What to Make with Pumpkin? 41 Best Recipes for Every Day

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. And all because this vegetable has its own unique, soft, slightly sweet taste.

Many people are skeptical about this vegetable, all because they don’t know how to cook it. Pumpkin is said to help fight insomnia, excess weight, and skin problems. And, if you still do not use this vegetable in your diet, hurry up to buy it and prepare an original seasonal dish.

Appetizers and Salads with Pumpkin

1. Pumpkin hummus.

#1 Pumpkin hummus.
Source: Bbcgoodfood

Host a Halloween party and use ripe pumpkin to make this great creamy hummus. When choosing your pumpkin, look for the marbled and peanut varieties.

2. Young pumpkin with pesto and crostini.

#2 Young pumpkin with pesto and crostini.
Source: Countryliving

For a spicy and tangy flavor, season pumpkin chopped in a blender with black pepper and granulated garlic. Consume with pesto and Crostini bread. The combination of spicy pumpkin and rich pesto is something to behold.

3. Pumpkin fries with parmesan.

#3. Pumpkin fries with parmesan.
Source: Wholefully

Want to try something new? Potatoes aren’t the only ones that can have that memorable flavor and crunch. Parmesan will perfectly accentuate the flavors of pumpkin, its savory hue with a soft and delicate aftertaste.

4. Vegan-style stuffed pumpkin.

#4 Vegan-style stuffed pumpkin.
Source: Taste

Original snack for a big company. This dish is cooked very fast. The main thing is to know what to stuff the pumpkin with. Pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and dried apricots are ideal. Sprinkle lightly with maple syrup before serving.

5. Roasted pumpkin and smoked paprika salad.

#5 Roasted pumpkin and smoked paprika salad.
Source: Olivemagazine

A vegetarian fall salad for a quick meal. Main benefits: doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to prepare, has a distinctly pumpkin flavor. Tip: Drizzle with wine vinegar, sprinkle with feta – it makes the salad even more appetizing.

6. Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta salad.

#6. Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta salad.
Source: Recipetineats

The best salad for light Sunday dinners. Roasted pumpkin combined with spinach and balsamic vinegar perfectly captures the autumn mood.

7. Salad with young lamb, pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts.

#7.  Salad with young lamb, pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts.
Source: Lovemysalad

Take a trip to the Middle East with this mouthwatering and tender salad. The recipe uses young calf meat and honeyed, sweet pumpkin. It is best served hot.

8. Pumpkin salad with blue cheese.

#8.  Pumpkin salad with blue cheese.
Source: Jaroflemons

This delicious and quick recipe is a surefire leader among seasonal dishes. The unique combination of roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, delicate blue cheese and walnuts will be remembered for a long time.

9. Quinoa and pumpkin salad.

An extremely successful combination of pumpkin, quinoa, honey, olive oil and spices roasted until golden and crispy will perfectly satiate anyone who is crazy about sweets.

10. Pumpkin chips.

#10 Pumpkin chips.
Source: Momables

If you’re looking for something new to munch on with your favorite TV show (and you’re dreading popcorn), check out pumpkin chips. They can also be served with hummus or mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin Drinks

11. Pumpkin martini.

Celebrate the arrival of fall with a delightful holiday martini. The combination of pumpkin liqueur, gin, and Irish cream is a mild, slightly spicy cocktail that will make your head spin with its unusual flavor from the first sip.

12. Pumpkin pie cocktail.

#12 Pumpkin pie cocktail.
Source: Allrecipes

The drink will not leave indifferent sweet tooth, because this cocktail contains vanilla ice cream, canned honey pumpkin, pumpkin topping and spicy rum! Such a rich mix of flavors is hard to describe in words, you just have to try it.

13. Pumpkin protein shake.

The cocktail is extremely easy to make. Pumpkin puree, banana, cinnamon and nutmeg create a nice creamy texture that will appeal to all fans of classic pumpkin pie and sport.

