Lamb Dishes. 45 Ideas for Holidays and Every Day

To diversify the meat diet qualitatively will help lamb. Its preparation is the most popular in the Central Asian cuisine. Lamb is baked, stewed, boiled and fried.

Many cooks recommend to take the meat of a young lamb, so the chances of getting flavorful and tender dishes increased.
Do not be afraid to cook lamb, because if you follow the recipe and learn the right choice, you will discover a huge variety of new recipes, as well as experience true pleasure.

Lamb Salads and Appetizers

1. Crispy lamb salad.

A great idea for a holiday meal – combine feta cheese, crispy, roasted pieces of lamb, ripe tomatoes, red flavored onions, and dress with balsamic vinegar. After the dish is well seasoned you can serve it right away.

2. Greek salad with lamb and zajaki.

Dzazaki is a cold sauce made of yogurt, fresh cucumber and garlic. It was invented in Greece. It combines very appetizingly with grilled lamb, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, lemon juice and olive oil. Serve such a salad for lunch, preferably outdoors.

3. Lamb salad with feta and zucchini.

It is considered a dietary salad. And all due to a diverse set of vegetables: black olives, zucchini, garlic, peas and onions. Add well grilled lamb and enjoy an unforgettable taste!

4. Warm beef salad with mint pesto.

Served with garlic baguette. The original mix of mint pesto, roasted almonds, feta, fresh vegetables, herbs and tender, warm beef is perfect for a beautiful breakfast.

5. Salad with chickpeas, lamb and feta cheese.

#5 Salad with chickpeas, lamb and feta cheese.
Source: Foodinaminute

Delight not only with its flavor, but also with its presentable appearance. Before serving, let the salad steep well, the longer the better. Juicy lamb combined with toasted chickpeas gives an unforgettable nutty and spicy taste.

6. Lamb salad with chili and mint.

The recipe for this colorful, healthy and appetite-exciting salad belongs to Jamie Oliver. The chef himself admitted that he occasionally makes it on holidays. I advise you to adopt a similar habit, because the recipe of the salad really deserves the proper attention!

7. Lamb balls with Greek yogurt.

The perfect appetizer for a grilling party. The balls turn out very tender and rich. Top with Greek yogurt sauce, garnish with mint – a versatile appetizer is ready.

8. Lamb meatballs with raisin pesto.

#8  Lamb meatballs with raisin pesto.
Source: Bonappetit

Make sure the lamb is sufficiently fatty. This is the only way the appetizer will provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Meanwhile, whisk the mint, raisins, parsley, and garlic clove in a blender until smooth. An incredible and memorable pesto is ready. Eat alone or at the same time as the meat.

9. Hungarian lamb ribs.

#9 Hungarian lamb ribs.
Source: Ivetta

Lovers of lamb ribs and lar.d, attention! The whole feature of the taste experience lies in the unusual and savory combination of fresh vegetables, spices, lamb and lard. This dish is a real masterpiece, cook it quickly and surprise your loved ones!

10. Salad with lamb, prunes and narsharab sauce.

#10 Salad with lamb, prunes and narsharab sauce.
Source: Eda

Narsharab sauce is a spicy oriental spice obtained by thickening the pomegranate juice. Baked lamb meat with sauce and vegetables form an unforgettable combination.

11. Olivier with lamb and two kinds of cucumbers.

#11 Olivier with lamb and two kinds of cucumbers.
Source: Cookpad

Not quite familiar, but no less tasty and recognizable salad. We add diced boiled lamb, potatoes, eggs, carrots and fresh and salted cucumbers. It turns out very appetizing.

12. Salad with lamb, smoked chicken and oyster mushrooms.
Nourishing and juicy combo of ingredients. For winter time it’s perfect, you’ll be full literally from two spoonfuls. Garnish with green peas, a sprig of cilantro, be sure to share with guests at Christmas, they will love it!

13. Lamb meatballs in pita bread.

The recipe is simple. The sandwich includes: crispy potatoes, spicy lamb meatballs, and a spicy yogurt sauce. Wrap all contents in a pita and let it soak for a bit. Serve for both breakfast and lunch.

