The Best Appetizers for the Holiday Dinner Table. Top 47 Recipes

Hot and cold. Meat and fish. Canapes and sandwiches. Pickles and salads. Such a variety of truly rich holiday table.

What were appetizers invented for? Their main task is just to whet your appetite, and not to completely satiate to death.

Also, appetizers are actively used in pairing with alcohol. For strong alcohol they are pickles and tomatoes, lard, cold cuts, smoked meat products and fruit. Under wine or champagne – caviar, fish, camembert, chicken roulade bruschetta, grapes. With beer and cider – all kinds of snacks, seafood, and even chocolate.

However, be careful! Holiday snacks have their own, special requirements. They must be not just tasty, but also impressive and original look.

You just can’t chop vegetables for a salad “in a hurry”, all the components have to be assembled into a beautiful, colorful and festive composition. But do not be frightened, absolutely everyone can do it! Especially after reading my special selection with appetizers.

Meat Appetizers

1. Classic Portobello mushrooms

#1 Classic Portobello mushrooms
Source: Delish

Creamy cheese, juicy bacon, and fresh spinach are a win-win as a mouthwatering filling for Portobello mushrooms. And the addition of tomatoes and capers will give the dish a welcome and unusual sourness. Stuffed Portobello mushrooms will be a wonderful decoration for your holiday table.

2. Asian salad

#2 Asian salad
Source: Taste

Want to try something new? Asian salad at your service! When it comes to ingredients, don’t worry, you can definitely find them at your nearest supermarket or market: Peking cabbage, chicken fillets, green onions, carrots, fresh or pickled ginger, white wine vinegar, soy sauce, chili flakes. In just 10 minutes, a fresh and hearty Asian appetizer is ready.

3. Chestnuts wrapped in bacon and cranberries

Why order a delicacy in a restaurant when you can easily make it at home? The ingredients of the dish can not be called common or standard, but in order to surprise and please the invited guests, you can make a little extra effort, no?

4. Mini peppers stuffed with cheese and ham

#4 Mini peppers stuffed with cheese and ham
Source: Alimero

The main component of this magical, festive snack is fresh, homemade ham. It is to its choice approach with special delicacy. In principle, you can take larger peppers, but in that case you will need 2 or even 3 times more stuffing.

5. Snack “Quail Feet”

#5  Snack "Quail Feet"
Source: Webspoon

You really can’t tell the difference from the real thing! Quail feet are the best reason to finally start a holiday feast. Everyone from small to large will like this appetizer. And especially those who made it, because it takes only 20 minutes to prepare.

6. Baked buffalo wings

You can’t make it without blue cheese sauce, I guarantee it! Better yet, make several sauces. For example, sweet and sour, cheese, or ginger. Roast the wings well, and then put them in the oven for a while. Serve with fresh celery and carrot slices. It tastes mind-blowing!

7. Mini kebabs

#7 Mini kebabs
Source: Jacks

Even at a buffet, guests want something meaty and hearty. In that case, mini kebabs are perfect. Form an assortment and everyone will be happy. Make kebabs of pork, chicken, also from salmon, hake, mushrooms, cheese and even fruit (banana, strawberry, peach, pineapple, grapes).

8. Homemade pastrami from turkey or chicken breast

#8  Homemade pastrami from turkey or chicken breast
Source: Vkuso

Pastrami is a delicacy of meat, a dish of Moldavian and Romanian cuisine. In most cases, it is made of beef, pork and poultry. It has an unusual, moderately spicy and very rich meat flavor. Leave to cool completely before serving.

9. Appetizer of pork heart and mushrooms

#9 Appetizer of pork heart and mushrooms
Source: Cookpad

Do not skimp on the mushrooms, there should be as much as the meat. You and your guests will come to ecstasy from the combination of crispy mushrooms, juicy pork heart, fried onions and celery stalk. Those in dire need of a yearly appetizer with vodka will be especially pleased.

10. Caesar on skewers

#10  Caesar on skewers
Source: Gastronom

The usual “Caesar” no longer surprise anyone. Therefore, I advise to qualitatively diversify the holiday menu. Caesar on skewers is a light and effective variant of this notorious salad. A perfect dish for a delicious buffet and a beautiful reception of guests.

11. Pig ears appetizer

#11 Pig ears appetizer
Source: Eda

This appetizer is a traditional Chinese addition to main, hot dishes. There are many variations in the design and preparation of the appetizer, all depending strictly on the region. The only requirement is to cook over low heat and take care not to overcook the ears, otherwise the skin will come off completely.

Fish Snacks

12. Balls with crab sticks, cream cheese, eggs and garlic

#12 Balls with crab sticks, cream cheese, eggs and garlic
Source: Russianfood

Yummy balls of crab sticks, tender cream cheese and eggs are a wonderful appetizer for the holiday table. Top the dish with homemade mayonnaise, so it gets a light, yet juicy texture. Serve in tartlets or simply on platters.