Baked Goods and Desserts with Pumpkin

14. Pumpkin pie.

An American classic for Thanksgiving. For the authenticity of the dish, I suggest adding a secret ingredient – a pinch of black pepper, for spiciness’s sake. Don’t worry, no one will know. It may sound strange, but only in this way will the pie reveal all its rich flavors.

15. Pumpkin cream muffins.

# 15. Pumpkin cream muffins.
Source: Thespruceeats

If you do everything exactly as described in the recipe, you’ll end up with juicy and extremely appetizing cupcakes. A super idea for a leisurely breakfast with a cup of aromatic coffee.

16. Pumpkin and white chocolate mousse.

#16. Pumpkin and white chocolate mousse.
Source: Epicurious

White chocolate gives a unique creamy sweetness to the mousse and goes great with pumpkin. Serve the dessert for holidays and celebrations. In the U.S., it is usually served at Thanksgiving.

17. Spicy pumpkin pie.

# 17 Spicy pumpkin pie.
Source: Womansday

You’re sure to love this seasonal pumpkin pie. The mix of spice, pumpkin puree and maple syrup is the perfect combination for a flavorful fall bake.

18. Pumpkin roll.

#18. Pumpkin roll.
Source: Foodnetwork

Sweet pumpkin roll is infused with juicy spices like cinnamon and coriander, making it incredibly desirable, and at any time of the year or day.

19. Pumpkin cookies.

#19. Pumpkin cookies.
Source: Ivetta

The perfect sweet recipe for every day. The cookies are moderately sweet and quite spicy due to the pumpkin and spices.

20. Puffed pumpkin cake.

#20. Puffed pumpkin cake.
Source: Lilluna

This is one of those delicious pumpkin desserts that promises to be a real hit with your family! To make the cake even tastier, sprinkle it with coconut shavings and garnish with tangerine slices.

21. Pumpkin cheesecake with marshmallow.

Cheesecake is extremely beautiful and also tastes great. Bake the dessert for a children’s party. It will be the best surprise for the birthday boy and his little guests. Add an interesting element of play: suggest that the child decorate the top of the marshmallow cake himself.

22. Banana-pumpkin pudding.

This pudding is first and foremost a rich source of dumplings and healthy fats, and then an incredibly sophisticated dessert for tea. The delicate texture of the light pudding pairs perfectly with the juicy banana and sweet pumpkin.

23. Pumpkin pudding cake.

#23 Pumpkin pudding cake.
Source: Bettycrocker

Such an original dessert is served in Germany, for holidays. Germans love the cake for its airiness, pumpkin flavor and unusual filling. And, of course, for the fact that it consists of only five ingredients, of which you can easily make a real culinary masterpiece.

Pumpkin Soups

24. Creamy roasted pumpkin and coconut cream soup.

#24.Creamy roasted pumpkin and coconut cream soup.
Source: Biancazapatka

The pumpkin, coconut cream and milk make for a very creamy and hearty soup. It’s a good way to warm up when the weather is cold, chilly.

25. Traditional pumpkin cream soup.

#25. Traditional pumpkin cream soup.
Source: Delish

The beauty of this soup is that the next day, having infused it, it becomes many times more appetizing. And all due to the sweetness of pumpkin and heavy cream. Be careful not to gobble it all up in one day!

26. Vegetable cream soup with pumpkin and carrots.

#26  Vegetable cream soup with pumpkin and carrots.
Source: Bbc

Anything you have in the fridge will do. That’s why I love this dish. If you have cream in your arsenal – great. Garnish the soup with pumpkin seeds, and serve hot. It tastes delicious!

27. Pumpkin spice soup with bacon.

#27. Pumpkin spice soup with bacon.
Source: Foodandwine

Fans of meaty and filling first courses will love this soup. Chances are you haven’t tasted such a mouthwatering combination of juicy bacon and spicy pumpkin yet.

28. Pumpkin soup with parmesan.

Pumpkin soup with parmesan will be enjoyed by all. With its taste and original serving it is very reminiscent of a restaurant dish. White wine + young parmesan + garlic + pumpkin = incredible combination of tastes!

