How to cook pasta: myths, truth and all that

It so happened that the elementary, it would seem, kitchen operation under the name of “boil pasta” is covered with a bunch of myths, secret techniques and other recommendations, far from always correct. What is the reason? Is it that mankind cannot come to a single correct consensus on how much water to pour, how …

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mexican cousine facts

31 Mexican Cuisine Food Facts: General, Fun, Nutrition, Dishes

Mexican cuisine is a rich amalgamation of diverse influences and a testament to the country’s history. The following article presents a series of intriguing facts about Mexican food, broken down into several categories for your perusal. The Pre-Columbian Era: Culinary Practices of Ancient Mexican Civilizations The history of food and culinary practices in ancient Mexico …

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Italian cuisine facts

31 Italian Сuisine: Ingredients, Food Facts,

Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its delicious flavors, versatile ingredients, and rich history. Here are over 30 interesting facts about Italian food, broken down into the categories of General Facts, Regional Differences, Popular Dishes, and Italian Eating Customs. Main Ingredients General Facts 1. Simplicity is Key Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, with …

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