What to Make with Zucchini? 30+ Summer Recipes that Will Decorate Your Table

Summer is the season not only for vacations, but also for zucchini. Once they begin to ripen, zucchini are unstoppable – they fill the supermarket shelves, zucchini are brought by neighbors-gardeners, passed on by relatives… A logical question arises – what to do with them?

How to cook them! You can steam them, fry them, make soups and even make sweet desserts. Zucchini is a universal vegetable. It has a light and neutral taste and goes well with other foods – meat, vegetables and fish. Zucchinis (like their closest relatives, zucchini and patissons) can act as the main component or favorably emphasize the “star of the dish”, be a separate dish or a side dish to it. I’ve gathered for you 30+ interesting and simple recipes with zucchini that will diversify your summer menu. Shall we try to cook them?

Zucchini Appetizers

1. Grilled tartines with ratatouille

#1 Grilled tartines with ratatouille - Loveandlemons's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Loveandlemons

Ideal summer snack when you don’t feel like eating anything nutritious but need a snack. It is made with seasonal vegetables – zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, you can add other vegetables that you can find in your fridge. You can share this recipe on Instagram from the author’s page.

2. Zucchini salad

The author of this elegant and easy summer snack is Amanda Fredrickson, and it’s from her book, Simple Beautiful Food. Pine nuts add crunch, basil and garlic add fresh flavor, and a simple lemon vinaigrette makes it lively and bright. The original goes with zucchini, but they can be substituted for zucchini.

3. Orzo tuffed zucchini

This is a hot appetizer based on the classic Greek salad. The feta can be replaced with crumbled goat cheese. Zucchini in this format are unrealistically delicious!

4. Roasted zucchini with parmesan

5 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook – and the snack is ready to serve. Can be used as a side dish to meat or fish dishes. This and other dishes of the author is on Instagram.

5. Stuffed zucchini boats

Zucchini, cut into halves and grilled, is the base for the dish. And as a filling, you can use any vegetables: tomatoes, mushrooms, and also feta cheese and fresh herbs. Author of the recipe on Instagram.

6. Classic zucchini pancakes

#6 Classic zucchini pancakes Eda's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Eda

Simple, quick, and delicious, just like when you were a kid. Mom sure made you pancakes like this, now it’s your turn to spoil your kids. You can remove eggs from the recipe to make a vegan variation.

7. Greek-style zucchini

# Greek-style zucchini Eda's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Eda

A classic Mediterranean recipe, a light snack that Greeks use to fight the heat of the day. If the heat doesn’t give you an appetite, make this dish in a hurry; it’s just made for summer.

8. Pickled zucchini

#8 Pickled zucchini Gastronom 's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Gastronom

If you can’t manage to beat the entire zucchini supply in season, you can make them for the winter. And pickled crispy zucchini are perfect. In winter, you can use them as a light side dish to meat, fish, smoked meats, or as an appetizer to strong alcoholic beverages.

9. Sandwich toast and eggs

#9 Sandwich toast and eggs Ivona.bigmir's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Ivona.bigmir

A great alternative to zucchini caviar, combined with the sourness of pickled cucumber and an egg is the optimal balance of flavors, proteins/fats/carbs. I would replace the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt with a drop of mustard.

10. Zucchini chips

#10 Zucchini chips Iamcook's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Iamcook

Healthy, light and non-caloric. You can no longer deny your child or yourself a crunchy snack, these chips will not harm your figure. Crunchy?

11. Zucchini cake

#11  Zucchini cake Zira's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Zira

A snack that will please even those who treat zucchinis rather cool. Suitable for a family party or for a casual dinner.

Zucchini First Courses

1. Golden miso soup with noodles and turmeric

This healing noodle soup is one of the best zucchini recipes near the end of the season when the air is fresh. The bright broth is full of nutritious ingredients like turmeric, lemon and ginger, so it’s warming and energizing on chilly fall nights.

2. Vegetable soup with zucchini/zucchini noodles

It is very light and unusual, because instead of pasta you will add to it spiral zucchini noodles. You have to make it yourself, but it’s very easy – you can do it.

3. Cream soup with zucchini and spinach

#14  Cream soup with zucchini and spinach Allrecipes's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Allrecipes

A dish for the whole family, made as simple as possible and great for lunch on a hot summer day. Spinach can be used as fresh or frozen.

4. Zucchini soup with greens

#15 Zucchini soup with greens Eda's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Eda

With just a few ingredients, you get a very balanced and nutritious dish for children’s menus or lunch on a proper diet. And if you have a basic chicken broth in your fridge (I’ve already told you how to make it on my website), the dish will be ready in just 15 minutes!

