almonds, fruit and coconut chips

#5 Bowl of quinoa, almonds, fruit and coconut chips
Source: Loveandlemons

To make this bowl, you will need cow’s milk or almond milk and your favourite fresh fruit and berries. For example strawberries, raspberries, peaches, pears or apples. Don’t forget to garnish the dish with almond and coconut chips.

6. Quinoa and eggs for breakfast

#6 Quinoa and eggs for breakfast
Source: Povar

Have you been wanting to transform your morning menu and add more vitamins? Then quinoa and eggs are the perfect option for you and your family. The dish also includes fried bacon and fresh herbs.

7. Chocolate porridge with raspberries, coconut and quinoa

#7 Chocolate porridge with raspberries, coconut and quinoa
Source: Olivemagazine

Treat yourself to the most appetising chocolate porridge, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and will not make you feel guilty, because the calorie content of porridge is only about 220 calories per serving.

8. Porridge with quinoa, maple syrup and sweet pears

#8 Porridge with quinoa, maple syrup and sweet pears
Source: Hudeiskorei

An unforgettable treat. Be sure to prepare your porridge with almond or coconut milk instead of water. Perfect for your leisurely Saturday breakfast.

Quinoa Salads and Snacks

9. Quinoa salad with fruit and vegetables

#9  Quinoa salad with fruit and vegetables
Source: Yummly

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it tastes quite nutritious. The salad consists of the following components: quinoa, red and yellow bell peppers, a small onion, cherry tomatoes, radishes, half a grapefruit and pumpkin cut into small cubes. Dress with olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

10. Wild rice salad with quinoa and asparagus

#10 Wild rice salad with quinoa and asparagus
Source: Simplyquinoa

Try this incredible culinary masterpiece right away! As well as being very, very tasty, wild rice salad is also considered a real vitamin bomb. How could it be otherwise with ingredients like these?

11. Barbecued prawn and quinoa bowls

#11 Barbecued prawn and quinoa bowls
Source: Pinterest

By the way, it’s gluten-free and quality uplifting. The barbecued prawn and quinoa bowl is not only a great idea for a healthy and tasty lunch, but also a beautiful, photogenic dish that will look spectacular at a party.

12. Warm salad with chicken liver and quinoa

#12. Warm salad with chicken liver and quinoa
Source: Fasol

If you’ve never cooked quinoa before, it’s no problem – you’re sure to be up to the task. Chicken liver can be substituted for beef liver if you like. The main thing is to add everything else: cherry tomatoes, asparagus, ground black pepper and balsamic vinegar.

13. Quinoa and chickpea scone

#13. Quinoa and chickpea scone
Source: Mir-krup

Quinoa and chickpea tortillas are quick and easy to make, full of protein and all sorts of nutrients. Garnish with fresh cherry tomatoes or dried tomatoes to serve.

14. Crispy quinoa balls

Especially suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It’s important to note, fry the balls in a pan, not in a deep fryer! Serve with sweet and sour or soy sauce.

15. Guacamole with quinoa

#15 Guacamole with quinoa
Source: Foodman

Who wouldn’t want to try such an interesting and unusual Mexican snack? Cut the avocado in half and remove all the pulp from the centre. Then we heartily stuff it with guacamole and add boiled quinoa. If you add a few drops of Tabasco to each serving you make it a truly Mexican dish.

16. Black bean and quinoa bowl

#16 Black bean and quinoa bowl
Source: Tasty

A very nutritious and hearty dish that is also low in calories. The black bean and quinoa bowl can and should be eaten for breakfast.

17. Quinoa and courgette appetizer

#17. Quinoa and courgette appetizer
Source: Food.inmyroom

It looks extraordinarily beautiful and even enchanting. The sight of such an exquisite appetiser makes it impossible to keep yourself from inadvertently eating it all! For all those who are excited about haute cuisine, this is a special treat.

18. Parmesan and quinoa crisps

Although it’s an appetizer dish, it doesn’t make it any less appetising or sophisticated. Surprise guests at your party by serving Parmesan and quinoa crisps with alcoholic drinks or lemonade. With white semisweet wine and unfiltered beer, it’s just right.

19. Homemade quinoa and hot chilli chips

#19. Homemade quinoa and hot chilli chips
Source: Woodlandfoods

And this snack is for those who like it not just spicy, but devilishly hot. Homemade quinoa and pepper crisps must be topped up with something. Sugary soft drinks, cider, beer or plain mineral water would be nice.

20. Simple vegetable salad with quinoa

#20 Simple vegetable salad with quinoa
Source: Cookieandkate

This recipe is very quick and easy to prepare. Soak the quinoa for a few hours, dice your favourite vegetables, drizzle lightly with lemon or lime, drizzle with olive oil and stir. Done!

21. Quinoa, vegetable and bulgur salad

#21 Quinoa, vegetable and bulgur salad
Source: 1001eda.com

A delicious and light salad of vegetables, quinoa and bulgur is a real treat. Not only me, but your appreciative guests will tell you that. Make twice as much at once as you originally planned. You’ll see, there won’t be anything left on the plates!