29. Spicy pumpkin soup with shrimp.

#29 Spicy pumpkin soup with shrimp..
Source: Lactaid

The right mix of ginger, tiger shrimp, allspice, garlic and honey pumpkin turns into a delicious holiday dish. Play with flavor – add the spices and herbs of your choice. In the classic version, the author suggests using coriander and cilantro, but you can play with the flavor by adding herbs of your choice.

Garnishes and Main Dishes with Pumpkin

30. Millet porridge with pumpkin in the oven.

#30 Millet porridge with pumpkin in the oven.
Source: Gastronom

Such millet porridge can be as good as stewed in the oven. To make this dish especially appetizing I advise you to choose pumpkin with a sweeter taste. And, of course, do not spare the butter!

31. Homemade casserole with chicken and pumpkin.

#31 Homemade casserole with chicken and pumpkin.
Source: Vkuso

A great fall dish for the whole family. Incredibly filling and light at the same time. For the casserole to get a creamy shade – sprinkle it with young Parmesan, that’s what gives the dish a unique taste.

32. Pan fried pumpkin with herbs.

#32 Pan fried pumpkin with herbs.
Source: 1000.menu

A wonderful Lenten snack, as well as a successful side dish to any meat dish. This recipe comes from Russia, so the herbs are parsley and dill.

33. Pumpkin potato pancakes.

#33 Pumpkin potato pancakes.
Source: Russianfood

This recipe proves once again that pumpkin is not only a useful vegetable, but also versatile. Try making pumpkin dumplings out of it, and believe me, they turn out just as good as potato ones but twice as healthy! For a spicier flavor – add a pinch of red and black pepper.

34. Baked pumpkin spaghetti.

#34 Baked pumpkin spaghetti.
Source: Grandkulinar

This dish is more than enough to replace the classic spaghetti. Due to its fibrous softness, pumpkin gets the same texture as Italian pasta. Add some olive oil and parmesan, and the original dinner is ready.

35. French pumpkin.

#35 French pumpkin.
Source: Iamcook

This recipe appeals for its simplicity. In just 10 minutes you can create a real masterpiece. Thanks to the sweet combination of butter, juicy pumpkin and cheese, you won’t even notice how you finish the second plate.

36. Lazy potatoes with pumpkin.

#36 Lazy potatoes with pumpkin.
Source: Povarenok

A great option when you don’t have time to make up and cook something fancy. The softness of stewed potatoes paired with poached sweet pumpkin is a great snack for both breakfast and dinner.

37. Classic pumpkin and meat.

#37 Classic pumpkin and meat.
Source: Cookery

This wonderful dish is made very quickly. An excellent option for a snack. The pumpkin turns out very tender, flavorful and delicious. When serving, garnish with your favorite herbs or walnuts.

38. Pumpkin and chickpeas.

#38 Pumpkin and chickpeas.
Source: Eda

Attention all athletes! This dish contains a lot of protein. You definitely haven’t seen such an original mix of products anywhere else: banana, pumpkin, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. It sounds strange, but it tastes tangy and appetizing!

39. Meat stew in a pumpkin pot.

#39 Meat stew in a pumpkin pot.
Source: Recepty.7dach

Surprise your guests with an original serving and unforgettable taste. Incredibly beautiful, colorful, and most importantly damn tasty fall dish.

40. Stir-fried breaded pumpkin.

#40 Stir-fried breaded pumpkin.
Source: Yummybook

For those who are bored with monotonous, boring recipes. Vibrant slices of pumpkin in a crispy breading will grace any dinner table. Serve as a side dish to meat or as a separate dish.

41. Stuffed pumpkin with potatoes and meat.

The main dish at any feast. The juiciness of the meat and the rich meat broth make the usual pumpkin dish shine with new colors. Stuff the pumpkin with whatever you like, but beef and potatoes are best. The main secret is finely chopped garlic, which is added to the stuffing at the very end.

41 Pumpkin Recipe Ideas