Garnishes and Main Courses of Zucchini

1. Vegetable curry by Gordon Ramsay

The original recipe on my website makes it with zucchini, but you can substitute them for zucchini. You can also see this recipe on my Instagram.

2. Pakistani zucchini curry

It’s called torian in Urdu, and it’s one of India’s and Pakistan’s favorite homemade dishes. The sweet flavor and aroma of zucchini, combined with the caramelization that onions give it, perfectly matches the spiciness of the curry. It is a vegetarian dish and is suitable for children. You can check out his recipe on the author’s Instagram.

3. Pasta carbonara with zucchini

Recipe by the legendary Jamie Oliver

Carbonara is a classic creamy pasta sauce, but if you add fresh zucchini and thyme to it, the taste gets a summer twist.

4. Mediterranean vegetable rice

#19 Mediterranean vegetable rice  Jamieoliver's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Jamieoliver

Another dish from Jamie Oliver. Separately, I’ll note the great serving – this recipe is worth making for a special occasion to surprise your guests.

5. Greek-style zucchini and feta frittata

Unusual, but very healthy and balanced breakfast. The dish for 4 people is ready in just 20-25 minutes, which is another important advantage.

6. Zucchini meze with chickpea tortillas

This is a basic vegan dish, rich in protein – a source of protein for the day. If you’re not vegan, you can serve it in smaller portions as an appetizer, topped with Greek yogurt, it will refresh the flavors. You can make hummus from leftover chickpeas by mixing it with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olives and seasonings.

7. Gratin with zucchini and tomatoes

#22 7. Gratin with zucchini and tomatoes Deliaonline's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Вeliaonline

A light vegetarian dinner for two or a summer side dish to meat dishes. If you grow your own vegetables or can buy them fresh, just plucked from the beds, it will taste even better. The author of the recipe is on social media.

8. Grilled zucchini

#23 Grilled zucchini Gastronom's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Gastronom

A great side dish to a kebab, and if you add cheese dressing and season the vegetables with pink pepper, it’s a complete and very tasty vegetarian dish. It’s eaten so quickly and so satisfying that you could use up your entire summer harvest!

9. Zucchini stuffed with rice and beef

#24  Zucchini stuffed with rice and beef Ivona.Bigmir's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Ivona.Bigmir

A great way to combine meat, vegetables and rice on a plate. Both kids and adults eat it all and even ask for more.

10. Zucchini provençal

#25 Zucchini provençal Povar's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Povar

This is a dish for a festive table or a dinner with the family. It looks very beautiful, it is relatively easy to prepare, But making several servings is not profitable, so invite friends to help manage the deliciousness.

11. Zucchini rolls and chicken

# 26  Zucchini rolls and chicken Zira's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Zira

The meat will be very tender, juicy, and the dish looks very exquisite. And this masterpiece is prepared in just half an hour.

12. Zucchini noodles

#27 Zucchini noodles Tvcook 's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Tvcook

Tired of wheat, rice, and even buckwheat pasta? Then we make noodles with zucchini or zucchini. A versatile Asian-inspired side dish to meat, poultry, fish, or a stand-alone vegetarian dish that you’ll fall in love with from the first pasta!

Zucchinis for Dessert

1. Zucchini and pistachio cake

The grated zucchini makes the pecan bisque surprisingly tender and airy, and the lemon glaze and cream cheese perfectly refresh the dessert. A summer delight!

2. Zucchini jam

#29 Zucchini jam Gastronom's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Gastronom

This is not only a delicious homemade delicacy, but also a powerful cold remedy. Orange and lemon juices and ginger change the taste of zucchini beyond recognition – it’s easy to confuse this jam with confit of some exotic fruit.

3. An unusual zucchini dessert with chocolate

# 30 An unusual zucchini dessert with chocolate Lifehacker's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Lifehacker

Sounds even more unusual than chocolate-covered lard, but how delicious it is! Want to be known among your friends as a culinary genius? Invite them over for chocolate zucchini tea.

4. Brownies with zucchini

#31 Brownies with zucchini Gastronom's recipe | 30+ zucchini recipe ideas
Source: Gastronom

Due to the juiciness of the zucchini, the dough comes out very tender, slightly moist – the texture is great. And the honey, cinnamon, chocolate, and cocoa combine perfectly with the sweet flavor of zucchini.

What zucchini dishes do you make?

What to make with zucchini