What to Make with Chickpeas? 40 Ready-made Meal Ideas for Every Taste

If you haven’t tried chickpeas yet, you’re missing out. Turkish mutton peas, also known as chickpeas, are pale golden beans with a nutty flavor that are very popular in warm countries (mostly in the Mediterranean region).

Not only does this bean have a delightful, sweet taste and a pleasant, buttery texture, but it is also very healthy. It is an excellent source of B vitamins, magnesium and iron. Chickpea dishes are incredibly versatile. But it is better to try it once than to read about it for hours.

Chickpea Appetizers and Salads

1. Lazy roasted chickpea appetizer.

#1 Lazy roasted chickpea appetizer.
Source: Allrecipes

This is a great snack in case your body is craving chips or popcorn and you want something healthier (healthy) but just as delicious. The fried snack is great when paired with a salad and main course, or on its own.

2. Homemade hummus.

#2 Homemade hummus.
Source: Inspiredtaste

Turns out much tastier than store-bought. With aged olive oil and buttery chickpeas, hummus gets a nice creamy texture and a bright, nutty flavor.

3. Hummus with ground beef.

This ground beef recipe is a simple and authentic Middle Eastern dish that’s easy to make with golden chickpeas, ground beef, and pine nuts. It is served with pita chips, or tortillas.

4. Hummus with spicy chicken and cauliflower.

#4. Hummus with spicy chicken and cauliflower.
Source: Foodandwine

Another no less tasty variation of the popular hummus. The original combination of red peppers, well-fried chicken, tahini and tender chickpeas makes for a dense and appetizing dinner for the whole family.

5. Spicy roasted chickpeas with honey and seeds.

Bell peppers, honey and olive oil are a successful combination with roasted and crunchy chickpeas. Add a little lemon zest to enhance the character of the appetizer and make it even more appetizing.

6. Chickpea salad with avocado.

Chickpea salad is filled with crunchy cucumbers, juicy cherry tomatoes, creamy avocado and delicate feta cheese. A fresh lemon dressing gives the dish a Mediterranean twist. The perfect summer salad.

7. Low calorie chickpea salad with chicken.

A great light lunch that you can fill up to your heart’s content without gaining extra calories. Its second name is “diet”. Includes Romaine lettuce, chickpeas, canned corn, goat cheese, avocado, cilantro and boiled chicken.

8. Diet salad with chickpeas and eggs.

Just what you need on a day of unloading. The recipe is as simple as making the salad: mix tomatoes, eggs, chickpeas, white peppers, avocado and olives and dress with olive oil. A simple and delicious lunch is ready.

9. Greek salad with chickpeas and spinach.

The recipe for this easy and quick salad comes from Athens. The dish is incredibly flavorful due to the combination of fresh spinach, olive oil and golden chickpeas. If you’re a fan of fish or meat, the salad would make a great accompaniment to a main course.

10. Tuna and chickpea sandwich.

It’s so easy to make! To enhance the flavor of the tuna(seafood), add a couple of plates of nori chips. Serve on whole grain homemade bread or on a sandwich bun.

11. Beet hummus.

#11 Beet hummus.
Source: Alimero

Try surprising yourself and your loved ones by making an original version of hummus. You’ll need beets, garlic, balsamic vinegar and chickpeas. This is a very unusual and nutritious salad, which is a perfect snack for weekdays and holidays.

12. Hummus and vegetable salad.

#12 Hummus and vegetable salad.
Source: Patee

An elegant (presentable)? and appetizing salad for the holidays. The whole secret is to put all the components of the dish in the right order. Among them: hummus, fresh vegetables, canned peas, pumpkin seeds and basil. Dress with lemon juice and olive oil.

13. Tabouleh salad with falafel, hummus and crispy pita.

Classical Lebanese salad. Best eaten at lunchtime as Taboulaye is very hearty and filling. Pomegranate seeds and soy and sesame dressing are the brightest elements of this dish. Decorate with a sprig of mint for added beauty.