Bread with Lamb

14. Lamb pie with rosemary and garlic.

#14 Lamb pie with rosemary and garlic.
Source: Taste

A good option for hearty and cozy holiday gatherings. Rosemary infuses the pie with a distinctive, unforgettable aroma and combines perfectly with the tender, soft lamb and garlic.

15. Classic Irish lamb and herb pie.

#15 Classic Irish lamb and herb pie.
Source: Foodandwine

The signature dish of southwestern Ireland. The pie has excellent flavor and relatively low calories. Spicy young lamb combined with succulent herbs is a wonderful option for an evening meal.

16. Shepherd’s pie.

#16 Shepherd's pie.
Source: Foodnetwork

It’s versatile and easy to make. Even the inexperienced in baking can cope with it. The whole secret is that the potatoes you add are pre-cooked and filled with spices, such as: thyme, rosemary, black or red pepper.

17. Puff pastry pie with lamb.

#17 Puff pastry pie with lamb..
Source: Videoculinary

Puff pastry is versatile; however, it works best with meat ingredients. Make a filling of raw lamb, onions and potatoes (preferably young), season with zira and black pepper. Easy and hearty pie ready.

18. Samsa with lamb.

#18 Samsa with lamb.
Source: Rutxt

Prepare this wonderful dish of Uzbek cuisine is not difficult. The lamb should be exclusively young, and the filling for the dough is up to your discretion. The most common: pumpkin, potatoes, peas, cheese, herbs.

19. Lamb pizza.

#19 Lamb pizza.
Source: Tveda

Includes not only the classic, familiar to us ingredients, but also steamed white rice. We also add lamb, onions, garlic, asparagus, tomato and basil, sprinkled with cheese. It tastes unforgettable!

Soups with Lamb

20. Moroccan lamb and chickpea soup.

This incredibly flavorful soup of lamb, chickpeas, and lentils is infused with succulent herbs like cilantro and parsley. Serve with Moroccan wheat flour tortillas, both weekdays and holidays.

21. Vegetable soup with lamb.

#21 Vegetable soup with lamb
Source: Zakaz

This soup with large chunks of meat and potatoes resembles an Irish vegetable stew. Local chefs advise serving the soup with black, or soda Irish bread.

22. Borscht with lamb.

#22 Borscht with lamb.
Source: Allrecipes

Stew lamb chopped into medium slices with cabbage, tomatoes, and beets in a meat broth. Add dill, sour cream – everything is classic. This kind of borscht has a more pronounced meat flavor.

23. Spicy Mexican soup with lamb.

Somewhat reminiscent of spicy Mexican stew, however, it combines more spices and broth. The soup is incredibly warming and light.

24. Italian soup with lamb.

#24  Italian soup with lamb
Source: Errenskitchen

This savory Italian recipe includes not only lamb, which just melts in the mouth, but also a large number of vegetables. They enhance each other, giving the soup an exquisite, memorable flavor.

25. Chinese lamb noodle soup.

#25 Chinese lamb noodle soup.
Source: Seriouseats

This soup is a common Chinese dish served exclusively with rice buns. Complementing the dish and gives an interesting consistency, homemade rice noodles.

26. Shurpa with lamb.

#26 Shurpa with lamb.
Source: Gastronom

Promises to become one of your favorite soups. On the other hand it is difficult to call this dish a soup, as it is considered both the first and the second one. Thick, juicy, flavorful – this is how you can describe a wonderful shourpa.

27. Kharcho with beef.

#27  Kharcho with beef.
Source: Russianfood

You can cook kharcho without any experience in the Caucasus and without any special, specific ingredients. The main thing in this cunning business is to add more meat and greens for your taste.

Main Garnishes with Lamb

28. Lamb shank with orange and oregano.

#28. Lamb shank with orange and oregano.
Source: Food52

Marinate the meat in orange juice and oregano. Leave for 1.5 hours. Bake at a low temperature. The leg of lamb has a deep, unique flavor that will whet anyone’s appetite.

29. Pasta with spicy lamb and yogurt.

#29 Pasta with spicy lamb and yogurt.
Source: Epicurious

Just what you need for a romantic evening. This dish combines wonderfully with red wine and heart-to-heart talks. A few pine nuts and dried fruits – your culinary skills will definitely get an A+!