13. Herring sandwiches

#13 Herring sandwiches
Source: Kedem

Who can go without herring sandwiches combined with strong alcohol on a holiday evening? For a crunchy snack – pre-fry black bread on a dry pan. Put lightly salted herring, onion on it, you can also decorate with fresh cucumber and a sprig of parsley. The sandwiches are ready, everybody to the table!

14. Vietnamese spring rolls

#14 Vietnamese spring rolls
Source: Recipetineats

No Vietnamese feast table is complete without this appetizer. Why don’t you adopt the pleasant, Asian-inspired custom as well? Spring rolls with shrimp look great, have an authentic marine flavor, and they are also extremely light and low in calories.

15. Shrimp cocktail

#15 Shrimp cocktail
Source: Cozymeal

I’m guessing you’ve seen this appetizer in movies or on cooking shows before. It’s easy to make. Boil the king prawns, peel them, put them on top of a wine glass or any other dish you like. Make the sauce by hand: mix tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and a little grated horseradish. It tastes divine!

16. Coconut shrimp

#16 Coconut shrimp
Source: Foodnetwork

This stand-up version of the shrimp cocktail is served either at the beginning of the party or towards the end. Exclusively with a light white wine or champagne brut. For those who don’t drink alcohol there are no rules, you can wash it down with cherry compote.

17. Holiday roll with salmon

#17 Holiday roll with salmon
Source: Gastronom

Such a dish will look very winning on the festive table. Although salmon roll is an appetizer, be careful not to overdo it – all the components of the dish are very rich and, of course, appetizing. There is a risk of eating the roulade before you have time to move on to the main meal.

18. Potato and herring roll

#18. Potato and herring roll
Source: Tvoirecepty

In fact, you can choose any fish you want. The most common options are herring, smoked mackerel, lightly salted salmon, canned cod. You won’t find such colorful and rich fish flavor in any dish, I checked!

19. Tartlets with red fish

If you really want to surprise and delight your invited guests – be sure to prepare this festive appetizer. A mix of delicate cream cheese and lightly salted fish – a pleasure inexpressible in words.

Vegetable Appetizers

20. Eggplant sandwich

#20 Eggplant sandwich
Source: N-czn

Best of all, there’s not a drop of bread in this appetizer. Passionate fans of eggplant will definitely be interested in this recipe. To make a delicious eggplant sandwich, all you need is a few eggplant and tomato, garlic, cheese, black pepper and other spices to taste.

21. Pickles

Simple and flavorful. The star of any party, any time of year. Anyone who hasn’t tried pickles is clearly lying or lying. Sure, you can buy them at the store, but it’s much more interesting if you put a little effort into making them yourself.

22. Crunchy corn kebabs

Corn kebabs are an easy and quick snack made with sweet corn. Lifehack: make the kebab ahead of time, put it in the freezer, and take it out as needed. Corporate parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties are the best occasions to make this wonderful dish.

23. Spicy apple appetizer

#23 Spicy apple appetizer
Source: Lafoy

A crunchy combination of apple, pickle and onion is a great idea for an appetizer with moonshine or vodka. On the other hand, even those who don’t drink alcohol at all will also love the dish.

24. Easy crostini pizza

#24 Easy crostini pizza
Source: Thespruceeats

Why crostini? Because it’s the perfect bread for parties and related holiday snacks. You can choose the toppings to suit your taste. Tomatoes, cheddar cheese with pickled olives, or jamon with cottage cheese, tomatoes and sweet peppers are great choices. Crostini pizza pairs well with white dry wine or pear cider.

25. Baby potatoes in parmesan cheese

The crisp, cheesy parmesan crust makes these young potatoes an exceptional treat. Keep this uncomplicated, festive snack recipe on hand at all times. That way, you won’t have to puzzle over what to make for the holiday and what to surprise your guests with every time.

26. Broccoli, garlic and ricotta toast with honey

#26  Broccoli, garlic and ricotta toast with honey
Source: Bonappetit

Crispy, flavorful roasted broccoli proved to us that it does deserve to be the main (main) ingredient of a holiday snack. It tastes great and can even be served as a stand-alone dish. However, if you want a complete, complete version – add roasted garlic puree, butter, ricotta and warm honey.

27. Italian toast with garlic and cheese

A quick and easy recipe that you can make right before the guests arrive. To make this festive appetizer, we need: heavy butter, celery, garlic, grated mozzarella (add cheddar cheese if desired). Italian toast is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those watching their weight.

28. Mini pretzels with sauce

#28 Mini pretzels with sauce
Source: Allrecipes

Add your favorite toppings before baking: sea salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried shallots, rosemary, black pepper. Serve with cheese sauce or other favorite sauce of your choice. A win-win appetizer to go with beer or cider.

29. Tomato tart with cheddar cheese and spices

One of the most interesting and fastest holiday dishes. It is made with puff pastry, or shortbread dough. The best toppings are Cheddar cheese, tomatoes in their own juice, in a mixture of Dijon mustard and olive oil. Garnish with fresh basil leaves.

30. Zucchini chips

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive vegetable chips, you can easily make them in your own kitchen! This simple zucchini chips recipe takes very little time. A snack that will pleasantly dull your appetite before you start your meal.