22. Warm salad with quinoa, spinach and shiitake

#22. Warm salad with quinoa, spinach and shiitake
Source: Bit

In principle, if shiitake is not available, other mushrooms such as champignons or chanterelles can be substituted. The salad should only be served warm so that all the flavours can unfold to their full potential.

23. Salad with quinoa, chicken and avocado

#23. Salad with quinoa, chicken and avocado
Source: Edimdoma

Considered a versatile snack as it is ideal for everyday meals as well as festive occasions. To make the salad more appetising, simply grill the chicken.

24. Vitamin salad with quinoa, broccoli and peppers

#24. Vitamin salad with quinoa, broccoli and peppers
Source: Djurenko

For those watching their health and weight, this is a good idea. The salad is easy to prepare, the quinoa cooks quickly, averaging about 5-7 minutes. Top the dish with white and black sesame seeds and fragrant herbs.

25. Salad with scallops and quinoa

#25. Salad with scallops and quinoa
Source: Gotovim

It’s worth noting that scallops are not only very healthy but also insanely delicious. And in combination with quinoa, the vitamins are doubled by a factor of two. This kind of salad is best dressed with vegetable oil or olive oil. You can serve it both warm and cold.

26. Salad with quinoa and yams

#26 Salad with quinoa and yams
Source: Eda

Mix the quinoa and yams in equal proportions and combine with dried or fresh cherry tomatoes and salad leaves. Lightly sprinkle with lemon before serving. A light and appetising dinner is ready to be enjoyed.

27. Salad with quinoa, bell peppers and nuts

#27.  Salad with quinoa, bell peppers and nuts
Source: Inspiredtaste

This ultra-healthy salad is the perfect accompaniment to dense main dishes, and to light seafood dinners, too.

28. Quinoa, feta, tomato and olive salad

#28. Quinoa, feta, tomato and olive salad
Source: Eatingwell

If you look closely at the composition of the dish, you can conclude that whoever created it was inspired by Greek culinary traditions. Garnish with a sprig of green basil before serving.

29. Summer salad with quinoa, honey fruit and lime dressing

Just look at how bright and picturesque a fruit salad looks on your plate! It’s a delight to eat outdoors. A sit-down meal at the cottage or a lunchtime meal in the park is a good excuse for a fruit salad with quinoa.

30. Light salad with beef and quinoa

#30  Light salad with beef and quinoa
Source: Nomoneynotime

Everyone, even those who were previously sceptical about quinoa, will enjoy it. This salad will easily become a main course, thanks to the presence of a good piece of beef tenderloin in it.

31. Lenten quinoa appetizer with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes

#31  Lenten quinoa appetizer with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes
Source: Recepty.7dac

Words are superfluous. The original mix of roasted mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and quinoa will turn the head of even the most hardcore cook!

Desserts with Quinoa

32. Chocolate cake with quinoa

#32. Chocolate cake with quinoa
Source: Prevention

Who doesn’t love chocolate cakes that only take five minutes to make? I think the answer is obvious. Quinoa plays a paramount role in this dessert, making the texture of the chocolate cake delicate and light.

33. Chocolate quinoa pudding

#33. Chocolate quinoa pudding
Source: Thegreenforks

A dessert that takes exactly 15 minutes to make. That’s just enough time to make a simple but delicious and healthy chocolate treat. To make the pudding look bright and festive, simply decorate it with a mint leaf or coconut flakes.

34. Pudding with quinoa, cardamom and orange

#34. Pudding with quinoa, cardamom and orange
Source: Gastronom

Serve this festive pudding in a pretty dish, preferably in a tall glass or martini glass. A good unloading dessert option for New Year’s Eve.

35. Bavarian dessert with quinoa

#35. Bavarian dessert with quinoa
Source: Povarenok

When tasting this fantastic treat, you might get the impression that a cereal like quinoa is made for a variety of desserts.

36. Milk pudding with quinoa and fresh strawberries

#36. Milk pudding with quinoa and fresh strawberries
Source: Gastronom

If you don’t know how and where to use the leftover strawberries, just use them in this dessert. In the classic version, puddings are made with dough or semolina; in this recipe, we add quinoa. Try it, it’s truly delicious!

37. Light quinoa and cinnamon cake

In addition to the cinnamon, the dessert also contains chocolate. When making the dish, follow the recipe strictly. Do not experiment and add dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. This will ruin the taste of the cake.

38. Blackberry and quinoa cake

#38. Blackberry and quinoa cake
Source: Cottercrunch

Quinoa fruit cakes are really delicious and healthy! If you don’t like blackberries, substitute any other berry you like – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or blackcurrants.

Soups with Quinoa

39. Vegetarian quinoa soup

#39. Vegetarian quinoa soup
Source: Cookieandkate

Lately, there are more and more recipes featuring quinoa. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many soups to choose from. I want to rectify this problem and share with you a lovely and hearty recipe for vegetarian quinoa soup.

