What to Make with Cottage Cheese? 27 Ready Ideas for an Unforgettable Meal

The simplest Russian curd dish is so obvious that it doesn’t even have a name. Fresh cottage cheese perfectly combines with many seemingly incongruous products. For example, with cocoa, marmalade, tomatoes and salt, all kinds of herbs, salad peppers and quinoa. You have no idea how much quality you can diversify routine meals by introducing good old cottage cheese into your diet.

Cottage Cheese Appetizers and Salads

1.”Mimosa” salad with cottage cheese.

#1 "Mimosa" salad with cottage cheese
Source: Russianfood

If you’re just as crazy about mimosas as I am, but you don’t use mayonnaise at all, note: instead of the usual mayonnaise, take non-fat cottage cheese, or dress the salad with a sauce made of low-fat curds and Dijon mustard. The combination of the tender texture of the cottage cheese and the juicy sardine will definitely appeal to your palate.

2. Canapés with tomatoes, cottage cheese and garlic.

2. Канапе с томатами, творогом и чесноком.
Source: Vkuso

The wonderful union of fresh tomatoes, airy cottage cheese, and young garlic make for a truly light and festive appetizer. For a bright flavor and aesthetic look – add a pinch of dried cherries, garnish with dill.

3. Peppers stuffed with cottage cheese and cheese.

#3 Перцы, фаршированные творогом и сыром.
Source: Gastronom

In order for the dish to turn out the most dainty and visually attractive, you need sweet peppers with thin walls. If the condition is met, we promise – all your guests will definitely demand more!

4. Salad with cottage cheese, tomatoes and greens.

#4 Салат с творогом, помидорами и зеленью.
Source: Moi-povar

Choose the greens of your choice. My favorites: dill, arugula, parsley, cilantro. This salad will impress you with its speed of preparation, simplicity, and an unforgettable taste that is perfectly refreshing!

5. Salad with beets and cottage cheese.

#5  Салат со свеклой и творогом
Source: Iamcook

The main ingredient of the salad – of course cottage cheese (we advise to take thicker). The original combination of milk flavor and grated beets will play with bright gastronomic colors!

6. Fruit salad with cottage cheese.

#6 Фруктовый салат с творогом.
Source: Alimero

The ingredients, that is, fruit, choose by color – to match the mood. My choice is green. With kiwi, apples and grapes. Don’t forget the cottage cheese! This dish is guaranteed to keep you in good spirits.

7. Cheese curd roll.

#7 Творожный рол.
Source: Delo-vcusa

Mix the cottage cheese with spices and herbs, wrap it in a salad leaf and voila – an elegant and at the same time simple and light snack is ready.

8. Bread, cottage cheese and tuna rolls.

Canned tuna is good for this simple and unpretentious recipe. It combines perfectly with the cottage cheese and bread, giving a special tangy, slightly sweet flavor. An excellent choice for celebrations and holidays.

9. Bruschetta with cottage cheese, fresh herbs and salmon.

#9 Брускетта с творогом, свежей зеленью и лососем.
Source: Cookpad

You can greatly influence the taste of the dish by replacing the salmon with mackerel. Either way the golden bread, juicy fish, and nutritious cottage cheese will diversify your diet.

Soups with Cottage Cheese

10. Cheese curd soup.

10 Творожный суп.
Source: Koolinar

Many people will probably be surprised, however, there is such a recipe! The great thing about this soup is that it can be served cold. In summer, on a hot day, it’s just what you need. In colder times, it will be a pleasant and delicious reminder of a favorite season.

11. Vegetable soup with cottage cheese.

A favorite recipe of vegetarians. The abundance of vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, beets, beans) as well as the delicate adygean cheese and cottage cheese work wonders! Perfect for the springtime season.

12. Soup with cottage cheese dumplings.

#12 Суп с творожными клёцками.
Source: Info-paper

You only have to try it once to fall in love immediately. The curd dumplings are moderately tender, and the juicy herbs and chicken broth make for a really hearty and nutritious soup.