14. Caesar salad with chickpeas.

#14 Caesar salad with chickpeas.
Source: Loveandlemons

This particular version of Caesar would make a fantastic side dish for a holiday meal. Its base is a crisp Romaine lettuce, fresh vegetables and garlic croutons. The dish has a bright look and rich, creamy flavor.

Chickpea Baked Goods and Desserts

15. Brownie “Oreo” with chickpeas.

Not quite the standard (usual, conventional) recipe for Brownies. The cake is made with chickpeas and sprinkled with oreo cookie crumbs. Add dates and cocoa – the dessert becomes even richer and more flavorful.

16. Chickpea and orange pie.

#16 Chickpea and orange pie.
Source: Lovethycarbs

Are you still in search of a healthy yet low-calorie baking recipe? Then this orange and chickpea cake is your option. The dessert is gluten-free and free of unhealthy fats, perfect for a tea party.

17. Chickpea, peas and greens cake.

Stuffing of chickpeas, green peas, golden onions has not only bright flavors, but also contains all the necessary vitamins to strengthen the immune system. It does not take long to prepare and is garnished with greens.

18. Chickpea truffles.

#18 Chickpea truffles.
Source: Mir-krup

Chickpea truffles are very delicate and a bit like marzipan. The orange zest combined with maple syrup makes the dessert taste very sweet, but not sugary.

19. Vegan chickpea ice cream.

#19 Vegan chickpea ice cream.
Source: Povarenok

This vegan cold dessert is easy to make. Try making it with your child and garnish with coconut shavings or cinnamon. For all its creaminess, the ice cream is low in calories and has an inimitable nutty flavor.

Chickpea Soups

20. Chickpea soup with meatballs.

#20 Chickpea soup with meatballs.
Source: Cookpad

This soup is directly related to the Turkish national cuisine. They say it has been prepared for more than a hundred years. Because of its richness, hearty ingredients and memorable taste, the soup is still a favorite among dinner dishes.

21. Moroccan chickpea soup.

#21 Moroccan chickpea soup.
Source: Bbcgoodfood

Passionate fans of curry and red peppers will appreciate this dish. This hot, warming soup is made for cold weather. Serve with tortillas and greens.

22. Vegetable soup with chickpeas.

You have never tasted such a rich chickpea soup, full of inimitable nutty flavor. The recipe is simple: Italian pasta, chickpeas, tomatoes, vegetables, and cheese.

23. Spicy cabbage soup with chickpeas.

This vegan spicy chickpea soup is incredibly warming and nutritious. The dish has a special sour aftertaste due to the kale and lemon.

24. Spinach and chickpea cream soup.

#24 Spinach and chickpea cream soup.
Source: Myrecipes

Curry, ginger, spinach, and mint give the soup a special, velvety flavor, and mashed chickpeas make it hearty enough to serve as a main course as well. For a delicate, creamy texture, mash the chickpeas well while cooking.

Side Dishes and Main Courses

25. Pasta with broccolini and chickpeas.

A hearty and healthy dinner can be made with chickpea pasta. It consists of broccolini, soft chickpeas, lemon and cheese (which, by the way, you choose according to your mood).

26. Coconut curry with chickpeas.

#26 26. Coconut curry with chickpeas.
Source: Olivemagazine

Coconut curry is a great vegetarian dish. The process of making it won’t take you long, and you can make it even after a hard day at work. Add some spices and the dish becomes more fragrant.

27. Spicy chickpeas with tomatoes and coconut.

#27  Spicy chickpeas with tomatoes and coconut.
Source: Thefirstmess

The most important thing is to choose fresh spices. Braised chickpeas, along with cream and coconut, are such a memorable and vibrant dish that I suggest serving it as a staple for all sorts of holidays.

28. Prosciutto with creamy chickpeas and eggs.

#28 Prosciutto with creamy chickpeas and eggs.
Source: Bonappetit

The cream is heavy and the regular salt is substituted for the sea salt. The main accent is the prosciutto, which we cut into very thin slices. This rich and spicy dish will win your heart with its flavor in a moment.

