Mung bean sprouts, a delightful ingredient known for their crunchy texture and mild flavor, are often used in Asian cuisine. But what if you have an overabundance and can’t consume them before they spoil? Is freezing an option? This article aims to answer all your freezing questions concerning mung bean sprouts.

🧊 Freezing

Can you Freeze Mung Bean Sprouts?

The quick answer is yes, you can freeze mung bean sprouts. However, be prepared for a change in their texture after freezing and thawing.

Does Freezing Change Texture?

Indeed, freezing mung bean sprouts does affect their texture. They lose their characteristic crunch and can become somewhat limp because of their high water content. Therefore, they might not be suitable for use in salads or other dishes that call for fresh sprouts, but they can still be used in cooked dishes like stir-fries and soups.

How to Freeze Mung Bean Sprouts: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Thoroughly wash your mung bean sprouts and pick out any that are spoiled or discolored.
  2. Blanch the sprouts by immersing them in boiling water for about two to three minutes. This process helps to preserve their flavor and color.
  3. After blanching, immediately transfer the sprouts into a bowl of ice water to halt the cooking process.
  4. Drain the sprouts and pat them dry using kitchen towels. The drier the sprouts, the better they will freeze.
  5. Spread the sprouts out in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place them in the freezer until they’re completely frozen.
  6. Once fully frozen, transfer the sprouts into freezer-safe bags or containers. Remove as much air as possible before sealing.
  7. Don’t forget to label each container with the date of freezing.

Can you Freeze Fresh Mung Bean Sprouts?

While you can freeze fresh mung bean sprouts without blanching, it’s not advisable. They tend to become soft and mushy when thawed.

How Long Can You Freeze Mung Bean Sprouts?

When properly stored, frozen mung bean sprouts can last up to 12 months in the freezer. Beyond this point, they may start to lose their flavor and texture.

mung bean sprouts frozen

🫠 Defrosting

Refrigerator Thawing

  1. Transfer the frozen mung bean sprouts from the freezer to the fridge.
  2. Allow them to thaw overnight.
  3. Before using, drain off any excess water.

Microwave Thawing

Though not highly recommended, you can defrost mung bean sprouts in the microwave using the defrost setting if you’re in a hurry. Just remember to use them immediately in your cooked dish to avoid further texture degradation.

For the Love of Sprouts

Tips for Freezing Mung Bean Sprouts

  • Always blanch before freezing.
  • Dry the sprouts thoroughly before freezing.
  • Freeze in a single layer to prevent clumping.
  • Use freezer-safe bags to avoid freezer burn.

Do Mung Bean Sprouts Freeze Well?

While mung bean sprouts can be frozen, they don’t retain their fresh texture. They tend to become limp after thawing but can still be used in cooked dishes.

Can You Refreeze Mung Bean Sprouts?

Refreezing mung bean sprouts is not recommended due to a significant loss of texture and potential bacterial growth.


While freezing mung bean sprouts may alter their texture, it is a viable option for preserving them for future culinary use, particularly in cooked dishes. So, next time you find yourself with a surplus of mung bean spr

outs, remember that you can keep them in your freezer for up to a year!

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