Cottage Cheese as a Side Dish and as a Main Dish

13. A side dish of cottage cheese with herbs and bulgur.

13 Гарнир из творога с травами и булгуром
Source: Maggi

An excellent variation to replace the boring lean bulgur. Because of the magic combination of incompatible products you get a real masterpiece. Incredibly light and soft side dish that even children would like.

14. Fried cottage cheese.

The original side dish for both meat and fish main courses. However, you can experiment endlessly. The main rule is not to overcook the cottage cheese in the pan, and add a pinch of imagination, such as baked salmon or fried chicken.

15. Cottage cheese and spinach dumplings.

#15 Вареники из творога и шпината.
Source: Menunedeli

Your kids don’t like cottage cheese? Then we’re coming to you! Dumplings promise to be a win-win option. Just add spinach and garlic, and you’ll feel how the taste of cottage cheese, so familiar and boring, has changed!

16. Cheese curd cakes.

What a time machine! Inhaling the favorite and native flavor of childhood, you’ll make cheesecakes not only for holidays.

17. Cheese curd cutlets.

Be sure to try and decide what you like better: the sure classic – meat cakes, or a new, unconventional, but such a juicy and flavorful dish (and all thanks to a tangy combination of salted cottage cheese, potatoes, and aromatic herbs).

18. Chicken cutlets with cottage cheese and bran.

#18 Куриные котлетки с творогом и отрубями
Source: Saechka

Pampering and surprising your guests has become easy. This recipe is so beloved and revered in Slovenia. The locals often make it for holidays and serve it with a vegetable salad. Juicy chicken and airy cottage cheese are a sweet couple!

19. Buckwheat porridge with cottage cheese and radish.

#19 Гречневая каша с творогом и редисом.
Source: Tvoirecepty

Such a rich side dish will come in handy with a variety of poultry dishes. However, do not be afraid to go beyond and serve fish to the porridge: halibut, salmon, trout. I advise to prepare with a reserve – porridge disappears from the plates incredibly quickly.

20. Cheese and cottage cheese scones.

20 Лепешки с сыром и творогом.
Source: Povarenok

A great tip for this dish is to make the cottage cheese fattier. For more spice, just add red pepper and a little mint – so the recipe will play a completely different, exotic colors.

21. Low calorie cheese scramble.

21 Скрэмбл с низкокалорийным творогом.
Source: Food

This easy recipe takes no more than 10 minutes. With cottage cheese, salt, pepper and butter, you’ll make the fluffiest and most appetizing scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted.

22. Cottage cheese egg muffins with ham and cheese.

Perfect for all kinds of celebrations, especially if you want to surprise your guests. Ham and cheddar are the best holiday combination. You can also easily make them vegetarian by replacing meat with vegetables, such as sweet peppers, or porcini mushrooms.

23. Salsa made with cottage cheese, avocado and black beans.

#23 Сальса из творога, авокадо и черных бобов.
Source: Allrecipes

This easy-to-make dish will strike your fancy with true Mexican character. Finely chopped fresh vegetables combine perfectly with the cottage cheese to create a special, savory atmosphere.

24. Cheese buns.

#24 Творожные булочки.
Source: Momsdish

If you like Brioche buns, this recipe will definitely not leave you indifferent. The incredibly puffy and flavorful buns will stay in your heart forever.

25. Bowl with vegetables and cottage cheese.

#25  Боул с овощами и творогом.
Source: Skinnytaste

A good combination when you need to make everything in a hurry, but you don’t want to put the usual sour cream and fruit in the curd at all. Add fresh vegetables to the dish – this version is quite original, and certainly spicier than the original.

26. Light cottage cheese casserole.

Slightly overplay the classic, replacing the sweetness of the casserole with spicy baked vegetables. The best and homemade version for a warm fall breakfast with your nearest and dearest.

27. Baked potatoes with cottage cheese.

#27 Запеченный картофель с творогом.
Source: Racion

Delicious young potatoes baked with tender cottage cheese in the oven works wonders. Experiment with your favorite herbs and spices – so the dish becomes even richer.

27 Cheese Recipe Ideas