29. Homemade vegetarian pizza with chickpeas.

#29 Homemade vegetarian pizza with chickpeas.
Source: Acouplecooks

Did you know that this particular homemade pizza is beautiful even without cheese? All it takes is a good stir-fry of mushrooms in a creamy sauce, add the vegetables and chickpeas. Artichokes and olives wouldn’t be out of place either.

30. Salmon with spinach and chickpeas.

#30 Salmon with spinach and chickpeas.
Source: Thekitchn

If you’re looking for the perfect meal that takes minimal effort and results in something special – then this is exactly what you’re looking for. Juicy salmon fillets pair perfectly with sun-dried tomatoes and tangy chickpeas.

31. Spicy chickpea masala.

You don’t need to puzzle over what’s so new and unusual to make for the weekend. Chickpea masala is a good choice. The dish has a unique spicy taste and an unforgettable spicy aftertaste. It is the kind of masala that is very popular in the northern regions of India.

32. Tacos with chickpeas and cauliflower.

#Tacos with chickpeas and cauliflower.
Source: Thespruceeats

For this dish, you will need exclusively canned chickpeas, it is this feature that gives it a delicate and creamy flavor. You can use the filling of pickled onions, chickpeas, herbs and cauliflower either alone or together with tacos.

33. Chickpea shakshuka.

A versatile and nutritious quick dish. The combination of eggs fried in a sauce of tomatoes, chickpeas, red peppers and spices is called shakshuka, and comes from the cuisine of Arab countries. If you still haven’t tried this wonderful dish, get better soon!

34. Vegan chickpea and avocado bowl.

#34 Vegan chickpea and avocado bowl.
Source: Jaroflemons

The key to making this dish is to add more Buffalo sauce, which consists of smoked paprika, honey, red hot peppers, cane sugar, and tomato paste. The sauce is great with fresh vegetables and stewed chickpeas.

35. Chickpea tartlets with herring salad.

#35 Chickpea tartlets with herring salad.
Source: Еdimdoma

You can fill the tartlets with whatever filling you want, whether it’s caviar or pâté. Stuffing with herring is an option for festive occasions. The tartlets themselves are moderately crispy with a nice creamy-nutty flavor.

36. Chicken legs with chickpeas and vegetables.

#36 Chicken legs with chickpeas and vegetables.
Source: Russianfood

Leave the chicken legs and chickpeas to stew for literally an hour and you’ll have a complete, main dish with a side dish. The chickpeas will be soft but not cooked, and the chicken will be juicy! For full flavor, sprinkle with dill and green onions.

37. Roast beef with chickpeas.

#37 Roast beef with chickpeas.
Source: Webspoon

This kind of roast diversifies the usual meal. Juicy, stewed potatoes with poached carrots and onions, combined with tender beef and chickpeas, seem to melt in your mouth!

38. Chickpeas and turkish meat.

#38 Chickpeas and turkish meat.
Source: Zira

Pay attention to this recipe if you want to get to know Turkish cuisine better. Beef is best for this dish, it is the beef that will give an unforgettable sweet flavor in the process. The chickpeas should definitely be slightly firm for a nicer consistency.

39. Vegetarian chickpea cakes.

#39 Vegetarian chickpea cakes.
Source: 1000.menu

A great option during Lent. They taste a bit like meat, and at the same time have a distinctly nutty flavor. They are incredibly quick and easy to make, provided you have canned chickpeas on hand. Garnish with lettuce leaves before serving.

40. Lamb with chickpeas and prunes.

#40 Lamb with chickpeas and prunes.
Source: Eda

Make sure the lamb is as soft as possible, and the chickpeas, on the contrary, hold their shape and do not boil. This is the only way to feel the texture of the dish one hundred percent. Do not forget about spices: thyme, marjoram, coriander, paprika and tarragon are ideal here.

40 Chickpeas Recipe Ideas