40. Chicken soup with mushrooms and quinoa

There’s just about everything in this soup! Even the potatoes and broccoli make good friends with mushrooms, boiled chicken, vegetables and quinoa. A good dish for the dank winter weather. Serve together with croutons made from black bread.

41. Vegetable broth with prawns and quinoa

Not eating after 6? With this soup, you can eat at 1am and you won’t gain any extra pounds. Hurry up and write down the recipe and make all your culinary fantasies come true!

42. Vegetable soup with quinoa and asparagus beans

#42. Vegetable soup with quinoa and asparagus beans
Source: Receptino

If you’re looking for an unusual and diet-friendly soup, you’re on the right track! After cooking, let the soup stand for at least half an hour. This way, all the other ingredients and the broth itself will take on a unique nutty flavour.

43. Cod fish soup with quinoa

#43 Cod fish soup with quinoa
Source: Globalcook

This soup can be considered a complete delicacy. The combination of lightly sauteed vegetables, tender quinoa, herbs and cod create an indescribable gastronomic symphony.

44. Soup with quinoa, turkey, spinach and green peas

#44 Soup with quinoa, turkey, spinach and green peas
Source: Lifehacker

If you like it spicy (in moderation), I recommend adding some red pepper to the broth. It won’t affect the taste of the soup in any way, and on the contrary, it will make the aftertaste more delicate and bright. Roast the turkey in a pan for 5 minutes before adding it to the mixture.

45. Spinach and quinoa cream soup

#45 Spinach and quinoa cream soup
Source: Webspoon

Although no meat or fish was found in the dish, the soup will delight you with its special flavour and pleasant density.

Main Dishes and Side Dishes with Quinoa

46. Baked vegetables with quinoa filling

You can substitute this lovely and healthy cereal for the filling when stuffing bell peppers. I assure you it will be very tangy and appetising. Also, don’t forget the Cheddar cheese, there should be plenty of it.

47. Mexican quinoa pan

#47. Mexican quinoa pan
Source: Allrecipes

A glorious dish for the extended family. Very easy to serve and consume as there is no need to arrange it on plates, it’s ready to eat straight from the hot pan!

48. Saffron quinoa with dried cherries and almonds

#48. Saffron quinoa with dried cherries and almonds
Source: Epicurious

Throw a gastronomic party and invite all your most important guests. I’m sure they’ll be genuinely delighted when they taste the shuffan quinoa with dried cherries and almonds.

49. Courgette stuffed with acorns and quinoa

#49. Courgette stuffed with acorns and quinoa
Source: Thespruceeats

Experience a magical holiday atmosphere with vegetarian courgettes stuffed with acorns and quinoa. It looks stunning, isn’t too difficult to prepare and tastes memorable. So what are you waiting for?

50. Spring roll with prawn and quinoa

#50 Spring roll with prawn and quinoa
Source: Damndelicious

Asians have certainly never made a dish like this, but we’re not them. So instead of the traditional spring rolls with pork, or prawns and shiitake mushrooms, we add some quinoa. The dish is also served with soy sauce or oyster sauce.

51. Bowl with sweet potatoes and quinoa

For some reason, all chefs categorise the sweet potato and quinoa bowl as a main course. In my opinion, it could also be suitable as a lunch or breakfast dish. You’re sure to feel full as soon as you finish the last bite.

52. Quinoa pilaf with chicken

In appearance, it does resemble real poultry pilaf. But if you look closely, you’ll notice small “eggs” of the healthy grain. When serving, sprinkle liberally with cilantro.

53. Quinoa and broccoli casserole

A casserole that’s perfect for warm autumn evenings with the nearest and dearest. It’s best served at once, otherwise the cheese runs the risk of turning into an incomprehensible sticky substance. By the way, mozzarella and parmesan are the best choices for this dish.

54. Quinoa with sea fish

#54. Quinoa with sea fish
Source: Cuharka

Well, just the benchmark superfood. You can’t even imagine how many vitamins and healthy micronutrients are hidden in it. As a sea fish, consider salmon (lightly salted or baked).

55. Baked quinoa with prawns in garlic sauce

#55 Baked quinoa with prawns in garlic sauce
Source: Dietdo

As we all know, seafood goes really well with herbs, garlic and a creamy garlic sauce. By the way, if you add quinoa to the dish, it tastes great!

56. Courgette muffins with ham and quinoa

#56.  Courgette muffins with ham and quinoa
Source: Alimero

A bright and tasty representative of Christmas baking. All your guests, even the fussiest, will go crazy over these muffins. The courgettes don’t take as long to prepare as you might imagine. Allow them to cool a little before serving, so they’ll taste even better.

57. Bonus: Salad with octopus, tomatoes, quinoa and grape dressing

57. Salad with octopus, tomatoes, quinoa and grape dressing
Source: Restoran

How do you go about wowing your significant other? If you do it right (i.e. choose the right fresh octopus) and mix the vegetables with the quinoa, you will never, ever be forgotten! The recipe from the capital’s chef, Igor Zorin, works real magic.