30. Roast lamb with leeks and tomatoes.

A hearty and appetizing dinner for the whole family is assured! Bake at the same time with mustard, red peppers, and garlic. Finish with a generous drizzle of olive oil for extra flavor.

31. Flavorful lamb curry.

#31 Flavorful lamb curry.
Source: Jamieoliver

You can adjust the spiciness of the dish with red pepper flakes. The main thing is not to overpower the rich flavor of the lamb. For better gastro-compatibility, Jamie Oliver advises to serve the dish with basmati rice.

32. Lamb burger with feta, mint, and pickled onions.

#32 Lamb burger with feta, mint, and pickled onions.
Source: Saveur

Slices of sweet pickled onions, lightly salted feta, and tangy hints of chili peppers balance out the juicy lamb fillet perfectly. The result is an authentic American burger that you want to treat dinner parties at the grill.

33. Lamb and rice.

#33 Lamb and rice.
Source: Eatingwell

The sauce in this recipe is an unusual mixture of tomatoes, herbs, spices and mustard. It is this sauce that gives the meat its special, amazing flavor, and the same inimitable taste.

34. Baked lamb with mashed potatoes.

#34 Baked lamb with mashed potatoes.
Source: Avocadobanane

A recipe for all occasions. The main feature of this dish is tender lamb meat, which easily flakes (comes off) from the bone. You can choose the composition of the mashed potatoes yourself. Potatoes, carrots, or peas are ideal.

35. Roast lamb in port.

Roast lamb with port wine sauce smells nice and looks very appetizing! Believe me, you’ll be looking for a reason to make this delicious second course again and again.

36. Lamb with potatoes and artichokes.

This magical and inexpressible taste is given by lamb meat with rosemary and black pepper, as well as roasted young potatoes with a crispy crust and pieces of artichokes. A splash of lemon juice is also good before serving.

37. Bacon-wrapped lamb with caramelized onions and cumin.

#37 Bacon-wrapped lamb with caramelized onions and cumin.
Source: Superiorfarms

A bright, flavorful Christmas dish. It looks mind-blowing; it tastes fantastic. Garnish with caramelized onions and a pinch of fragrant herbs.

38. BBQ lamb with sweet potato chips.

#38  BBQ lamb with sweet potato chips.
Source: Abelandcole

You can replace the sweet potatoes with regular potatoes. But things are different with lamb: you should marinate the meat, leave it for a couple of hours, and only then start cooking. This is a good dish for a lavish feast.

39. Dolma with minced lamb.

#39 Dolma with minced lamb.
Source: Yummybook

Dolma is a simple and delicious dish, made with grape leaves and minced meat. You can play with the appetizer a little: use cabbage or quince leaves instead of grapes. Add paprika and black pepper to the stuffing. It tastes great!

40. Dagestan khinkal.

#40 Dagestan khinkal.
Source: Edimdoma

A traditional dish of the Caucasus, which is prepared differently in each village (with lamb, chicken or beef). The only thing, the fabulous taste and the crazy meat flavour, remain unchanged!

41. Lamb chahohbili.

#41 Lamb chahohbili.
Source: Videoculinary

A very picturesque and authentic dish in which lamb and spices play the first violin. Chaber, parsley, basil and coriander are the main ingredients for a proper Chakhohbili.

42. Lulah Kebab on skewers in the oven.

#42 Lulah Kebab on skewers in the oven.

I advise to make the stuffing yourself, for example, from lamb shoulder, so the meat will be more tender. Green onions can be replaced by onions, but in the first case, the taste will be richer. It bakes very quickly, a great idea for an appetizer when the main dish is not ready yet, and the guests are on their way.

43. Juicy lamb ribs.

With skillful handling of meat, lamb dishes promise to become your favorite. In this recipe, we need only young lamb, without veins. Roast in olive oil with spices.

44. Lamb stew with quinces.

#44 Lamb stew with quinces.
Source: Say7

It can be served with different porridges (rice, millet or buckwheat), potatoes or vegetable stew. Quinces are tinned, sweet and slightly sour, and stewed together with the lamb. It’s a great option for a winter dinner.

45. Breaded roasted lamb breast.

A good addition to any side dish, especially potatoes. Cooking time will not take much effort and energy, and the taste will be remembered forever.

45 Lamb Recipe Ideas