31. Pomegranate guacamole

#31 Pomegranate guacamole
Source: Foodnetwork

Looks much brighter and more festive than its classic predecessor. Mash a ripe avocado with finely chopped onions, cilantro and lime juice, add tomatoes, and garnish with pomegranate seeds. For those who like it spicy, I highly recommend a good sprinkling of jalapeño or chili peppers.

32. Babaganoush

#32 Babaganoush
Source: Loveandlemons

This is a popular dish of Eastern cuisine, consisting of puréed eggplant and various spices. As an appetizer for the festive table, and with strong alcohol – it’s the best.

33. Festive spicy pecans

#33 Festive spicy pecans
Source: Snacknation

If you haven’t heard about pecans – see the recipe right now and hurry up to the stove! You’ll just love the unusual appetizer glaze that consists of: maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper.

34. Turkish spiced eggs

#34  Turkish spiced eggs
Source: Thefeedfeed

We are all familiar with the recipe for stuffed eggs. But hardly any of you have tried a similar stuffing: Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, lemon juice and sumac. For a more photogenic appetizer, I suggest filling the eggs with a pastry syringe.

35. Caprese on skewers

#35 Caprese on skewers
Source: Womansday

Who can remain indifferent at the sight of mouthwatering caprese on a festive, elegant skewer? This version of the popular Italian appetizer is served as a quick and versatile appetizer for the holidays.

Sweet Appetizers

36. White chocolate truffles

#36  White chocolate truffles
Source: Countryliving

Kids just love this dessert. White chocolate truffles as a snack are a million dollar idea. First, they’re incredibly appetizing, and second, they create an unmistakable holiday atmosphere throughout the house, especially during the Christmas vacations.

37. Christmas brownies

#37  Christmas brownies
Source: Tablespoon

The look of a Christmas brownie will enchant you in a moment, and your hands will involuntarily reach for the dessert themselves. What’s practical, the cake is divided into small, equal slices. Very convenient for a large-scale party with a large number of invitees.

38. Snow balls cake

Perfect snack for long Christmas gatherings or parties for special occasions. These cakes are really easy to make. Before you know it, the snow globes will have disappeared from the plates of your guests.

39. Frozen banana split

#39 Frozen banana split
Source: Foodtalk

If your favorite fruit is banana, then you should definitely try this dessert. The banana split is a great holiday snack for the warm season. The dish is distinguished not only by its excellent taste, but also by its obscenely low calorie content.

40. Ice cream and banana sandwich

#40 Ice cream and banana sandwich
Source: Bbcgoodfood

Sweet tooths are unlikely to ever forget this dessert. Save room in your stomach for a mini ice cream and banana sandwich. A little tip: If possible, make your own ice cream, so the flavor and taste of the dessert will be creamier.

41. Homemade unicorn bars

#41 Homemade unicorn bars
Source: Myrecipes

The main advantage of this festive, bright snack is the magical and memorable appearance of the bars. This effect is achieved by the unusual design of corn mini-cylinders, which are very reminiscent of a unicorn horn.

42. Mini yogurt cheesecake

#42 Mini yogurt cheesecake
Source: Purewow

Preparing the dessert will not take you much time, so feel free to take it on. If you know how to make homemade yogurt – this will be a big plus, because it is it that infuses the sweet snack with all the necessary creamy notes. Decorate the dessert with dogwood jam, raspberries, strawberries or pomegranate seeds.

43. Kruffins

#43 Kruffins
Source: Povarenok

The dessert’s homeland is America. Considered a classic holiday snack. It is served at the end of the evening as a dessert. But you can break all the rules, and treat your invitees, before the main dishes are served. Craffins remind everyone of the familiar French croissants. The main difference between them is the texture of the crust. In kraffins, it is very crispy.

Dressings and Sauces

44. The classic pico de gaio

#44 The classic pico de gaio
Source: Holajalapeno

What is pico de gaio? It’s an amazing, fresh Mexican sauce made from chopped tomatoes, onions, and hot chili peppers. The sauce may also contain other ingredients: avocado, cilantro, lime, cucumber, and capers. Serve pico de gaio along with nachos and corn tortillas.

45. Forschmack

Perhaps the most Jewish way to prepare herring. Great as a holiday appetizer. You can spread forshmak on bread or stuff it on tartlets. The main thing is to add a lot of butter, and do not forget about a ripe, slightly sour apple.

46. The classic liver pâté

#46 The classic liver pâté
Source: Foodandwine

Has an incredibly tender and pleasing texture. Stew chicken livers along with carrots, onions and aromatic herbs, then blend in a blender with butter and olive oil. Garnish with sea buckthorn jelly. The result will surpass all expectations!

47. Vegan dip with spinach and artichokes

#47. Vegan dip with spinach and artichokes
Source: Allrecipes

The perfect vegan dip for almost any holiday appetizer (even meat, and fish). This appetizer combines all the flavor of a traditional spinach and artichoke sauce without the use of dairy. Serve hot with tortilla chips or corn tortillas.

47 Appetizers for the Holiday Dinner Table Recipes Ideas